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Just Natural and Patrick
Just Natural CBO Kitale Kenya is an association that promotes organic farming. We grow a huge variety of different vegetables in our organic demonstration garden of 3 acres. We also produce cheese. The name of our association is » Just Natural CBO Kitale, Kenya ». The aim of this association is to promote organic agriculture in order to contribute to biodiversity, help farmers to be selfsufficient and sensibilize the local population about the values of healthy food. Just Natural is situated in Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County, in North-Western Kenya, close to the Ougandan border, at 2000 m of altitude. Temperatures are between 11° and 30°C, the soil is fertile. Our demonstration garden of one and a half acres is situated in the Parc of the National Agricultural Exposition, that takes place once a year in October and attracks thousands of visitors. On our plot we cultivate a great variety of vegetables, some local, some foreign. We produce our own seeds and seedlings that we share with other farmers. Part of our activity is to organize workshops, where we teach organic farming methods, but we also show videos and interact with school classes. Organic agriculture is not well known in Kenya, there are no local markets for organic vegetables. The long term aim of the association is to open a fair price organic shop and restaurant on the plot. But so far Just Natural does'nt benefit from any subsidities or financial help. All of its members are volonteers. In order to develop more actvities and become selfsustainable, the association would need to dig a well and acquire some more agricultural equipment. But we also need practical help and love to exchange with people from foreign countries.If you come to help us to develop this ambitious project, you will learn a lot about organic agriculture in the tropics, you will appreciate the friendship of the local population and get used to the african way of live. You will be lodged and eat like the locals.We would like you to stay at least for 1 month and on mutuel agreement much longer We speak english, swahili, french and german.
islem and ilyes
garden i am individal
Hayet and Habib
We are a couple; living on our family farm which is an orangery (a grove of various orange trees); the builidngs are traditional architecture; our home and an extra house which could be used to lodge volunteers.The activities are related to orange trees at various periods of the year. Gardenng too. We also need volunteers before Summer to help with gardening and various types of handiwork (among them the traditional annual whitewashing of outer walls).We also have many pets (dogs and cats) and poultry and peacocks. So if a volunteer is interested in helping with daily tasks related to these anmals, he/she is welcome!
Rusinga Hills
Our Volunteer programs are a great opportunity for you to travel to Kenya and experience true Kenyan culture, while also greatly improving the lives of children who desperately need your help. Our volunteer programs usually comprise of 2-5 volunteers per visit from a variety of nations and backgrounds. Visit our Facebook page for more updates. We accept volunteers throughout the year. We greately needs volunteers who can work in our farm. We cultivate crops such as local vegetables and fruits along the Lake shore within Rusinga Island. Apart from that anyone can be a volunteer - teachers, sports activists, Fundraisers, engineers, photographers, web designers, doctors, students, carpenters, travelers, mothers, fathers, etc. We welcome anyone who is motivated. Our group is comprised of both men and women, old and young, and we all work together in order to benefit the local children in the community and hopefully ultimately benefit the greater world. Many of the children that we support are orphans and vulnerable children, and we attempt to provide them basic education, food, and any resources that they need in order to survive and prosper. At our volunteer programs, volunteers normally engage in a variety of activities including (but not limited to) farming, community work (helping the elderly in their homes), class teaching (grade 1-8), sports playing, feeding the young children within the school, garden preparation, construction work, teaching music, caring for the donkey, goats, and cows, etc. All work that you do helps our group to continue to be functioning as best as possible in order to help the children. Volunteers work for about 5-6 hours a day during the week. Volunteers live with the host family (homestay). Unfortunate we don't have running water and electricity though we have treated water as well as solar powered electricity. Volunteers are given a chance to experience a very authentic African lifestyle in all aspects. It is a great chance for you to be a part of a different culture and to learn about how others live their lives. For more details, get intouch with us
The site of our farm is located inland, on the East Center of the Island, 35km to East coast, 35km to the Capital City of Port Louis and 45km to the Airport. After having worked in the Tourism Industry (Hotels and restaurants) for 35 years, we have decided to learn and experience Permaculture on our 17 Hectares land. Our 17 years old daughter is also living with us and goes to College in the nearby city of Moka. Mauritius is a Tropical Island. The Area where is located the Farm is rather humid and rain can be daily from January to September and weather is generally dry from September to January. Temperature is usually nice compare to the coast area and nights are very cool from May to October (14 to 20°C). We have started our plantations 1 year ago, mainly Pineapple, Bananas, Fruit trees and Vegetable. We wish to start now a large Spice Garden with the objective to produce Organic Essential oils on a small scale. We also have the project to create a small Retreat Center to welcome local and residents as well as people from abroad for Yoga, Meditation and Detox retreats, but also PDC (Permaculture Design Course) in a near future. We need additional hands and thoughts to help us design this Future and we are therefore looking for Wwoofers to bring us their energy and ideas and to share their and our experience. Wwofers will mainly help in the Fields and the Vegetable Garden, but also to create our Spice Garden. We are Vegetarians and also avoid usually all animal products (dairy, eggs). At this stage, the Wwoffers will live with us in our house where we have a room with private bathroom. We may in the future provide an independent small bungalow or tent. Wwoffers can bring their own tent if they prefer. We look forward to welcome Wwoofers in our Farm!
seif allah and youcef
i'm Seif Allah i live in a poor country ..i have a family ..i have 3 children..i wanna be developed ..i have a garden ..i need your help in my project ..i'm waiting your answer ..thank you
I have a garden that contains variety of projects: poultry,cropping ,
Kazungu and Sadik
A newly established ranch. We keep beef cows, sheep and goats, crop farming, bee keeping, tree planting and poultry farming. We have great opportunity for expansion. We embrace organic farming for environmental sustainability. We gearing towards expansion of our water resources by construction of water dams and rain harvesting. Embracing natural energy resources like bio gas.
Benson and Annet
Rift valley
My name is Benson Wairagu and I live with my wife and my three children in mafuta farm, Eldoret, Kenya. I am also leasing in kipchoina,Kitale,Kenya. I am into this for experience to host and be hosted to learn and teach so am open to new ideas.I grow maize as a cash crop and others like beans,potatoes and vegetables for consumption and also keep zero grazing dairy cattle,goat and chicken. My wife and I are very easy people to stay with very warm and welcoming and we would also like to visit other farmers and learn more. Thank you you are welcome to our humble home and would be delighted to host and be hosted.
Fatoumata and Omar
Région de Fatick
Fatou and Omar Kone Island of Sipo, Siné Saloum Senegal We are a Senegalese family, and live on the island of Sipo, located at the level of Toubacouta (20 km from Sokone) in Siné Saloum. For 22 years we have been cultivating a land of 3 hectares, land that Omar had cleared many years ago. This region is rich in natural resources (fish from delta waters, mangroves and oysters, fruit trees, etc.), which are not used in such a way that villagers can get out of poverty. We think it is possible to do better. For years we have grown mango, cashew nuts, peanuts, vegetables for our own needs, and a little honey. During the dry season (from September to May), we practice vegetable crops: salads, carrots, tomatoes, onions, beets, radishes, cabbages and leeks. The collection of cashew nuts is done from February to May. The winter crops during the rainy season (June to September) are peanuts, beans, bissap (hibiscus), peppers and chilies. We also make honey, and we must regularly renew hives. We would therefore have carpentry work for a person capable of making beehives. We would be happy to develop these cultures and exchange with wwoofers who would be interested in discovering and sharing another life, another culture: that of peasants in the Saloum delta. Those who would like to spend a few weeks with us can contact our friends Céline and Gilles, who hold bed and breakfast (Keur Niaye) in Toubacouta, opposite Sipo. They have a daily internet connection, while ours is weekly.
Maputo Province
We are artisanal dairy goat farmers in Southern Africa. Kidding season is from Mid-July to Mid-September and having 200 hungry kids at all stages of the day is quite a task. Full training is provided, as is board and lodging. Anyone interested in cheesemaking or animal husbandry is more than welcome too.
Green Gold Ghana is an agricultural based social enterprise focused on using Moringa as a sustainable cash crop for food security, community development and poverty alleviation. We have over 3000 hectors of Land in the ‘Zongo Macheri’ community which is being developed into a model Moringa plantation with inter-cropping, animal/fish farming and Beekeeping. Our goal is to create an integrated sustainable farm which will serve as a model for small holder farms in rural communities across Ghana.
Grace-Marlene and Melanie
Interested in learning about sustainable agriculture in Benin? Want to be immersed in a French speaking environment? Then this is the WWOOF location for you! We are a small organic farm, growing vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers. We sell our vegetables at the local market in the city and are working on creating partnerships with restaurants in the area interested in sourcing produce locally. Volunteers must commit to at least 3 days of service; in exchange housing and food is provided. Learn more at our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Les-jardins-chez-Marl%C3%A8ne-861059210629671/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf
i am evance tamba of mfangano island. i am an organic farmer with a garden in the shore of lake Victoria in Mfangano Island.i do my farm in different crops that include vegetables and fruits.in my garden i also do fish farming in the pond.i mostly caltivat edible crops like fruits,bananas stem,greens,cere-als and roots tubers. In the island there is a tropical climate and unique geographical scenery that you can also enjoy at.i am with my children's all of the time in the farm being that i am a widower. i also give room to our volunteers to visit other areas [to see animals and caves]they also swim in L.Victoria play football,ran for physical fitness,attend community fanctions around. I can stay with anyone from(1) one day to (3)three and even more depending on the amount of work that you do.The available diets in the island includes fish vitamins,fruits proteins,carbohydrates e.t.c. i speak luo,suba, kiswahili and English languages. welcome in my garden we share in the fild of organic together.
David and Millicent Owino
Homabay County
We are a community based organization that started with my wife Millicent and myself Dave .we were born ,raised and currently living in Rusinga Island in Mbita District in West Kenya in the banks of Lake Victoria.These was purposely done to help improve nutrition and food security at house level we started by growing Vegetables ,planting fruit trees and trees .After a very impressive feedback from the initiative we decided to share some with the neighbors,friends and that is when the organization was born ,Now we are 6 people together seeking food security and sustainable agricultural methods in the Island .Besides we have Dave,s parents assisting in the farm activities that is planting and taking care of the plants ,Our direct inspiration is our kids (Steve 13,Stanley 9, and Fridah 3) whom we stay with.we noticed better nutrition issues was a challenge hence affecting the whole island .Since we are both teachers in community health and adult education we have been educating the community on better and sustainable health methods ,mainly people living with HIV/AIDS these we do in schools ,churches ,chiefs meetings these is done through talks ,discussion ,debates and motivations.with Yummy Project (from an acronym RICO- Rusinga Island Community organization )(Yummy Spanish ) .We want to involve the communities through schools ,churches and provincial administration to plant food in their in their gardens ,these will will provide them with enough to eat and surplus taken to the markets for more income.we intend to do these through improved techniques in planting,weeding,mulching,crop rotation system and better irrigation systems,these are done with no pesticides and chemical fertilizers.we currently have Bananas ,Kales Pawpaws,Moringa,Mangoes,ananas and others.we we want to motivate them to start going back to those days of good healthy food in their homes while using better ways ,new ecological and environmentally friendly techniques .Taking these to the homes through kids ,priests and chief talks.we thought its a good way of starting. So do you want to join us in these process ?Having people from around the world sharing there experiences of their own self and communities really inspires .organic farming around the world is not only new trend but something that will need to live with right now .Security in what we eat every day plus developing local economy is something that will change the future of the island .we invite woofers to also have a very interesting cultural experience with an opportunity to socialize and learn from the community rich cultural heritage .we welcome all.......KARIBU SANA
Just thaught it wise to join your database..I enjoy raising animal ( fowls,sheep,goat) as of now I'm a independent host.
I have farmhouse . The activities we can performance there are, harvest , to plant and many others. I'm working as individual .
JE PEUX RECEVOIR A LA DERNIERE MINUTE! Je m'appelle Brahim.Je suis artiste et mon atelier est dans ma maison de jardin. Desolé je parle peu l'anglais, je parle Français, Arabe et Tamazight (Berbère). Je suis également herboriste et je serais heureux de vous faire bénéficier de mes soins avec des plantes cueillies dans le désert. Nous sommes une famille 100% Amazight, qui conserve ses traditions, mais nous sommes ouverts aux idées nouvelles et vos suggestions seront toujours les bienvenues. Vous pourrez apprendre beaucoup de notre culture, notre histoire et notre style de vie. Je vous montrerai avec plaisir des endroits étonnants dans le désert (j'ai été caravanier avant de me sédentariser à Tagounite) et des sites archéologiques (je m'intéresse aux pierres trouvées dans le désert). Nous avons besoin d'aide pour notre jardin, pour des petits travaux de construction et de maintenance générale. Si vous souhaitez nous aider en donnant 4 heures de votre temps, vous êtes les bienvenus.Vos jours de congé seront à discuter. Nous formerons une bonne équipe! Comme la majeure partie des Berbères, nous avons notre jardin comme seule source de revenus, vous comprendrez que nous demandions une petite participation. On vous servira 3 délicieux repas, traditionnels et sains en échange de 65 DRH/jour soit 6,50€. Nous sommes une famille paisible et harmonieuse avec une passion pour la nature, la culture, les arts, la musique, la méditation et la liberté. Soyez les bienvenus chez nous! I CAN HOST AT LAST MINUTE My name is Brahim. I am an artist with an atelier in my summerhouse. Sorry, I speak only very little English, but I speak French, Arabic and Tamazight (Berber). I also am a herborist and I would be very happy to give you the benefit of health care with plants coming from the desert. We are an original Berber family who keeps up their traditions, but we are open for new ideas. Your suggestions are always welcome. You can learn a lot about our culture, history, and lifestyle. I can show you amazing places in the desert (I had my own caravan before I came to live in Tagounite) and archaeological sites (I have a lot of stones I found in the desert, it's an other of my passions). We need help with gardening, construction works, roadworks, and general maintenance. If you like to help us daily with four hours of your time, you're most welcome. You're time off days are negotiable. We will be a good team! Like most Berber farmers we only have our garden, but no regular income. We have to ask you for a small fee for tasty and healthy local food of MAD 65/6,50 EUR per day. We are a very harmonic and peaceful family with a passion for nature, culture, arts, music, meditation and freedom. You're most welcome to our family!
Susan and BobPaul
Baringo county
We are a couple owning a 5 acre farm land. The farm 3 years old- young. We do cropping & orchard. We hope to start a an apiary, short term cropping and semi- zero grazing. I am looking for volunteers in Water harvesting and management and dairy and apiary.
Greetings my house is located at the center of livingstone town, it can accomodate more than 6 volunteers, volunteers can help with gardening, domistic animals, teaching the children at my community school and women program the project is stuated both in livingston town and 30 km drive to the village see our face book page at Milangu community school and tranining center your help we be apprciated looking foward to have you.
Souss Massa
We have an ecolodge and have a permaculture designed garden around it. We have already welcomed permaculture volunteers. We would like to welcome Wwoofers to help with our garden.
Lansana and Gie
Bignona, Zinguinchor
My name is Lansana and I live with my family in Tenghori where we have a family vegetable garden. We speak French. We have 3,5 hectares but we only use 1 hectare so far cause we dont have enough hands to work. We cultivate vegetables and we are now planting fruit trees such as papaya, banane, different class of oranges etc. We use drip irrigation system. In the future we would like to start cow breeding farm. If youd like to come and help us in the garden we will be very happy to receive you! Welcome!
Hello everyone! My name is Imad. I am Moroccan and passionate about farming and agriculture. I own a great piece of land in the natural surrounding not far from Zagora. I have the dream to turn this piece of land to a wonderful project. I wish that many volunteers from all around the world can make this a special and unique place. I wish that one day there will be next to cats, dogs, chicken, sheep and a camel, a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. The volunteers should have a place for an authentic experience, a place to find life lasting friendships. It shall be an environment with a happy atmosphere where people can work together and learn from each other.
Bonjour, j'ai un jardin dans un petit oasis à coté des dunes de Chigaga, qui se développe grace au tourisme. L'objectif de la petite ferme est de produire les fruits et légumes pour préparer les repas servis au petit restaurant, de manière biologique. ll y a un troupeau de chèvres. Nous voulons aussi produire les plantes médicinales. Toute l'année nous pouvons vous recevoir, il y a des chambres, douche, toilettes, bientot une petite piscine. Peu importe la durée du séjour, mais nous voulons des personnes sérieuses et respectueuses.
Hello!!!! I have a farm in the backyard of my house where I keep my chikens and I grow some vegetables, fruit (lemon, grape, guava, fig...) and some plants. I need people to help me with good ideas and good feelings!! You'll be very welcome to stay in a small and modest room and to share our meals and life style. Feel free to stay as long as you need!
Installation et suivi de potagers BIO pour les femmes pauvres rurales dans différents villages de Grand-popo au Sud du Bénin. Nous pouvons accueillir des volontaires, stagiaires, etc. pour des appuis et échanges techniques.
Paul Odiwuor
My name is Paul Odiwuor Ogola and as a permaculture teacher and designer, my mission is to bring permaculture knowledge & technology to my community. We are small farmers facing climate changes, low investment, and relative, isolation we are situated in the south western part of kawiya village located in the northern part of korayo sub location, Kochia central location,Rangwe district in Homabay county -Kenya.The village is 10sq km with a population of 1800 people, one public school ,three privates schools and 15 churches,the primary occupations in the village are sustenance farming, carpentry,blacksmith,tailoring and small business ,which are under lake Victoria ecosystem environmental, with a vision to educate and empowered the rural community to escape extreme poverty,we envision a community where young and adult people who are willing to work gets trained and take a little risk can support themselves and their families in farming through sharing the information and new farming technology/innovation on Permaculture and Organic farming to facilitate an open source approach to decentralized Permaculture education. We are focusing to support practice and policies that will sustain young & adult ,independent and prosperous farmers now and in the future through Re-connecting with the Earth care and people care through gardening ,knowledge and experiences that lead to more holistic sustainable life and escape from extreme poverty!!
Southern Region
We are holy heart center for abused women and children Malawi. It is a non profit organization working and registered in Malawi. We are working in two districts Chikwawa and Blantyre, now we have a project called Kitchen Garden in Chikwawa where we want to empower girl child in farming because when they finish school some of them will be in the field of agriculture.Its good for us to train them now. So we want volunteers to come and help us.
ALEX and 1
I'm interested in sustainable and organic methods of living, in urban farm and garden I'm enthusiatic and motivated to learning about and working on projects that are environmentally friendly/sustainable, kind of green house, emergency crops and food for disaster mitigation support I have a property where volunteers can come and stay and help with various sustainable and organic projects.
We purchased a former hunting camp that we are transforming into a Permaculture Farm Institute in Kenioto, Kedougou, Senegal and we would like to host Wwoofers to help design the farm.
Delwlebo and Rose
Green Link is a Liberian NGO established in 2014, to advocate for the protection of the environment. We are working both urban and rural farmers to promote environment friendly farming. We are also involved in garden and rice production and we support organic farming.
Marie Christina
Hi ! My name is Christina, I'm 27 and I'm from Madagascar. Until now, I used to work in the development sector in various NGOs abroad and in my country but recently I've decided to create my own social company in my hometown, Nosy be Hell Ville, a small island in the North of Madagascar. Because I'm a climate change activist involved in many associations, a youth inclusion advocate and most of all a youth trainer, I've chosen to start a restaurant with a unique concept in the country, it is the first restaurant and camping in in Madagascar which : - proposes slow food and slow food cooking class with fair, organic and healthy products from our own vegetable garden - gives training and promotes organic farming. - provide the first upcycling center in the city - gives weekly Do it yourslelf /upcycling workshops - has its own library on sustanaible developement - organizes regular cultural and artistic activities for youth of Nosy be (known unfortunately as a sexual tourism destination in Africa, i'd like to change the image of my island and give more activities to youth there to develop themself and to empower them) - gives jobs and training to marginalized youth (we create furnitures and various objetcs from recycleds materials) - gives leadership training for young girls around sustanaible development - has its own Green school located in a remoted area of the island - works with most of the shools of the islands in order to provide environmental education Because I didn't want to depend on grants, I've chosen to be a social entrepreneur with impacts in my community. Fortunately, many believe in my project and have joined me as local volunteers You could join too and discover this wonderful island. We are a young team dedicated to youth and any experiences/capacities would be more than welcome.Many activities are possible, we are not limited and welcome any new ideas and activities :- To help/train marginalzed youth in organic farming - To give class and organise activities in our Green School - To achieve some green challenges with us (ex: create ourself a solar panel with cans, create a wind water pump, etc.) - To organise some Do it yourself/Upcycling workshops ...
West cost
Trying to be self-sufficient (very far from it, though) or at least eat everyday from my garden practicing permaculture on our round house and organic garden, 3.5 minutes from the kilometric deserted beaches of West Africa on one side and the jungle on the other. Need a person with experience preferable, but not exclusive, to help from June to September to take the weeds out (not that much experience for that, hum? But we try together to get something growing) and from September to June to help to develop the garden. We built 'compost beds' with lot of success. Depending on the moment we can offer a separate house or a place to put your tent (water proof for the rainy season, but you will be under a straw open round house during those months) in exchange of 3 hours of work 6 days a week (food to be arranged. We may contribute and cook and eat together or we may decide is better each one cooks separately). I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and some local Wolof. I was born in Argentina with a USA passport and a Senegaless and Gsmbian residencs cards, I share the house with a gorgeous baby in process of adoption and my Senegalese husbanf
Bilha and Lydia
Cropping.Planting maize and beans,Potatoes,Cassava,Sugarcane and Bananas applying hand irrigation and organic manure.We also plant nappier grass for selling to be able to support Bella Children Centre \ School of which I am the founder.We cultivate,plant,prepare manure,weed and harvest.Planting of trees from nurseries.The land is on a slope so there is a lot of soil erosion that needs to be stopped and land made more fertile for better harvest.We need green houses for hot cultural crops and pipes for irrigation. I am a family Lady.
Keri and Osunga & Richard
Remba, a kind of slum island is situated in Lake Victoria under Mfangano Ward, Homabay County in Kenya. It has a population of about six thousand people depending majorly on fishing activities for food and income, by using hundreds of fishing gears (boats) hence too much pressure on the lake. Other than fishing, no any farming method ever practiced in this place, leaving the residents vulnerable to diet associated diseases among other socio economic gaps. It is on this regard that we (John, Osunga and Richard) thought of starting an Organic Farm to provide the community with the missing alternativs on food security. We therefore, open our doors for WWOOFers who at will can share with us Skills, Labour and any other support to help us improve on crop production and make the firm self sustained. We are continuously having greens and sereals plus fruits on seasons. Activities on our farm includes digging, seeding, irrigation, weeding, mulching, harvesting and fencing using gill nets. Volunteers can stay with us for a period of one week to three months or more. We speak English, Kiswahili, Luo and Olusuba languages. Feel free to contact us for any enquiry. WELCOME.
I have a farme and cattle and cropping of wheat and many other things.
elwady elgeded
I have azolla farm which produce 20 ton of organic azolla /year & I have a rabbit barn which produce organic rabbit meat. I have varity units to produce vermicompost from rabbits manure . Finally I have great dream to make my country foods "organic" for healthy life to my Egyptian people. I wish I can!
I have an authentic house I am restoring and decorating, and a garden of 1000m2 where I am setting up a food forest. I am a permaculture designer, and my goal is to be self-sufficient, I grow food and harvest it, I collect rain water, I do compost, I do not consume industrial food, I try not make any trash, I try not use electricity except to charge laptop and the modem. I have plant based regime, I try to do yoga, there is a very nice beach and a forest 2 km away. I can host volunteers to help me working on the garden and restoring the house, I have space, I have some matelas, I can happily share my food, mostly authentic and organic.
Eastern Region
Tilly’s Farm is a family owned livestock farm at Mlolo Trom near Somanya in the Lower Manye Krobo District of the Eastern Region of Ghana, that is engaged in the rearing of pigs to provide the local market with premium quality lean pork. Volunteers oversee daily pig feeding, conduct animal well-being checks, assist with fencing/pen repairs, and participate in routine pig husbandry work including breeding, farrowing, feeding, etc.
Hello, this project include fruit trees, vegetables, herbes and forages for the animals. It is on a 40ha farm near Marrakech, and we are looking for good people to come help and also learn. We do bio fertilisation liquid and solid, natural treatements and we use companionship heavily in our planning, we try to be well productive to demonstrate that it can be done the right way. We have nice living quarters for visitors :) must speak english or french, willing to stay a week minimum
sara and nito
We are still at the beginning of our project. And we will start by assembling a mill as a benefit to the community. We have enough space to set up projects of organic farms and permaculture, rural tourism and community centers (educational , health and technological training). We are interested in contribute to the progress towards the development of Nampula Province.
Hello everyone, we are a NGO called "Eat to fight your disease" founded by four German medical students in summer 2015. We provide food to malnourished patients in the hospital of Butare. 40% of the food of our patients is grown on the ground around the hospital. We always need motivated people who want do some farming and in the same time want to make the world a little better. We offer you a great experience and a lot of fun working on the fields. Be the change you want to see in the world!
Adrian and Ralf
Hi all! We're Madoe Organics, a tropical botanicals company with two organic tree farms in the Eastern Region forests of Oda. We live in town but go out to the farms to plant more trees and harvest. Our work days require measuring acreage, making tree lines, weeding, making nurseries, and harvesting our trees! We work with moringa, papaya, and akuamma (a rare medicinal used as a pain killer). At home we have our product transformation and processing into dried leaves and seeds, powders, capsules, soaps, and oil. We are a team at the house with our Ghanaian manager, Edwin, and his family, our secretary, Jemima, Ralf, the founder, and Adrian, our farms manager. Sometimes work involves going out on sourcing hikes into villages off the beaten path to find wild botanicals with help from local guides who take us on trails through cocoa plantations, streams, and tropical rain forests. We have two extra rooms for volunteers. We mostly have contract workers at the farms who receive three times the Fair Trade wage. Joining work with us can take the form of learning through time spent with the teams on the farm sites, sourcing wild botanicals, and at home with our transformations. We are looking for volunteers interested in tropical tree farming, herbal medicines, and transformation of products. You have flexibility with your interests and you're invited to stay as long as you would like.
I have a farm, I need help with gardening, maintenance of my house traditional, have new experience of woofing languestique and cultural exchange ....
Hi! Little Eden Organics sits on 2.5 acres of land. We started growing organic vegetables for direct sale to the end consumer in November 2014. We sell greenhouse tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers as well as kales, swiss chard, two varieties of cabbage, garden peas, coriander, parsley and courgettes grown in the open fields. We hope to increase the variety of our production and would love to host someone with skills in organic market gardening.
I have a garden.
emilie and pape
Bonjour, Je m'appelle Emilie Diedhiou, je me fais la messagère de mon beau-frère Pape Diedhiou qui développe un projet de maraichage en Casamance. Ce projet s'appelle burok https://www.facebook.com/Ferme-Agroalimentaire-Burok-Silinkine-Région-de-Ziguinchor-SN-402827673099510/ . Nous l'avons initié il y a quelques années avec mon mari et des villageois. Depuis le projet a grandi, mon beau-frère est parti s'en occuper, les femmes du quartier se sont investies, ainsi que les membres (nombreux!) de notre famille. Le terrain investi fait environ 2-3 hectares, on y cultive des légumes (oignons, aubergines, tomates, gombos, choux...), on a commencé à y planter des arbres ou arbustes (bananiers, papayers, citronniers, avocats, mangues...). Un projet d'élevage est en préparation (moutons, canards, poules, pintades). Cette deuxième campagne de production est prometteuse, on le sent déjà dans les assiettes, on le voit sur la parcelle, à la qualité des planches. Les objectifs sont nombreux : rendre plus attractive la vie au village, atteindre l'autosuffisance, augmenter les revenus des villageois... Nous qui sommes en Europe actuellement souhaitons aussi que ce projet s'ouvre et se nourrisse de rencontres. C'est déjà le cas localement, puisque petit à petit différentes personnes ont pu transmettre une technique, un conseil, mais nous souhaitons que les échanges s'élargissent. Nous pouvons vous accueillir dans la maison familiale, vous y serez logé et nourri en échange d'un coup de main au jardin et peut-être du partage de votre expérience en jardinage ou en agriculture. La vie dans le village est très agréable, rustique (pas encore l'électricité, eau au puits) mais fantastique!
Abdellah and Hanan

We have farm and we need two woofers .
Mixed crop farming and small scale dairy cattle
Welcome to the new farm. After 27 years in Paris I have come back in Morocco to take over my parents Farm. 20 min from the beach and the city, it's typically a Berbere town where we produce Argan Oil and other traditionnal Fruits. It will be nice to have some people for to share and learn, then feel welcome.
Alagie and Gilbert
Kombo South Region
We here at Sandele Eco Retreat are working towards community developments, initiating small pilot projects, like permaculture on both practical and social levels. Some of the projects we currently have are compost making, vegetable gardens, fruit gardens, rocket stoves, plant pot making (using biodegradable materials), bees, crafts centre, solar dehydrator, wind turbines, solar electricity, turtle conservation, growing green schools all while respecting indigenous culture. We hold both PDC and EDE courses yearly and also have other small sessions throughout the year. We have been hosting volunteers for 10 years now and really look at creating a space for an educational centre here in The Gambia.
Younes and Hamid
Hello everybody! My name is Younes. I was a nomad with my parents and siblings moving from pasture to pasture in the vast desert, until we settled in the village of Tagounite. The knowledge of the Saharawi has been passed down to me. Attached to this harsh and alluring land, I would love to make your journey a haunting and magic experience. Should you come to Zagora or tagounite and plan to enter the Sahara I live in Tagounite, and my brother and I are rebuilding my family home and converting it to a rural rhiad where people can experience desert I am looking for volunteers who can help with general building, maintenence, gardening etc. The buildings, at the moment are dirt floor with basic traditional washing, toileting and cooking facilities. We sleep on mattresses under the stars. and a harsh environment, but it is also very beautiful and an adventure to be here.
Thomas and Sarah
Depuis 2014, nous vivons entre le village de Diannah et la mer à Shashamani où notre but est de cultiver la terre de manière naturel sur un hectare, pour atteindre l'autosuffisance alimentaire. Grande Mission! Dès 2010, nous y avons implanter des orangers, cocotiers, citronniers, Mangiers,... Ensuite, du maraîchage et des plantes médicinale font partir de notre travail quotidien. Un petit élevage de poulet et de Canard commence à grandir également. Bref, nous cherchons à créer un micro climat agroécologique au sein de chez nous et du quartier. Nous tentons d'étendre ces nouvelles pratiques agricole avec les habitants à travers Casabel; notre association belge créer avec 10 autres fondateurs dont le but est de valoriser les ressources local dans une perspective d'autosuffisance alimentaire. Durant 10 mois par an, il y a du travail que se soit au niveau de la pépinière (maraîchage, fruitiers, arbres fertilisant,...), repiquage,plantation, entretien des fruitiers, préparation des butées composts, arrosage,... aménagement du terrain ( pour les animaux, les cultures, points d'eau...).Nous sommes un couple belge d'une trentaine d'année et nous vivons avec un autre couple sénégalais diola. Nous avons envie de partager avec vous nos idées et le travail et de découvrir les votre dans un petit paradis en brouse de Casamance. Welcome to Shashamani. Thomas et Sarah
Kodjo Mensah
Central region
I have an organic tomato and pepper garden at home. And also 5 chicken.
Le vélo
Plaines Wilhems
Le vélo Vert is an association, based in the island of Mauritius that strives to bring forward the organic culture among the local population. Organic farming in Mauritius is at the infant stage and Le vélo Vert’s vision is to help local farmers convert to organic and to sensitize the general public regarding purchasing organic produce. As Mark Twain nicely said, “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius”. And at Le vélo Vert, we believe that at the heart of this heaven should be a clean pair of lungs breathing the freshest air. Chamouny is where it can be found. Our main organic farm of 4 acres is surrounded by a range of natural landscapes, including plateaus, mountains, valleys, craters and crater-lakes. It is the ideal place for our crops to be developed peacefully without inference from the outside world. Wwoofers are welcome to join us for a unique bio farming experience. The volunteers will be able to share our passion while helping out in agricultural activities. When not working on the farm, the wwoofers can wonder to Chazal Ecotourism which offers activities such as zip lining, river trekking or hiking in the natural reserve. Along with the main site at Chamouny, we have a total of 15 acres of organic land throughout the island giving the opportunity for wwoofers to discover different idyllic places envied by many. Le vélo Vert has all the amenities to accommodate the wwoofers during their stay (minimum 3 months) with us. So, if you are looking for an invigorating organic human experience and a true encounter with the heart of Mauritius, come join us at Le Vélo Vert today!
I am asmall scalle farmer growing bananas and one dairy cattle. My daily activities is feeding my cow, collecting manure. More information of organic farming that will help me and my community to have food security I live with my family. I speak english/ kiswahili.
Chanuka Youth
Chanuka Youth Development Program was founded in the year 2010 through a process of handicap international (HI) gaining beneficiary-led sustainability of its long implemented HIV and AIDS programme targeting youths and persons with disability.In collaboration with HI,CYDP implemented a HIV project whose ultimate goal was to promote access to and utilization of integrated HIV&RH services targeting young people in the reproductive age bracket including persons with disability . This was a USAID funded project through AED (2005-2007) and the aphia plus rift valley consortium(2008-2012)Currently ,CYDP Is managing a static VCT site and outreach prevention activities targeting youths &working together with share peace-permaculture project(organic community based organization) these intervention are geared towards reducing new HIV infection in the general population especially youths, CYDP also contributing its efforts towards confronting sexual violence against children.CYDP utilizes strategies not limited to peer to peer education,participatory education(magnetic theatre) ,HTC service provison,prevention with positive and community strategy for continuum of care as its main programmatic approaches.This has awarded CYDP a period of gained capacity and evidence based achievements in improving access to comprehensive HIV&AIDS prevention and treatment services all the above is done by a dynamic team of CYDP staffs&share peace-permaculture project who range from social workers,health workers to psychologists supported by admnistration team that does the administration and logistics operations,the management capacity is centered in the existing members of the board who come from diverse disciplines (lawyer,health workers,youth experts,development experts,among others ) CYDP implements projects in partnership with local community based structures ,networks with share-peace permaculture project(organic farming)and collaborates with the government of Kenya at country level,through relevant line ministries namely ministry of health,ministry of education,ministry of youth ,gender,sports,culture and tourism.besides,CYDP has had MOUs with IPAS,DOTS and currently an operating MOU with handicap international.For programmatic reasons,CYDP networks with share peace -permaculture project a community based organization dealing with organic farming ,population service-kenya(psk)women peace links among others.
Omondi and Brian
Homa bay county
WWOOF host. About 40 Hecters land. With plantations of indigenous trees , vegetable, fruit farming, bee keeping need help in poultry and animal husbandry establishment. Main objective is environmental conservation
garden, orchard, cattle, dairy, cropping, self-sufficiency
Wako and Wondimu
Southwest of Showa/ Oromiya Regional Stata P.O.BOX
Our first ecological development project in Waliso and 2nd and 3rd surrounding areas. I am working on an organic farm in my eco lodge and I have plans to start a botanical garden at 2nd site 3rd as well Accomodation: You would be staying in typical tukul house (mud hut)or camping in the Waliso and 2nd and 3rd in the community or camping. We have a hot spring close to our ares, birds and wildlife. Great area for hiking.
Dorothea and El Hadji
Hallo, we are a family farm in the south of Senegal, in Casamance. We are a German -Senegalese family with children from 12 to 22 and we speak English, French and German of course. We're building up a cattle farm for milk production and we would like to host people who like gardening, to work in our vegetable garden, and people who know how to work with animals, especially cattle and help us to produce animal food. So if you’re a professional in animal raising ore gardening and agriculture, you are welcome. If you are well motivated, you're welcome too. As well we could need people who'd like to teach our children. Or teach them to play instruments, like the guitar, violin or accordion. We live in a wonderful place just a 200m from the Atlantic Ocean. We need motivated and active people, who are open for a cultural exchange with another culture, tolerant people. knowing that we can learn from each other. So please, you're welcome!
Democratic Republic of Congo
Mohamed and محمد
Hi, my name is Mohamed. I'm 27 years old. Together with some family members, I have a watermelon farm. We also grow dates and have some camels for tourism use.The type of help depends on the season. December to June would be watermelon irrigation, seeding, harvesting, transport, other months are more animal care and other maintenance work...??? This Farm and garden is situated in the southern part of Morocco near the Sahara desert. this beautiful property for the past 5 years. The work here involves mainly of caring for the palm trees so they can produce the date fruits. After the harvested fruit season, dates are picked from the trees to be eaten and also sold locally. Occasionally there are also some animals on the farm like sheep, goats donkeys and camels. These animals graze in our own area. A short visit to the nearby desert is possible at times enabling us to revive our energy by resting in tranquility And even a ride on the camel in the early morning can also do the trick! Back at the farm the facilities include toilets,Internet, kitchen and bedrooms. Please feel free to contact us with any queries and any more info you might need..we're here to help you and gladly host you And also those days when the heat Welcome to the swimming pool
Hi am individual and I want to be assisted on using organic fertilizers in my farm and also am looking for market of my thailand chilli bird eye. I need assistance of how to plant food herbs like rosemary, mint, basil parsley etc.
Ndabibi Environmental Conservation Center is a Kenyan NGO that uses practical models of Environmental Conservation. Our mission – to foster improved living standards, poverty reduction, and environmental respect in disadvantaged communities by teaching sustainability and conservation through practical grassroots projects – reflects that of NECC. We are a family, husband and wife with three kids, one of which is a young adult. We apply different organic methods to cultivate a variety of crops, seeds, and trees, Avocados, Maze, Cabbage, Tomato, etc. We also have some Sheep, Cattle, Chickens, and Rabbits, we also have Beehives. The farm is self sustained as well, from energy and water resources, by composting, bio-gas, solar-cells, and rain water savings. All this on a 5 Acre land, we do have many beds to host even groups.
Daniel Odoyo and Evans Owire
Daniel is an organic farmer with a garden in the shores of Lake Victoria in Mfangano Island. I farm in different crops including vegetables and fruits. Currently I have introduced fish farming in my farm. I am a widower and during school resting days we work with my children, on the other hand during school times I work alone. Volunteers are invited to come help in weeding, digging trenches, planting, clearing bushes and feeding fish.We can stay with anyone from 1 day to 3 months and even more depending on the amount of work that you do. We speak luo, suba, kiswahili and english languages. The available diets in the island including fish,proteins, cabohydrates, fruits vitamins etc.
Clare and Tyrell Flattery
Ghanzi District
Green Joule Farm is a 20 acre property set in the unspoilt, natural desert / grass lands of western Botswana. Only a very small portion of the land has been turned to cultivation the balance still a selection of indigenous trees, bush, grasses etc. wild animals and birds abound. The property borders a large private game farm on one side and un-developed agricultural small holdings on the other side. The farm is run by a family - currently mother and son with minimal employed staff. We grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. We follow the permaculture method creating tons of natural compost has enabled us to turn the Kalahari Desert sand into a small oasis. The farm is 100% solar driven - from the borehole pump, domestic hot water, domestic electrical supply, to the solar cooker (to soften the fowl's grain). We also raise chickens, ducks and geese for eggs/meat/sale. Recent projects include an aquaculture based small scale bream/tilapia fish tanks and growing an extensive an extensive range of medicinal and edible herbs. Volunteers would be required to work on all aspects of the farm's activities! Volunteers under 22 years generally too inexperienced. Minimum stay 2 weeks. Prefer longer term - UP TO 3 months. Minor building works and maintenance projects also on going.
Brahim and Ahmed
Hello everyone, i'm Brahim a Berber guy who born in desert, after spending my childhood in desert my family decided to move to Mhamid el ghozlane, is a small villag 90km from zagora in southern of morocco, the gate away to Sahara desert and it's the last village before the desert. My goal here is that I'm start to rebuild my family's camp and I would like to host any volunteers from around the world.I would like to plant some plants and why not turn all the area green. The camp located about 2 km from the village and very close to the sand dunes. It is very quiet and nice places and during your stay I'm sure you will enjoy it, the good weather, the amazing sunrise & sunset and specially the sky at night with dozens of shooting stars. Marhaban/welcome
I am developing a 5 acre permaculture demonstration site in rural Nanyuki to show the community ethical farming methods which can improve their wellbeing and enhance the environment. We are looking for WOOFers with knowledge in permaculture, holistic land management, eco building and earth care. The ongoing projects at the moment include: Water harvesting through dam and swale construction, tree planting, composting, building with earth, and food
Nyanza province
A apart from our organic farm we are trying to train young farmers in our community to be self reliant in our food supply. We have also started a program with the community young farmers and we give starter kits (assorted seeds and drip line) to motivate them after the training. There is a great need to train young farmers here and that is why we are calling upon volunteers who may be willing to come and volunteer with us over here. We also call upon volunteers with the passion for children. We are looking forward to start an ECD school ( Center) with feeding program after my girl friends graduation to help the orphans and less privileged children who are not able to go to school due to lack of school fees so that they be able to learn and feed. Kindly if you are there and the Lord is leading you to Africa especially Kenya, Then kindly consider our us. We are very open for new thoughts and our doors are open for visitors who can come stay for a week, a month(s) or a year.
Francis and George Obiero
BIO Organic garden is found on the Island of Mfangano of Lake Victoria along the shore.In the farm we dig,plant, weed, water and care for the various crops ranging from veges,cereals both root and stem tubers.While at maturity we do harvesting, so in the farm we make our hands dirty.I welcome both skilled and new get organic experience to my farm so that we learn together as we share.We are a family and we shall feel glad to host volunteer visitor with both accommodation and food while not forgetting with the recreational and exploration as a basic factor for whoever would love to learn much of socio-economic practices of the community.Feel free to inquire from us and we shall be sincere to inform you.
Redouane and Redouane
Hello,I am Redouane from Zagoura.I have free land never planted.I would like plant it with local vegetables and plants.I would share our traditional agriculture with the volunteers. I can provide food and hosts.thank you very much
Dickens and Charles
Ogutu Organic Farm was commenced in the year 2012.It is located in Wakinga village,Mfangano Island.It is 1.5hectares.It majors basically on gardening.We grow and accommodates varieties of crops namely;cassavas,maize,carrots,guavas,yams,pumpkins,water melons,potatoes,pawpaws and bananas.We also rear manageable goats,cows,sheep,chickens and pigs.The project is owned by the family who provide workforce in the farm.However,some of the challenges experienced are lack of garden expertise and workforce.I personally i love farming because i learn it in High School and therefore wants to put the skills and knowledge gained in school into practice so as to determine the amount of input and output achieved for the success of the vulnerable group in our community as humanitarian who is concerned with the well-being of people in the community fraternity.I speak English,Swahili,Dholuo and OLusuba.A balanced diet enriched with fruits.Accommodation is also available;
Bennani Smires
Hi every body, I have a farm where my family is producing grapes in an industrial way. I'm very sensitive about organic and sustainable method of living. I would love to transform the farm into an organic farm where we can produice all kind of vegetable and fruit.. I want to make this world a better place for our children and I can't wait start learning about organic farming.
Bonjour,Je propose 2 places de woofer dans ma ferme au maroc àAzemmour. Agriculture et élevage biologique, construction en terre et paille,apiculture ... Bienvenu !
Greater Accra
We have a homestead made up of vegetables, rabbits, ducks, c located at Teshie Nungua Estate in Accra, Ghana. We grow and raise both plants and animals organically. We use most of our product to suport NGO's who are doing good work in Ghana. We also have an on going project which is about setting up homestead for religious organizations and needy homes to suport missionaries and the entire membership and to make needy homes self-sufficiency. We are a very simple and loving family looking forward to recieve volunteers who can help with new and improve technical skills and technologies in organic farming as we emback on our project. We are Amitié Homestead and we welcome everyone interested in organic farming from all walks of life to join us as we appreciate nature and it's natural gifts.
Mohamed and Malek
Si vous voulez savoir qu'est ce que nous sommes entrain de faire veuillez visiter notre page FB.
I have a 3acre organic farm with Tommy and Apple mangoes which need expertise to ensure they have full productivity and also need help on getting foreign market so that I can be able to pay my college fees. Accomodation is also available and food for anyone willing to help. I speak fluent English and Swahili.
Sunday and Andrew
I have been travelling in Amercia and in the UK where I discovered about organic farming and permaculture. So, I realized that Malawi was missing something important. This is why I decided to come back and start together with my friend Andrew, an organic farm. We started this project June 2015. So there is a lot of work, and all kind of help is most welcome! My goal is not to grow only my own vegetables, but also to share with the community the techniques and knowledge of organic farming and permaculture, so they can have more variety of food. Our farm is 2km from the center of Monkey Bay, near beautiful lake Malawi. It is 1 hectare big, we have already planted some vegetables and maize. we plan on planting a fruit orchard and more vegetables. We have a water well on the property which is very convenient. The accomodation is in the village, we have built a room with 2 beds for the volunteers, and plan to build more, camping is also possible. The house is 4 minutes walk only from the lake. You will discover the real village life of Malawi and the great sense of welcoming from the people. During your free time you can enjoy the clear water of the lake to swim, snorkel,or go fishing, take a trip to Cape McLear to enjoy beautiful sunsets, go hiking on the hills around the lake, watch bird,hippos, crocodiles... As everyone as his own point of view and ideas, everybody is welcome to share them with us!!!
WAGEGO ORGANIC FARM was established in the year 2010.It is a family property,2 hectares in size.It is located in Wamai Village,Mfangano island, along the shores of Lake Victoria.The Island has attractive physical features and brilliant landscape. The garden entirely uses organic gardening practices and methods to improve its productivity. The farm hosts a variety of crops such as cassavas, sweet potatoes, bananas, pumpkins, maize, beans, avocados,paw paw, tomatoes, kale's, herbal,aloe vera, lemon grass, yams and cashew nuts.We also rear animals such as goats, cows, and chickens. The activities carried out in the farm include mulching,weeding,seeding,transplanting,planting,irrigation,pruning ,making compost manure among others. Outdoor activities include reaching out to the vulnerable in the community through social groups, traditional dancing and singing. Volunteers will also learn,enjoy and experience new cultures by visiting cultural and historic sites such as The Abasuba Community Peace Museum,traditional rock art,ancient caves,swimming,hiking,bird watching,and boat expeditions around the island during their stay. From the onset, the project has been financially and socially supporting vulnerable orphans to access quality education, and widows living with HIV / AIDS in the Abasuba community. This has been partially achieved through the income generated by selling farm produce so as to improve the livelihood of the targeted group. It is on this regard that the farm urgently seeks organic gardening experience exchange to provide expertise and manpower from volunteers to realize its dream of social - economic empowerment of the vulnerable in the community. We also provide hospitable food and accommodation services in a serene environment to volunteers during farm stay.Volunteers are free to determine the preferred length of stay in the farm depending on their schedule. Kindly feel free to contact us for a memorable organic gardening exchange experience and change lives.
Alphonce and Erick Odhiambo
I have an organic farm in Rusinga Island and I welcome volunteers to come and help me in the caring for my crops. There is also time to enjoy the suitable sociocultural practices. Your stay is determined by how you plan with your service in my farm.
Susen and Andre
Cabo Delgado
We are growing vegetables and herbs in northern Mozambique which we supply to the local supermarket, lodges and hotels as well as private clients. Our company emphasises on the aquaponics farming method, but also utilises the conventional way of farming through the drip irrigation and misting system. Our farm is a mere 6 ha holding with lake access and a 10 min walk to the beach and is approximately 15 km away from Pemba. In our volunteer we are looking for a helping hand with all day to day farm activities and deliveries of our products. We would appreciate the input in the further development of our aquaponics system and the trial and experimenting of new growing methods and products. We are a small business being run and managed by myself (Susen) and my husband (Andre) and a workforce of 9 employees. We will welcome all individuals who are willing and brave to endeavour this exciting part of Africa.
Theresa and Joshua
Nyanza, Homa Bay County.
Tesh organic farm deals in cropping of Vegetables, Bananas, Onions, tomatoes. I also keep poultry in this farm. Tesh farm is a family farm and need help in fencing, weeding and digging. This farm is an individual farm i.e we are working together with my husband and children, I have a space which includes accomodation for any volunteer in the farm, food. A volunteer can stay for as long as she/he wants. We speak luo language but my family speak clear english language. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl aged 12 and 1.
Cote d'Ivoire
I have a plot of land where we grow vegetables ( pepper , tomato, eggplant .. ) and cocoa. I'm still at the development stage because I have only a year of experience. I'm a couple, living with my wife so let's meet and discover each other.
Linsey and Salah
We are a newly formed eco project based 10 kilometres from Assilah on a hilltop surrounded by Eucalyptus trees. We aim to create a sustainable tourist eco village to promote eco construction, local crafts and traditions in conjunction with the local community. Volunteers will help construct a variety of eco buildings using natural, locally sourced and recycled materials. We are looking for a mix of skilled and non skilled volunteers to work alongside ourselves and local craftsmen to build cob and adobe structures from July to November 2015.
Ogege Organic Farm was started in the Year 2011. It is located in Wakinga Village, Mfangano Island which has a local HIV/AIDS prevalence estimated over 30% and high unemployment levels among the youths. The farm is approximately 1.5 Hectares. It accommodates all varieties of crops such as vegetables, beans, cassava, potatoes, yams, water melons, pawpaw, and pumpkins among others due to its high productivity. The main objective of the farm is to raise the living standards of the youths as well as physically challenged persons in the rural community through provision of financial and social support. This has been achieved partially by giving financial assistance to orphans who are unable to proceed with their studies from the little income the project generates after selling the produce. It is only through access to quality education that the farm can eradicate the alarming poverty levels in the rural community that is concentrated with the HIV/AIDS epidemic killing thousands and leaving helpless children in the remote community. However, the project is currently experiencing challenges such as technical expertise and manpower so as to run smoothly and achieve its mission. It is on this view that the farm seeks willing volunteers who can help upgrade the living standards of the vulnerable orphans in the rural community. The farm also provides free food and accommodation services to our volunteers during farm stay.
Living in the US, I bought a 4ha piece of land and currently experiencing organic and natural farming. Like many local farmers, my activity is mainly seasonal. I grow, millet, corn and vegetable basing on the pluviometry. I just began fruits ( mango, lemon and cashew). I travel to Senegal every summer (usually in june and july). I am interested in taking groups or host experienced people to help me develop the farm.
Hello .I am Salah from the beautiful scented village of Kelaa M'Gouna which is famous for growing rose flowers.In fact each year we hold a Festival of Roses here and all products like soap, perfume rose water etc are on display. Here I live in a traditional mud house with my family and we have a garden, some sheep and chickens which I need a little help with. In their spare time one can enjoy checking out the village of Kelaa M'Gouna or explore the Toudra gorge canyon nearby. Beautiful place! Hope to see you in Kelaa and please ask any further information you may need to know . Salah your host..
Père Hyacinthe and Vincent
Cote d'Ivoire
Cote d'Ivoire
(english below) Nous sommes la ferme pédagogique Tshanfeto d'Abidjan en Côte d'Ivoire. Nous avons pour vocation de former des jeunes déscolarisés à l'agriculture durable et biologique sur 9 mois dans le but de faciliter leur réinsertion professionnelle. Les produits de ces enseignements, animal et végétal, sont commercialisés au sein de notre paroisse. Une partie de la production n'est pas issue directement des travaux pratiques des élèves et sert à financer la formation. C'est sur ces parcelles que nous aimerions avoir un coup de main. Vous serez accueilli (nourri, logé) dans notre communauté religieuse qui est ouverte à toute confession. Vous pouvez trouvez plus d'informations nous concernant sur le site. We are the Tsanfeto farm located close to Abidjan in Ivory Coast. We are teaching organic and sustainable farming to young people that have left the school . The training last 9 month and the goal is to facilitate their occupational integration. The production that comes from the practical work of our student is sold. A part of the production does not come from that and is produced next to the formation center. It helps to finance the students formation. It is there where we need help. You will be welcomed in our catholic community which is open to all religion. For more information, check out our web site.
FOOD GENERATOR is a family owned garden almost 200 metres from the Lake Victoria's shore of Mfangano Island.The garden is enriched with fertile alluvial deposit transported from upland hence the natural soil fertility support a variety of healthy edible food crops which we consume and the excess are cheaply sold to the community around.The farm characteristics has been a helpful study area for agricultural field research for many secondary schools learners from around the Island.As a family we teach volunteers on organic farming practices and we welcome lovers of environment to come so that we restore our environment and at the same time learn the mission together.For any concern, feel free to ask us and we will sincerely respond.WELCOME
peter and john
We have organic garden where we grow organic foods. Also we train communities using the same gardens where they get more knowledge on organic farming and their benefits.
Peter and Margaret
Nabulu means growth in Maasai language and is the name of this Maasai family owned ecological farm and Bed and Breakfast. Nabulu is also the homesite for the nonprofit organization called Naramat, a community based organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Maasai living in that community. Naramat has been active on issues like female genital mutilation in the Maasai community as well as ecological farming for prosperity and food security in the Maasai community. Nabulu farm and Bed and Breakfast is a 7 acre property with dairy cows and two vegetable gardens. Milk, kale, sugarcane, bananas as well as other local greens are grown on the farm. There are two large rainwater harvesting tanks that provide the majority of water for drinking and household needs. Wwoofers stay in a shared bedroom with one of the daughters in a western style home. There is a bed. There are pit toilets and a shower. The family is modern maasai and more than happy to share stories and knowledge of their culture as well as expose you to the local Maasai community through the local church and their friends. Interns wake up with the family at 6:30 and can learn to make Kenyan chai and to cook on a wood fired stove or manoever a donkey to fetch water as well as sweeping and other household tasks like getting firewood and landscape maintenance. Help with meal preparation and clean up is expected. After lunch, interns can take a shower and have a rest until 5:30 when they can help with dinner prep. Once a week the natural mud structures need to be smeared with mud and is a great task for interns to learn about the local natural building techniques. There is a mother and father, daughter, grandchild and dairy cow worker on the property most of the time. Sometimes the other children come home and make a fun experience on the farm. Developping their land ecologically and sustainably has made this farm a beautiful example of locally grown ecotourism. The farm is located on the edge of Maasailand in the rural village of Meguara. Wwoofers enjoy the serene and beautiful setting that guests enjoy as well as typical Kenyan and Maasai meals prepared on a traditional wood fired stove. The majority of meat, fish, milk, greens and avocadoes are grown on the property. With its very own fish ponds, dairy cows, and vegetable gardens, Nabulu is becoming one of Maasailand’s most ecologically developed indigenous farms.
Rift Valley
Agatha Amani House is a grass roots initiative and women's shelter in Kenya, East Africa for victims of sexual and domestic violence and is the first of its kind in the country. Many defenseless women are beaten or sexually abused, separated from their children and literally kicked out on the streets. It has only been in very recent years that gender desks have been established at police stations around the country. But even with that first step towards helping these women and their children, the reality is that it will take years for women and girls to realize their rights and safety under the law. Therefore we are committed to providing help for our sisters in Kenya who desperately need our help. And we are asking you to join with us in this critical initiative. Services include but are not limited to safe shelter, counseling, advocacy, education and transitional assistance through placement, vocational guidance and training. The shelter is located in the beautiful scenic Rift Valley near lake Naivasha (the only fresh water lake in the Rift Valley) and not too far from the Maasai's. Community visits will be great experiences! We are looking for short term and long term volunteers with both basic or advanced skills. Skills such as project coordination and management, farming skills(both animal and plants), handyman-ship, cooking/culinary skills,Nutrition, House keeping, health and hygiene, education including teaching English, marketing,computers, social media, blogging, social work, counseling, community outreach and mobilization, advocacy, fundraising and having fun. We are a new shelter that is now open, operating, has residents and a working farm. The farm uses Biogas, solar power, rainwater collection,drip irrigation, cows, goats,chicken, rabbits, verticle gardening and compositing. We need help with the transition to and implementation of permaculture and organic farming which we have somewhat started. We even have plans for hydroponics and aquaculture. All this programs and activities will assist the residents and the house towards becoming self-sustaining. This is a great opportunity for a person to learn and make a difference while receiving a great cultural experience.Plus a safari can be an added treat for those that can afford it. Come help us serve and grow. We are now ready to establish our farm as an organic and hydroponic farm. We are also looking for a single person or couple seeking a long term stay in Kenya where you can contribute your passion for growing food through a community-based nonprofit. Someone with some knowledge of organic farming, hydroponics or permaculture design principles. FB https://web.facebook.com/AgathaAmaniHouseInitiatives?fref=ts
I find it with great pleasure to be hosting volunteers from overseas into my farm in Mfangano Island of lake Victoria of Kenya.Ever getting hands dirty in planting,transplanting,caring for the crops and harvesting has not been a problem to dear volunteer visitors.We share diversified experiences which has enabled us to get more perfect both in handling farm animals and crops.Through the good social atmosphere we have had ,indeed we have highly gained knowledge in preparing foreign foodstuff from our volunteers who have interest in preparing food and they have also learned a lot in preparing our local food like chapati,bread among others and some other house chore duties.We have good time to interact with nature e.g magnificent land scapes,bird and Chicky monkey watch,boat riding,hiking,listening to interpreted cultural history,beach resort rest and visiting ancient rock arts of our community in the caves among others.We welcome all who would love to come and lend hand in our farm as we provide good accommodation and we share our proper meals together on the table as a family.Our place has electricity and Wifi.N:B We have identified 15 orphans of which 7 are boys and 8 are girls who lost both parents and we would love to cooperate with dear one who would feel to donate or support any of the young orphans to get educated.They live with poor relatives who care less about their social welfare like proper education and health.For dear ones who are touched to support it is only $30 per year as school fee for a child or with anything like school uniform,study material..you can contact us at Humanitarianherat@gmail.com.Thanks Welcome to our farm
Joshua and Terry
Homa Bay
Mugunga Organic Farm is a one acre family farm doing both fruits and vegetable farming. It is located in Mfangano Island on Lake Victoria. The farm is affiliated to Organic Health Response farm which is in the same locality. Mugunga Organic Farm is managed as a family enterprise for both income and food. In the near future the farm will dig two ponds for organic fish farming. We are open to visitors who can stay with our family at the nearby family home for a minimum period of one week and a maximum period of three months. We seek to share what we do and to learn from the knowledge and experience of our visitors.
Volunteers to link up with local communities,exchange ideas on better farming methods and systems
Peter and Nathaniel
Upper East
Our local organization is known as "Sirigu Ecological Initiative for Sustainable Development - SEISUD" and it is operating in the Upper East Region of Ghana. We are in to organic farming and we have farmer groups that we teach them how to make compost and use on their farms. We also have established an Organic Farming Institute two years ago. We have an organic vegetable garden where we grow a lots of local and exotic vegetable crops. We also raise a lot of poultry like guinea fowls and also foreign birds adapted in our environment. We want to have volunteers to help sustain the project.
Sonia and Jean-Christophe
My husband and I have recently moved from France to Rwanda where we want to renovate a family house into a ecological 'Maison d'hôtes'. The house is old and we need help to renovate it. We also would like to grow fruits and vegetables in our fields and we would appreciate to be helped.
Etienne and Dorothée
Democratic Republic of Congo
I would like to invite people to Congo and help me for agriculture in my land
David and Gabriel
Homabay of Nyanza province
I am a humanist organic farmer focused in promoting humanitarian and environmental awareness to the people of the community who have actually not realized the daily arising health dynamics.We have an empowering center for the WOMEN OF LAKE VICTORIA, WHERE there talents are restored and put to productivity and they are also taught how to live a positive life despite the socio-economic segregations thatbefalls them in the community.We ALSO EMPOWER children from elementary schools to secondary schools by providing for them guidance and councelling,formal learning facilities amongst others which also cuts across the two groups . I rear manageable number of cattle and also an excellent cultivator of edible crop varieties like fruits,greens,cereals,bananas stem and root tubers in my farm which is in touch with the fresh water of L. Victoria.I love the tropical climate of the Island since it is very favorable to agriculture.I am also very concerned with the environment conservation both water,land and air, since life is greatly attached to environment status.So who ever feels would have an idea to improve our environment kindly give yourself for what it takes and nothing can defeat our effort.I highly welcome WWOOFers to come so that we can share organic experience as you also enjoy the tropical Climate, unique geographical scenery and cross cultural values of our people.Your experience and idea is very vital to my WWOOF project. Welcome to Mfangano Island full of love and peace.Am an Individual living with my mum and three other siblings in our home.It is blessing for us to host WWOOF Volunteers.I speak English,Swahili,Luo and Suba.I will provide WWOOFers with good accommodation and I would love to at least have WWOOFers for 3 and more days.Diet will constitute mostly organic products.Feel most welcome to secure Island.I established this farm to help support innocent Orphans whose parents were swept by devastating HIV/AIDS, who have remained living a very discouraging and vulnerable life since they lack basic human needs like education, food,health care and clothing.On the same there are also several widows both aged and many of whom are affected and infected by the pandemic sieges,they are very poor and as a result I have extended my hand to bless them with the products but now the number is too large than resources.I therefore need to expand the project if I can get water pump ,pipes and a water storage tank.For any well sympathetic individual your support towards empowering these vulnerable persons will be highly appreciated and is a reward to you.Your WWOOFing support is highly appreciated by us.I have enjoyed and loved hosting dear volunteers so much since I have learnt a lot.Welcome.
Kante and Fredrick
AM JOINING AS A WWOOF HOST. I have a farm. I grow various crops both edible and non-edible. I need to establish a green house and because it is next to the lake. I had a plan of establishing a fish pond that would help the community and town. I am an individual not married but in love with organic farming.
Michael and Reagan
Evergreen Plains Farm is an Organic Permaculture Farm in Kenya. We were established in January 2014 and after a lot of hardwork we are already seeing the massive improvements in the local environment. Our new farm has fruits, vegetables, honey, dairy goats & cows, wood products, free range chickens, herbs, oils & much more. We look forward to sharing more of our adventure into living sustainably, and hope you can come and visit us in Kenya. Evergreen Plains farm is a family run demonstration farm, founded by Mike Hawthorne, Reagan Shombe, Jemimah Nyakongo and Clinton Owuor. Evergreen Plains Farm is committed to demonstrating and teaching Permaculture Farming. We collaborate with local farmers, organizations, and volunteers to create and share knowledge about designing and building farm sites that sustain themselves and the farmers. Our ultimate goal is to develop our farm until it meets all the needs of its inhabitants, including food, shelter, fuel, entertainment, and disseminate the knowledge we have gained through our programs.
Muhsana and Amadou Kane
We are located on 4 hectares on a main road from Dakar to Joal-Fadiouth. We are located approx 2 Kilometres from the village of Mbodiene and 5 km from Joal. We have an sustaianable agriculture project farming vegetables and fruit trees and we are also promoting the development of eco buildings for housing for our artists and others who work with us. The main objective of our project is to encourage holistic development in the surrounding environment through the promotion of individual creative impulse. We work with artists and artistans, local and international and we focus our work on social innovation through art. We have chickens, dogs, and a cat donkeys for the moment but intend to add horses and possibly sheep and goats. We also have a 400 sq. meter warehouse across the road from the land where our workers and visitors /volunteers stay in tents and where the majority of our projects take place. We host capoeira classes for children and adults and also ceramic classes.
We want to create a demonstration center a model of peace to reinstall the communities dream of nature and hospitality for the community. To escape extreme poverty by returning to permculture basics and share abundance in mix culture without war among themselves. We want to build a seminar hall to offer follow up work shops to the poor,youths,children and women especially . Having access to clean water ,renewable energy . We are a community based organization staying as a family
We are joining as a WWOOF Host: We are an organic famring property with plots across the street from each other. We have a vegetable garden, small orchard, lots of cattle for dairy and meat, grow commercial crops of maize, soya, groundnuts etc. We are self-sufficiency, etc). We would like start a vineyard, process cheese and preserve our fruits and vegetables. We need help in outlining a masterplan layout so we can add a permanent house, warehouse etc. We a family owned farm.
I'm a Belgian woman, I moved to Senegal and with help of some local friends I've started an organic farm near 'Lac Rose' and Bonaba Village (Bonaba Cafe = Gite du Lac). Nearest city is Dakar (30 km). I've planted lots of banana trees and papayas. There are two vegetable gardens with carrots, cucumbers, etc. Organic farming is very new in Senegal, but there are a lot of opportunities. This region is very beautiful. Life is very simple but healthy. The place is quiet and isolated. I can host one or two wwoofers. Help is needed for pumping the water, watering the plants, taking care of the vegetable garden. You don't need specific skills to join, but a good dose of enthusiasm and courage. And you have to love being in the middle of nowhere in the nature. Please contact me by phone (i speak french), internet is not always available (3km from the farm), so please be patient if you send me an email. Je suis une femme Belge. J'ai déménagé à Sénégal et avec l'aides des amis locaux, j'ai crée une ferme en bio près du Lac Rose et Bonaba Village. Dakar est a 30 km. J'ai planté des bananiers et des papayes. Il y a deux potagers avec carottes, concombres, etc. L'agriculture bio est encore très nouveau à Sénégal mais il y ont beaucoup des opportunités. Ce région est très belle. La vie est simple mais sain. La ferme est isolé. Je peux recevoir 1 ou 2 wwoofers. J'ai besoin l'aide pour arroser les plantes et pour soigner les potagers. Tu n'as pas besoin des qualités spéciales, mais une bonne dose d'enthousiasme et de courage. Et tu dois aimer vivre en pleine nature. Appelle-moi svp. Internet n'est pas toujours possible (3km de la ferme).
kenya or nyanza
we are big family runing permaculture and organic farm,we have Darry cow,goat,rabbits chickens and also we run school for orphan,we need help from wooffers. For more go to our website.
Borana-Kabati is a 100 acre Organic farm that is part of the 32,000 acre family owned and operated Borana Conservancy. The farm is nestled between Borana to the west and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to the east on the side of the Ngare Ndare River just North of the Equator. We are in the process of transitioning the land from a heavily cultivated herb farm into a more bio-diverse and ecologically balanced permaculture system. The target is to produce enough fruit and vegetables to feed the 300+ people employed by the ranch, lodges and the conservancy. Produce enough fodder to be able to finish our grass fed beef and see them through the long dry seasons. We are also in the process of designing and preparing to build a small eco-trainimg and permaculture school. At the moment we are looking for anyone with experience in natural building methods and establishment of dry land permacuture systems.
George and Meshack Odero Andiwo
Siaya county
In the farm community learn organic farming which our aim is to produce food while establishing an ecological balance to prevent soil fertility or pest problem. We also recognize the direct connection between our health and how the food we eat is produced. community also learn kitchen gardening as source of food security. What we grow in the farm are grafting mangoes, grafting orange,tc banana,cassava,paw paws,kales,tomatoes,beans. we uses vermiculture(worm farming),compost manure as our source of nutrients. We banned the use pesticide and insecticide because mode of action of these chemical are not specific to one species, they often kill or harm organisms other than pest.we advocate use of homemade organism pesticides eg neem product,pepper spray. we also have ecd school called SP Geddes ran by the same group. way forward: we are looking for development partners who are doing similar project to partner with as to alleviate this community from poverty,those who can provide training, financial support ang farm equipment.
Organic garden with bio-gas, solar, wind, borehole; free range pigs, cows, poultry, camels, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, wildlife. Big activity is making recycled glass, with workshop & gallery, but help is needed on the farm with animals & the garden, experimenting with different seeds, maintenance, etc. It is also a tourist facility with unique art guesthouses. Opposite Nairobi National Park. I am an individual with a large collective of staff.
Claire and Justin
We are WWOOFers ourselves who finally have the opportunity to host at our farm. Our time spent WWOOfing here in Zambia as well as a year in Latin America were many of the experiences which have shaped our world view and consciousness. We have recently started work on our home and small farm in Northern Zambia. We run a small non-profit helping to empower young women - including computer classes and organic farming (www.bakashana.org). We also have a small organic farm, right on Lukupa river. There we are helping the community remember organic farming, and remembering through interaction with nature. We farm an organic garden, some crops and mostly fruit trees. We invite people who are interested in helping us and are also interesting in interacting with the neighbors in the rural Zambian village which hosts us. Culture and sustainability are our priorities and we would love to learn from and share with you! Currently, we ask that WWOOFers be willing to stay for at least two weeks, and have an open mind about possibly contributing towards the costs of food.
Ian and Allan
The project is called Sao Antonio Coconut School or SACS for short. It is a project being executed by a small private conservation organisation in partnership with a local NGO. It is located on a 350ha plantation about a kilometre away from the beach in Nova Sofala, Sofala, Mozambique. On site we have: Nurseries - indigenous trees, medicinal plants, vegetables and other consumables, palm tree seedlings, nitrogen fixing trees. Oil Factories - One raw oil factory situated in the mission, and one virgin coconut oil factory currently under construction. Carpentry and Saw-mill - A constantly growing crafts, carpentry and wood production area including with plenty of work-space as well as heavy and light machinery. Agriculture - Over 3 hectares of agroforestry in areas around the project centre, not to mention programs to expand agroforestry throughout the plantation along with the replantation of palm tree seedlings. We are always looking for hard-working and enthusiastic volunteers to help us drive along all of our activities on the plantation. This usually includes construction work, landscaping, nursery management, production of furniture and building materials and installation of a never ending amount of facilities. Accommodation on site is very simple but comfortable, we have a general camp area where we all stay in tents, it has an outdoor drop loo and an area where you can take a bucket shower. All meals will be provided as will a tent and sleeping gear. For more information and details please be in contact.
Romain and Thomas
Kilifi County
Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers is a message of optimism, an experimental model of environmentally and socially conscious living nestled between the Giriama village of Fumbene and the beautiful emerald waters of Kilifi Creek. We would like to welcome woofers (2 maximum at a time maximum) on our 3 acre property where we host several Permaculture Design Courses per year (https://www.facebook.com/permaculturekenya). All year around we have volunteers helping out, progressively implementing more permaculture principles, one at a time! Below are a few links that you might find relevant. Website: http://kilifibackpackers.com/ Email: distantrelativeskilifi@gmail.com Tripadvisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g608436-d3386804-Reviews-Distant_Relatives_Ecolodge_Backpackers-Kilifi_Coast_Province.html Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Kilifi.Backpackers Twitter: https://twitter.com/KilifiEcoLodge Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/77318228
Axel and Laro
My Guinean friend Laro and I have started a fruit plantation in BOFFA on his familys land of 8 hectar! It is where his father, who died 13 years ago, used to grow food for the family of 11 children (9 alive). Noone has touched the land, apart from the people burning down the bush to steal the charbon, since his father worked here with his sons and daughters. The soil is rich and dark! Started in may 2014, we are giving our all to recreate this land into paradise, which was meant to be on earth! Our intention is to nourish the land and plant a multitude of tropical fruit trees and plants. So far we got a hold on Coconut palms, jackfruit, mango, guava, carambol and cashew. We have planted 4 dfferent kinds of bananas, a lot of maniok, some sweet potato and papaya is on the way! When august comes, the rainiest month in the region, orange trees will be planted too! A traditional BAGE has been set in place. Our shelter when the sun is hot, when it is pouring down and during night time! We are spending almost all our time on the land working, dancing or listening to the frogs and toads birds and crickets surrouding us. We have also built a water storage tank round in shape. It will collect rain water during the rainy months and will make it possible to water the trees during the dry season; it can store 30000 liters of water! Turtles will be kept too clean the water LETS RECREATE PARADISE!!! Welcome to help us here in Guinea!
West Africa
My husband and I own a 3 hectare self-sufficient organic farm on the Petite Cote of Senegal, West Africa. We grow traditional fruit trees, cultivate and harvest traditional and western vegetables and have chickens, sheep, rabbits, homing pigeons, horses and donkeys on the farm. I am American and my husband is Senegalese. We are looking for one or two volunteers to help manage the harvesting of the vegetables to sell in the local market and to the ex-pat community. As well, assist with watering and maintenance of the fruit trees and care of the animals. Some knowledge of French is helpful but not essential. Lodging is provided as well as a bicycle for transport. The farm is a 5 minute walk to the beach and 30 minutes by bicycle to a mid-size city. Thus far we have had a wonderful experience with Wwoofer from the US, Canada, France and Israel. We are expanding to be able to have more Wwoofers join us in the future. Please see our facebook page (open to all) at www.facebook.com/taaruaskan/
I am having a garden, in which are grown bananas, vegetables, paw paw, sweet potatoes and cassava. There is also a lemon tree, a guava tree and upcoming mango seedlings
Rusinga Island
I work in organic property called garden and an individual and we ran a nursery school.
We are Maasai community in Kenyan, the most marginalized community in Kenya which has been affected by cultural ties from the past.We are nomadic pastrolist and our life revolves around our large herds of cattle which we belief that all cattle belong to us (the maasai.We have started un organization to help orphans and to stop early marriage also educated Maasai in our community about farming, unfortunate by giving them hope and a future in life.We have reputation as fierce warriors and a community with a colorful lifestyle. Apart from charity work, Our volunteers will be able to tour the fast Maasai land with so many natural resources, wild animals and they will also be able to interact with the people and learn more about our culture including the Maasai worriers, attend meat camps and so many other interesting activities. Another work of the Volunteer in Our project please is that utilizing the rich cultural heritage, Also they will be involved in teaching the community on entrepreneurship, home based care for the sick, orphans and vulnerable children. They will also help cooking among other duties as they may want to engage into them. Volunteers can donate to any of our projects at their own will and interest We will provide special meals for our volunteers as well as Maasai traditional meals, healing herbs, wild fruits and so much more.The Organization will create events that benefit the entire community and especially the most in need and orphans.We need Volunteers which will help motivate the community in achieving their goals as well to provide the necessary knowledge. We also have Maasai music we promise that our volunteers will be happy and promise our visitor that it will be unforgettable moment and adventure for them they will go back to there countries and come again to Maasai land, in our organization, We also help in tours. We also have enough security hop our hosting will be the best of all.For the good surface we kindly ask you to pay 3$ par day us you stay with us. Welcome all we love you so so much.
Bassirou and Ian
Hello, I am a Pulaar farmer in Ségou in the region of Kédougou. Ségou is a village of about 1000 people located right at the base of the Guinean plateau. My family farm has worked in collaboration for years with the American Peace Corps. It serves as a demonstration space for a variety of agricultural and agroforestry techniques, as well as a successful market garden. The land is irrigated by two perennial springs that flow out of the hill right above the garden. Beyond that there are many other agricultural spaces and opportunities in Ségou. There are three waterfalls in Ségou, one in nearby Dindéfélo and many mountains and forests to be explored. Requests will be handled by local Peace Corps volunteers who work in collaboration with me. Soyez la bienvenu en Segou! ________________________________________________________ FRANÇAIS: Bonjour, je suis un agriculteur Pulaar à Ségou dans la région de Kédougou. Ségou est un village d'environ 1000 personnes situé à la base du plateau Guinéen. La ferme de la famille ètait cultivé en collaboration pendant des années avec le Corps de la Paix Américain. Il sert comme un espace de démonstration pour une variété de techniques agricoles et agroforestiers (Sylviculture), ainsi que d'un jardin de maraichage de grande reussité. La terre est irriguée en permanence par deux sources pérennes qui sortent de la colline au-dessus du jardin. Au-delà, il existe de nombreux autres èspaces agricoles et les possibilités de Ségou. Il ya trois cascades de Ségou, l'un à proximité Dindefelo et beaucoup de montagnes et de forêts à explorer. Les demandes seront traitées par des bénévoles locaux du Peace Corps qui travaillent en collaboration avec moi. Soyez la bienvenu en Ségou! ________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Hola, soy un agricultor Pulaar en la ciudad de Ségou en la región de Kédougou. Ségou es un pueblo de unos 1.000 personas situado justo en la base de la meseta de Guinea. Mi granja familiar ha trabajado en colaboración durante años con el Cuerpo de Paz de Estados Unidos. La granja sirve como un espacio de demostración para una variedad de técnicas agrícolas y agroforestales, y aparte contiene un mercado donde se venden los alimientos de la huerta. La tierra es irrigada por dos fuentes perennes que fluyen fuera de la colina justo encima del jardín. Más allá hay muchos otros espacios agrícolas y oportunidades en Ségou. Además hay tres cascadas en Ségou, uno que queda cerca en Dindéfélo, y aparte hay muchas montañas y bosques para explorar. Las peticiones para más información serán atendidas por voluntarios locales del Cuerpo de Paz que trabajan en colaboración conmigo. Soyez la bienvenu en Segou!
Western Region
The Trinity Yard School is looking for a WWOOFER who desires to learn, help and work on its small on-site farm to produce food for the students and staff. Some experience a plus but absolutely not required as the volunteer will assist the Agricultural Director and together they will educate and re-skill the staff and students in environmentally sustainable farming methods, renewable energy gathering, and waste recycling in order to decrease the exploitation and degradation of natural resources. We practice permaculture on campus and through out the community, we integrate proven traditional farming techniques as well as some more experimental crop production (plant guilds,sheet mulching, mushrooms etc.)in the gardens. We are seeking a highly motivated individual interested in gaining invaluable and unique practical experience. The successful applicant must be flexible, able to take initiative, and open to the multitude of challenges involved in working for a young, evolving NGO in remote rural Ghana. Must be fluent in English. French is also spoken by the co-directors. Length of Position September 2017 – June 2018 Applications for shorter periods, 3 months minimum of availability also will be considered. Volunteer Arrangement We ask for 5 hours of work daily, five days per week. Weekends will be free, but, on weekends when the volunteer remains at the yard, it is expected he or she will water once per day, as necessary. Trinity Yard School is located approximately 3 kilometers from Cape Three Points—a remote fishing/farming village on the Southern tip of Ghana overlooking the Gulf of Guinea. Volunteers live in male and female dorms located a short walk from the school and farm. All basic necessities are provided, including meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) on-site by the TYS kitchen staff. The yard, which is located on beachfront property, offers volunteers daily access to beach volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, and a variety of surf spots. How to Apply To apply, please send resume and cover letter with length of availability to trinityyardinfo@gmail.com with the subject line “TYS WWOOFING" For more information about the school please visit the website or check us out on Facebook. www.trinityyardschool.org
Mamadou and Mamadou
We are a federation of youth associations of 13 villages of farmers. We grow traditional crops with our families during raining season (July to Septembre) like groundnuts, millet, rice, mais, beans and watermelons. During the dry season, mostly the women grow vegetables as onions, tomatoes, eggplants, bitter eggplants, ladyfinders, cabbage and salades. Very few people speak enlish, so you need to communicate in french (or if you want in the local languages). You can stay in one of our families and join in the work on the fields but also for the house and the few goats, sheeps, cattle or donkeys that some of the families have.
Djouma Fleur
Je suis un petit agriculteur apiculteur horticulteuret vis avec ma famille et travail dans ma pepiniere dans le village de Sebhory, au coeur de la magnifique region du Fouta Djalon. Je suis egalement guide touristique, nous pouvons donc organiser des trek lors des temps libres. Nous travaillons sur plusieurs plans comme les pepiniere, la recolte du miel, la cultures des fruits et legumes ainsi que les plantes medicinales. Contactez moi plutot par telephone car l accessibilite a internet est difficil. Merci et a bientot (les semences bio de toutes les plantes que vous appreciez sont les bienvenues, ici tout pousse!)
Ismail and Samil
fatoumata bintou and maguéye
hello, we are a couple: wife sénégalo-french, husband sénégalase; 57 years and 61 years old; artists: sculpture, painting, musician, dancer... we have 5 children but all of them don't stay always at home, only for holidays; we begun the construction of an écovillage on our private place one year ago; traditional hut, gardens, fruit trees; we are continuing to built some huts in natural materials ; we will have some animals when constructions will be done and buy more place for that; the place is quiet,water with pump, duch and toilets outside; organic food; posibility of bicycles,"clando", taxis; villages 2kms on feet, atlantic ocean 3kms on feet; restaurants, hôtels, artisan village, not far from our place. Very roots place; We need some help for constructions, biological gardens, gardening..for some hours a day; you can stay as long as we organize together; thanks!
Northern Region
Rural women and Children Development Organization is non-governmental organization base in the Northern region .The main areas is food security and agribusiness in the areas of organic vegetables production and crops production since 2002 up today . The working staff of the are five, motors-bikes, human resource.The organization host many volunteers in the rural communities to help in the areas of farming and other developmental activities. The organization learn that the support WWOOF give support to communities such as knowledge,practical skills training and farming logistics and many other things.
David and Agnes
Currently we are growing 2 acres of organic crops, have 100 free-range chickens and 10 cows. I am writing on behalf of Precious Life Foundation, a community project that helps vulnerable women become self sufficient through mentorship and learning a trade. This includes agricultural farming which we do on an organic and permaculture basis. We have a biogas digester, a lodge that can sleep 12 volunteers and 2 new classrooms for the women of Precious Life. The goal that we are working towards is the acceptance and integration of permaculture and organic farming by the surrounding community in order to safeguard the environment and provide food security. Our growing initiatives also include door gardens,bio-intensive beds, organic composting and sack potatoes (a method that reduces inputs,saves plenty of water and provides larger outputs than conventional farming). We plan to extend to also include traditional herbs of the area. As this farm is a haven for young women that have often been abused, I personally believe that we can only accept female volunteers at the present moment. We work on a voluntary payment method of USD $0-$10 a day, pay as you see fit. Thank you
- My name is Hamid, 41 years old, I've a farm located 35 km from the door of the desert Ouarzazate; 30 km of an asphalt road and 5 km of piste. - I own this farm since 2009 - I've two wells, - I plant much different kind of trees (Olives almond etc), I plant also many kinds of vegetables (carrots, potato etc) - I have two big rooms, kitchen, shower and toilet). - I need help for building, to make a little hostel, and also to build a shed and cowshed. - I need also help to plant and to harvest. I need you to work 5 days a week, Saturday and Sunday are free. People from all nationalities are welcome. If you need any more information please don't hesitate to contact me.
Isaac and Elias
We are a team specialized in Organic soil fertility rebuilding through compost making and food production also involved in training Rural communities in self sufficiency through Organic farming and grass thatched roofing. Currently we have organically grown maize, Soya beans, Groundnuts and vegetables.
Hassan and Brahim
I have a big garden and i need volunteers to help us for the farm work. thank you so much bonjour je suis Hassan ami le touareg de tagounite j'ai une ferme à 2km du village s'il y a des volontaires pour m'aider à faire repartir cette ferme et la faire revivre vous êtes les bienvenus o
Thierry and Olivier
Grand Port
We mainly have our own family Permaculture farm and homestead project on a 27 acres property we just recently took ownership of. A farm site we have named "La Meule" meaning " The Grindstone" in french. A name we have chosen from the past history of the property related to the local villagers working since decades, in the sugarcane fields of the area. The Farm being completely off-grid will sustain ourselves with its vegetable gardens, main crop fields, food forests, animal husbandries, water harvesting systems, energy systems, and other appropriate technologies. The farm acts as a permaculture research center, in collaboration or partnership with compatible local businesses, wildlife foundations, and potentially, governmental units, working towards the same goals. We implement on site our positive results, sustaining us and feeding ourselves from our produce, selling all surplus to visitors, and the local markets. In line with its daily sustainable living activities, the farm will be an integrated ecological demonstration platform offering site visites, and short to longer term accommodations, open to local citizens, local and international WWOOFERS (Willing workers on organic farms), and other foreigners or tourists willing to discover any ecological systems they might be interested in, and see it there, in action, on the site. From there, the farm has an educational program in which we will, sooner or later, offer courses and workshops to anyone interested in developing those systems for themselves, or elsewhere. We have numerous projects on the stove, including setting up a PRI Mauritius at La Meule Permaculture Farm with the help of local NGO's, Permaculture friends around the world, like minded local people, and the support of PRI Australia.
Ahmed and Madlen
Zagora Marrakech
This Farm and garden is situated in the southern part of Morocco near the Sahara desert. Together with my wife and son we've been managing this beautiful property for the past 5 years. The work here involves mainly of caring for the palm trees so they can produce the date fruits. After the harvested fruit season, dates are picked from the trees to be eaten and also sold locally. Occasionally there are also some animals on the farm like sheep, goats donkeys and camels. These animals graze in our own area. A short visit to the nearby desert is possible at times enabling us to revive our energy by resting in tranquility And even a ride on the camel in the early morning can also do the trick! Back at the farm the facilities include toilets,Internet, kitchen and bedrooms. Please feel free to contact us with any queries and any more info you might need..we're here to help you and gladly host you..
Max and Heidi
Welcome to our family of likeminded! We run 15.5 acre re-claimed desert land where we grow mostly Moringa (Stenopetala & Oleifera) but we also have neem, olives, date palm and few other fruit trees. We keep fish, goats, sheep and chicken. Our farm is located approx 1 hour drive from Giza, Greater Cairo, Egypt. The accommodation is extremely basic. We used solar power until lately, but are connected to the grid now. There is also running water, but limited. Local food is made by the resident workers, it is vegetarian and occasionally there is meat or chicken. Volunteers must be able to cook for their own, if they find the local food not up to their taste. There is a fridge but no hot water. We dry and crush the moringa at the farm. The grinding process for leaf powder is still located in town. We use drip irrigation, which needs intensive verification. Our fertilizer is self made compost and we use organic pesticides. Our next steps are to improve and optimize our processes and establish a curriculum for a training of farmers to pass on the knowledge. Please join us if you already are experienced in organic farming so we can exchange experiences. Work is hard, but we enjoy our results and would like to share. Thank you.
Dominique and Ali
!!!!!!standby of all activities till november-december at least!!!!Sorry for this but have a nice woofing elsewhere in the meaning time!!! We are transforming a quasi desert little island on the mangrove called Bouillissor in a natural conservatory for biodiversity. Main work are: local trees planting, digging to retain rain water, building huts to observe animals, making paths around the island to safely visit the spot without disturbing animals. We also wish to test on little scale best ways to naturally dry salt, grow shrimps, oysters and fish...French, english, spanish, german (nearly) spoken: we will find a way to communicate! Eventually, we will also work in our private garden for vegetables and fruits production in Kafountine
I have a biological olive orchard of 30 ha of old endemic local varieties and a new extension. I have also a rural inn in which I'm trying to improve. My experience in sustainability and in recycling for a better life. I have a big project of creating a phyto filtration system from used watersand, a natural camp site for young and adults. I need some volunteers that I can accommodate in a house and exchange experiences and my territory.
juliette and Alchimie SNS
Saint Louis du Senegal
Bonjour, Hi! (version française en bas de page) We are a small french family (one female adult + 2 children born in 2002 and 2009) living in a 1500 sq meter ground in the countryside of Bango (8 kms far from Saint Louis du Senegal - upnorth of the country). We are raising ducks, we have a kitty and we finally gave up other animal's raising: it costs lot of money and we are too empathic to kill them and sell their meat... We want to raise vegetables, and wish to become self-sufficient. Also, I (45 years old mother) am the chairwoman of a small non profit organization which aims to help local people to improve their conditions of life. The website of the orgnization is: http://www.association-alchimie.org (in french only for the moment) and its facebook french page is: https://www.facebook.com/AssociationAlchimieSolidariteNordSud?fref=ts The organization has a lot of different PROJECTS related with children and women, health and education, sustainable development, respect of environment, etc. Caution! NOTHING IS YET LAUNCHED! Due to financial reasons and lack of serious long-term volunteers, none of the projects is yet realized. We would like to open a small snack, a small social center, launch lucrative activities to feed a solidarity fund to help poor families to pay their health fees (weakpoint in Senegal). We intend to launch an outdoor cinema, a recycling business, and many other activities, then, we need long-term volunteers that could share our place to help launching the projects. Our previous experience of woofing was very bad. From now on, we ask for a financial participation of 3€ per day and per person including all fees (food, water, electricity). Please contact us by e-mail as a first step to let us know what you expect, and/or to ask all the questions you wish. Children, musicians, feminists and vegetarians are very welcome. Thanks!----------------------------------------French version: Nous sommes une petite famille française (une adulte et deux enfants nés en 2002 et 2009), et nous vivons sur un terrain de 1500m2 dans la zone rurale de Bango (quartier Sinthiane) à 8 kms de Saint Louis du Sénégal, Nord du pays. Nous élevons des canards et avons un chat. Finalement, nous avons renoncé à élever d'autres animaux : cela coûte cher et nous n'avons pas le cœur de les abattre pour vendre leur viande...Nous voudrions faire pousser des légumes, et espérons devenir auto-suffisants. Par ailleurs, je (mère de 45 ans) suis la fondatrice/présidente d'une petite associations qui souhaiterait aider à l'amélioration des conditions de vie locales. Le site web de l'association est : http://www.association-alchimie.org, et sa page FB française est : https://www.facebook.com/AssociationAlchimieSolidariteNordSud?fref=ts L'association a des tas de PROJETS en rapport avec les enfants et les mères, la santé, l'éducation, le développement durable, le respect de l'environnement, etc. Attention ! RIEN N'EST ENCORE LANCé ! Pour des raisons financières et du fait du manque de volontaires sérieux prêts à s'investir sur le long terme, aucun des projets n'est réalisé pour le moment. Nous aimerions ouvrir un petit snack, un petit centre social, lancer des activités lucratives pour alimenter un fond destiné à aider les familles pauvres à payer leurs dépenses de santé (point noir au Sénégal). Nous espérons lancer un cinéma en plein air, un business de recyclage, et d'autres activités, c'est pourquoi nous avons besoin de volontaires sur le long terme, qui pourraient vivre avec nous (y a de la place!) pour nous aider à lancer les projets. Notre unique et précédente expérience de woofing a été désastreuse. Désormais, nous demandons une participation financière de 3€ par jour et par personne incluant tous les frais (nourriture, eau et électricité). Merci de nous contacter par e-mail dans un premier temps, pour nous dire ce que vous attendez, et/ou pour nous poser toutes les questions que vous voudrez. Enfants, musiciens, féministes et végétariens sont très bienvenu-e-s. Merci !
Mark and Ayelen
Essaouira Province
ABOUT US: I am a 48-year old Scot and my wife, 39, is from Argentina. I am a jack-of-all-trades and have been many things in life, from soldier to TV presenter. I met my love in Ibiza where she had settled temporarily. We were both big travelers before meeting one another and still are, although there's less time for such things now we have two very young children, Gaia and Isaac. THE PROJECT: For some years now we've been building a house in the project area, just 15kms north of Essaouira on the Atlantic Coast. Originally it was being built as a tourist business. Now it is reborn as an eco-lodge and permaculture centre. It lies between Azrou Issa and Al Fayda, two small fishing and farming communities. Life is hard here and with less and less rain, and fewer fish in the ocean, it's getting harder. Many families have already left the land and gone to live in the town. There are almost 30 small families left, farming approx 100 hectares between them and grazing their goats, sheep and cows in the huge forest behind. The land does not produce enough and the forest is being overgrazed. The eco-lodge will not be finished for several more years but now sits at the heart of a project we have started with the locals It's a long term mission to regenerate the farmland and the forest behind using permaculture, holistically managed grazing, aqua-ponics and any other good ideas. The aim is to build a sustainable and profitable future for them, and us, and in so doing, to learn what works and what doesn't work in such an arid landscape before taking this knowledge to other places. To this end I have also started a UK based charity, the Fertile Roots Foundation, which will support, fund (where necessary) and guide this project, and others after it, towards economic and social sustainability. WHAT’S HAPPENING WHEN: RIGHT NOW (DECEMBER 2015 - APRIL 2016) WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS WITH SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE IN EITHER LIME PLASTERING, PLUMBING OR FILM EDITING. Please note that we do not take anyone under the age of 30 unless they have real experience or a specific skill that we have need of. THE WORK: Volunteers may find themselves working with Ayelen or me, alone with other volunteers, on their own, with the locals who speak nothing but Arabic or it may be everybody together in a big permablitz. ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers will be accommodated either in a 4m bell tent in the unfinished eco-lodge, in a bedroom or in the original farmhouse. Cooking and eating and relaxing will be in the house. It’s all very basic at the moment. Water is scarce so we wash in a bucket and the toilet is dry compost. The well water is good to drink. We are not vegetarian but different diets are not a problem. Volunteers will be expected to cook for themselves and help out with other housework. We provide food, a mattress and a pillow. We do not provide sheets, blankets, towels or ANY work clothes (gloves, etc). It can be quite cold if the wind is from the east so bring warm clothes, strong shoes and a 2-3 season sleeping bag. THE AREA: The beach is 800m away. Moulay Bouzergtoun, a small village and one of the best windsurfing spots in the world, is 4km away. Essaouira, the nearest town is 15kms along the beach (3 hrs walk) or an easy 15-minute walk up the hill and 30 min hitch hike along the coast road. It has a beautiful old medina and fishing port. It’s all quite touristy now but there is lots to do and see, music festivals, kite surfing, surfing and windsurfing, horse riding, etc . We buy our food at the fantastic weekend farmers’ market at Had’draa. Marrakech is 200kms away.
Hi, I have a 40 hectares (around 100 acres) organic olive orchards located 1 hour away from Marrakech. I have planted around 10.000 olive trees as well as a few hundreds other varietals (citrus, apricots, plums, peaches) and endemic species as well. Most of the trees are 4 years old and I planning on having my first crop this year. There a 3 cows and a few hens. I have already hosted wwoofers on the ranch and have been a volunteers myself. I have a house with 3 rooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living room where people can sleep, rest and enjoy the sunset. In the summer, it gets very hot and dry but the winters are cold (typical semi-arid continental climate). I would like to host people who are willing to work, share, easy going and pretty adaptable. It is a remote and quiet area, the closet town is Kelaa Sraghna where you have a grocery store but that's pretty much it as far as entertainment. But it is genuine and the people living on the ranch are nice. I would need help for the 2013 harvest and other work (pruning the suckers, weeding, mulching, composting etc...). If you are interested, please send me an email with your motivations. Thanks in advance.
Julian and Catherine
///ENG/// We have a 6.2ha land, 2km from Chefchaouen. We grow olive trees, flowers, vegetable and will plant fruit trees and we also have beehives. Only organic treatment are applied, we compost and lombricompost (vermicompost) and use several methods to grow. The farm is a part of a whole ecologic project we are developing. We also want to receive people interested in eco-construction. We provide accommodations in town of Chefchaouen. Arabic, english, french and spanish spoken. ///FR/// Nous exploitons 6.2ha à 2 km de Chefchaouen. Nous avons des oliviers, des fleurs, des légumes et allons planter des fruitiers, nous avons aussi des ruches. Traitements écologiques uniquement, compost et lombricompost, plusieurs méthodes de culture utilisées. La ferme fait partie d'un projet écologique complet que nous développons. Nous souhaitons aussi accueillir des éco-constructeurs. Nous hébergeons les woofers en ville de Chefchaouen. Arabe, anglais, français et espagnol parlés.
Eastern Region
New farm. Chickens, fish, goats and cattle. Construction of animal shelters, chicken houses and fish canals starting in October 2013. Farm owned by me. Married with 3 sons, but wife will not work on the farm. I am 52, worked in management and now becoming a farmer and therefore looking for wwoofers to bring knowledge and experience.
ouad el lille / safsaf
I am a start-up individual organic farmer, traveler and artist ... interested on self-sufficiency and green energy. No light and no water connection. A few goats, some chickens. Around 40 hectares. Open to green ideas. My wish is that became a community organic farm. 9km by walk from the road, 15 km from M'diq (Tetouan coast)..Like a book of children!
Nous sommes une ferme d’animation installée sur près d’un hectare et demi, récemment créée et ayant pour vocation de promouvoir la biodiversité et d’éduquer le public à l’environnement. Notre production est exclusivement issue de l'agriculture biologique et nous exploitons certains espaces en agroécologie. Nous proposons aux woofers, passionnés par l'écologie, de participer à la vie de la ferme et de nous accompagner dans la sensibilisation des élèves, enfants et adultes à la richesse de la biodiversité marocaine et à la nécessité de la préserver. Nous fournissons aux woofers l'hébergement et la restauration sur place. Pour des raisons de commodité nous réservons cette offre, dans un premier temps, aux personnes parlant français.
Valley du Draa
We have a beautiful big garden in the famous Draa valley where we grow many things including fruit and vegetables and we have palm trees too. It is situated in a small village called Dizerghat. The land is typically very dry, practically desert! If you come here to work in the garden you will learn about how to grow things in very arid land. You can meet many people from around the world, mainly Europeans and people from Morocco but also other nationalities. There is a small house where there could be potentially up to ten people, it will depend on the time of year; there is a lot to do in summer. Planting; irrigation; picking; weeding etc. If interested you could help look after camels a bit and other things! We are just joining WOOFING for the first time so well see how it goes! You just have to call me and we speak about the opportunities! you are very welcome!
I am a farmer doing Dynamic Bio-organic farming on row crops, macadamia nuts, cattle, Jatropha and cassava. I multiply soil micro-organisms for use together with organic material incorporated in the soil to form Humus and make some compost for crops that do not grow on Humus. Where manure is available, that too gets incorporated 600mm to prevent weeds taking over.
Landing Cheikhna
Je suis un jeune paysan qui dispose de 9 hectares de terre cultivable reparties en 3 vergers sur lesquels je pratique du maraichage, de l'arboriculture,de la culture vivrière et de l'élevage. a cet effet je me propose comme woofers host pour accueillir toute l'année les amis de la nature ayant une passion pour l'agriculture pour partager notre quotidien et nous aider à acquérir des expériences, des idées et moyens nouveaux au Ranch de Djlomkoto à Diannah un village au sud de la Casamance située dans un endroit paradisiaque entre terre, mer, foret, fleuve, bolong afin de pouvoir développer, moderniser et organiser la production créer une certaine autosuffisance et des emplois
Dans notre village, il ya deux projets de jardinage. L'une est de 10 hectares et un autre est un jardin pour le femme est 2.5 hectare. Les deux projets se développent les oignons, les tomates, les aubergines, les poivrons et légumes locaux. Nous cultivons rizicole de 20 hectares pour le production de riz local. Prendant l'hivernage (de juin a octobre) 97 femmes y pratiquent la culture du riz hivernale ameliores. La promotion de l'approche biologique est la voie nous comptons organiser la production dans toute la vallee de Dassilame. Nous avons egalement un programe d'elevage de chevres. Maintenant 102 chevres sont inscrites dans ce programme pour la production de viande et de lait. Le village promeut également le reboisement des mangroves et d'autres arbres. In our village there are two gardening projects. One is 10 hectares, which I work at, and another is a 2.5 hectare women garden, where my wife works. Both projects grow onions, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and local vegetables. There is also a rice project in the area, where I lead informational sessions on rice cultivation. Other projects underway in the village include, reforestation of mangroves and raising goats for milk/meat production. Depending on the time of the year, we need help with various tasks, which range from watering, transplanting, weeding, and preparing garden beds. I am also a beekeeper; I have many hives on my land and in the surrounding mangroves. A volunteer should be able speak a little French. Please try to send all correspondences in French.
Chihane and catherine
This is a 3 hectare biological farm, They work to get their food and provide baskets of fresh and organic vegetales and fruits to their subscribers. They were on the bio dynamics so far, they are now on permaculture way. Nous travaillons sur une ferme de 3 hectares. Nous cultivons des légumes et quelques fruits biologiques que nous livrons directement au domicile de notre clientele. Notre ferme est en grand changement vers la permaculture. There is an animal shelter near the house( chiken, duck, sheep.) The kitchen garden is always getting bigger. there is a pine and eucalyptus forest going by a stream.We have one swales, we have the list of trees going in (about 40 different fruit trees, about 5000 to be planted. we'll be building a couple of mud brick houses Nous avons des animaux pres de la maison. Une centaine de poules, une quinzaine de canards et leurs cannetons, 9 brebis. Nous cultivons toutes sortes de légumes et de fruits de saisons, sans produits phyto-sanitaires. Nous prévoyons planter environs 5000 arbres et avons deja planter une centaine depuis debut 2013. Nous aimerions faire de l'éco-construction de maisons-chambres pour éco-tourriste ou pour wwoofer. For wwoofers, We provide food and we have 2 rooms. We are expecting creative, motivated, resourceful ans easy going persons! Let us know if you do have a particular knowlage We do not respond to all the application, sorry!! To many appliances! Thanks to all of you for your interest in Le potager bio! Nous offrons la nourriture ainsi que 2 chambres. Nous attendons avec impatience toutes personnes créatives, motivées, débrouillarde et facile a vivre! Faites nous connaitre vos Connaissances. - Animaux - Arbres fruitiers - Culture marraichere - Eco-construction .
i work as a teacher in pop horizon la rauh.our school have a micro garden for kids,that means you volunter in the school or our school farm,also our school offer other free volunteer jobs,like teaching and health.this is our school blog-www.pophorizon.webs.com.
Simon and Laurent
West Coast
We are an organization who are working on permaculture. We have a nursery of bamboo and other forest trees. We are developing Moringa oleifera for a nutritional project. We also manage collectiv cleaning to the village and organise unorganic waste /recycling, organizing a women's organic vegetable garden. Welcome to Bamboo college Nursery
Tine and Ivan
We start to build an earthbag house in Sinaï, Egypt. We start in mai 2013.We are looking for (strong) people that help us building with this. We are also interested in permaculture. So if Anyone could join us with this and someone who have expierence with this. In Exchange we offer a free stayement en free foods and drinks.
Republic of South Sudan
We are a pvt multinational organization doing large scale commercial farming fertilizer free ....fully organic. with the local community .and are looking to host long term basis Volunteers who have expertise /experience in growing Irish potatoes or any other potatoes /red onions /basic vegetables like cucumber /green pepper .carrots /lettuce etc .Besides while clearing the bush we plan to convert the entire Agro waste by powdering it and converting into green coal.
Description iIm from morocco i live with my familly in big house in Agadir we have big house with garden in our countrysid AND YOU CAN CLEAN THE HOUSE Irrigation THE GARDEN...with water and electricite TV ...and internet connection but you need to have pc in this area of our house there are not shop and transport its far about 4 KM thats you need to have car or motocycl but really its very calm and very relax you can have fun there visite same place there is no alot peaple so we are not living there i live far to my countrysid about 23 KM in village betwen agadit-tiznit in big magazinç ( shop)of construction and depot of brique and big farm so if you want you can help me in our shop to and depot of aglo and farm but you need to go back home countrysid or if you want you can sleep in our farm with ather Workers really there are many thank to do in my work alot of thing shoping cleaning or to give Goods to customers ... Area Agadir Type of work Teaching, Help with Computers / internet, Helping with Tourists, Help in the house, Farming, General Maintenance, Cooking / shopping, Building, Gardening Work I have big housefamilly in countryside with big garden and tv big room really if you want to volunteer with us in our housgarden to clean gaden maintenance...teach languge French or English Really I AM LOOKING FOR volunteer TO HELP US in country sid or our work for place of stay you will stay in countrysid or our farm with worker for food you can have food with us in the shop breakfast lunsh... Languages spoken english franch ARABIC Accommodation SEE THE PICTEUR OF HOUSECOUNTRYSID... What else ... Really in need of a person who is very active and intelegent he want to volunteer with us ...alot of thaing to do...don't hesitate to ask any question
Cattle , Cropping
Maged and Lorena
South Sinai
Habiba Organic Farm is bringing new ideas and innovative collaboration to Egypt’s Sinai communities by combining positive forces in agriculture, education, and tourism. Already in Nuweiba, South Sinai, Habiba has introduced pioneering sustainable farming techniques and organized cooperatives of farmers in the area looking for new opportunities. All the while, Habiba has cultivated cross-cultural interactions that have helped redefine South Sinai as a hub for Agri-tourism. The challenge today is scaling those successes to the wider Sinai community. Founded in 2007 by Maged El Said, Habiba Organic Farm was from the start a social experiment. The first of its kind farm – affiliated with the nearby Habiba Beach lodge - was to serve multiple goals: act as a hub for tourists and volunteers from around the world looking to get hands-on experience in the sustainable food movement, serve as a showcase for the amazing potential of organic farming even in tough desert conditions, and to function as a community hub to bring the coastal Egyptian tourist communities closer to the local Bedouin citizens of Nuweiba. The Habiba experiment has been a resounding success. Highlights of the project include:  Bringing hundreds of volunteers from all over the world to work in the farm and participate in expanding sustainable agriculture in the Nuweiba community. Habiba has served as an important portal for cultural interactions between Westerners and Bedouins in a community where tourism has built walls of separation instead of opportunities for collaboration.  Expanding agricultural opportunities for dozens of local families. Habiba’s intention has always been to spread the potential for sustainable agriculture to a community seeking new economic possibilities, Agribusiness Though farming had never been a staple of modern Nuweiba history, the success of Habiba has inspired many families in Nuweiba and beyond, throughout all parts of South Sinai, to start farms and bring a sustainable income in times of need. Habiba has served as a learning center for people interested in learning all aspects of sustainable agriculture and to share labor, seeds, and other resources.  The foundation of the Sinai Palm Date Foundation. Maged El Said has a vision to plant thousands of productive Medjool date palm trees across Nuweiba and the rest of Sinai. Currently, the trial has been successful with delicious dates being grown and sold in local farmers markets in the region – proving to people that date farming can become a valuable resource to the community.  A hub for scientific research. Habiba has forged partnerships with NGOs, universities, and scientific organizations in Sinai and across Egypt with the goal of promoting better collaboration in desert farming. A successful partnership with Egypt’s Desert Research Center has brought important tools to the local community such as free seed distribution efforts, technical workshops on details of sustainable farming available to all members of the Sinai community, as well as active university involvement in managing new experiments to continue the growth of better agricultural techniques in the Sinai
malick and daba
our farm is called CASAMANCEFARM we devellopons this organic farm since 2007 we are gardening tree crops (mango, orange, tangerine, banana ...) we have a project for devellopement market gardening, poultry and fish farming beyond we have a total area of ​​9 hectares divided into 5 lots we are looking for volunteers has experienced and ambitious in the fields of activities already cited we are a group of young singles
Diabate and Djemory
Cote d'Ivoire
Cote d'Ivoire
ONG and Serigne Babacar
Région de Diourbel
--- IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are currently NOT HOSTING volunteers!!! We are still open for exchange and hope to be able to host again soon.--- Description: We are a « Baye Fall » Sufi-Community, located in a village in the Sahel region, 120km east of Dakar. We cultivate organic vegetables during the dry season on about one and a half hectares, using drip irrigation, composting, mulching, intercropping, plant-based organic insecticide treatments and more. We are aspiring to a permacultural concept of a multi-functional Sahel-oasis, including fruit trees, medicinal plants, plants for natural dyes and oil plants for the production of soaps, etc. We consider our garden mainly as an experimentation, practical research and educational project, with the long-term goal of self-sufficiency and an additional source of income for the community. Livestock is also held in the community, such as cows, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, poultry, camels and peacocks. The organic cotton grown in the village is transformed in the local crafts-workshops into cushions and scarves.
Noor and Ally
Pl Wilhems
Ferme d'Antan Ltee a newly setup family farm aiming to raise chicks , ducks , turkeys & cattle organically including cultivation of fodders & vegetables. Our aim is self-sufficiency in food & energy & if things work well we wish to extend our property and set up an Eco Village. As "start-up" everything need to be done and we are looking for technical help from wwoofers worldwide in following project : Permaculture Pond , Aquaponic , Organic Poultry Rearing , Renewable Energy , Waste Water Management that can help for the setting up of the farm. We are looking for advises , experiences & know-how .Language is not a barrier though we speak mainly French , Creole & English but also German , Italian , Croatian , Urdu & Hindi is not a problem.Our cuisine is like our people a mixed of Chinese , Indian , European & African. Accomodation at start will be at our place in the mean time the farm is fully set up to received guests adequately. Please do contact us and share your know-how with us ....

South Africa
Say what type of organic property you have (garden, orchard, cattle, dairy, cropping, self-sufficiency, etc). A description of the activities on your property and what projects you need help with. Say if you are a family, a couple or individal. Where space allows other information could include diets, languages, accommodation, prefered length of stay etc
Alex and Tichafa

Set on a 2ha farm managed using permaculture. We also have a project implementing permaculture in local schools, through which we contribute to improving food security in the area. For more info see our website. Also see here: http://permaculture.org.au/2010/03/08/work-of-strawberry-fields-eco-lodge-begins-snowball-effect-for-entire-region/
New Zealand

Organic Bed & Breakfast. Destinated to become an information centre on alternative building techniques and alternative ways of life - Situated on a former industrial distillery site with a pond and a clean fresh river - La Cartempe. Subscribed for the first time last year we need urgent help with our organic vegetables- the 3 gardens need constant cleaning, watering and picking (picking season begins here). Help with cooking veggies for the B & B table. We are looking for 1 or 2 WWOOFers interested in building a roof on one of our residential buildings. Know-how a definite plus. We are a close and happy family interested and involved in organic farming and open to new ideas. The weather here has four seasons during which each specific plant grows.

Organic Jojoba Farm, 15 acres of managed jojoba plantations intercropped with Date Palm & Olives over a mountain. The farm is an initiative to create new agricultural crops. A processing unit to extract the oil from the seeds picked by hand in July-Sept every year. The Farm accepts Volunteers to share in R&D activities. Good accommodation. No children. NO smoking or alcohol. Speak English & German.

We have the aim to build unity among the youth through farming and other activities. We have about 100+ members who contribute every year towards the development of the group. I am in the UK right now pursuing a course on engineering, but the rest of the organising committee is coordinating the activities and all necessary things for the day to day services of the group. At this time it is not very busy because we have not enough things to do because of no rain there. We only have local garden beds which we operate like cabages, onions & other vegetables. We use local wells 3m deep because the water table is not too deep in our country. We need to have irrigations systems & wells. Contact me via email.
Sarah and Adrian

Within a village of about 12 families. Hi to all! We are writing here from my little piece of heaven. I have a variety of tropical trees including nearly 50 organic orange trees that produce a massive amount of fruit each year. There are also coconut trees, avocado, banana, grapefruit, palm, calabash, and then several gardens with vegetables & ginger root. There are many children - Africa's children, not my own. So there is plenty of good work for all the brave souls and then when work done, if African drumming or dancing is of interest, we will have classes daily for 5 bucks!. We have a monkey named Bob! He is wonderful & and can't wait to meet you.

The Child Environmental Development Association known as CEDA - LIBERIA, is a non-governmental organization involved with child protection & children's welfare in rural Liberia. It is seeking partnership with other like-minded institutions to support children, environment & development activities in war torn Liberia through community sustainable agriculture & sustainable development. We exist in a community of 75 adults & 185 children. Work in areas of gardening, tending animals, building projects & helping the children. Accom indoors. Children b.a. No smoking or alcohol. Min stay 4 weeks.

Notre ferme se trouve sur la route de Marrakech a 15 km d'Essaouira. Nous produisont de l'huile d'argane. Nous travaillons avec la methode artisanale. Ont peux partager avec auex notre savoir faire, concassage et pressage de l'huile d'argane,la preparation de nos repas traditionel et notre vie en generale. Ont peut loger et nourire deux persone.

3 kms from village of Diannah in southern Senegal, surrounded by tropical natural environment near the ocean. 1.5ha garden growing fruits, vegetables & flowers the traditional way. Help needed from Nov to May. New establishment trying to develop ecological agriculture. Preferable with knowledge in ecological gardening but not essential. Genuine & clean. No electricity. Dormitory accom. Children b.a. English & French spoken.
Ibou and Marketa

Small organic farm (1-2 ha) growing vegetables& fruit trees. In the future we would like to have animals as well (goats, hens, dog, cat....). We are still in the process of developing the farm and any ideas are welcome. Our location is south of Senegal, by the coast of Atlantic. Necessary for WWOOFers to contact us at least one month in advance, preferably by phone as well.

The environmental centre of Zambian Science &Technology Resource Foundation is involved in environmental education activities with rural communities and is also doing organic farming. We would prefer a married and mature man who has training& experience to help us train our rural communities in organic farming techniques as well as work to improve and expand our farm and introduce products on demand on the international market. As an NGO our goal is to improve the environment in a way that will promote the standards of living of the rural people. We are not formally connected to any group but assist rural communities through our environmental education activities but we are also members of OPPAZ (Organic Producers and Processors Association of Zambia).

Small farm in Kafue river valley. Small organic garden and banana orchard (4 acres) all done by hand, sell by delivery and sms. Natural building using local materials. Chickens, pigs and cows. Expanding farm, plenty of things to do for someone who is interested. Nice people only please! But if your a Wwoofer you're probabiy nice. Will be using donkeys for ploughing & weeding in the coming year. Lots of malaria from Dec to May, you have been warned. We don't take prophylaxis but you should. Space for two if sharing. Communal cooking with stuff from the garden.

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