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Clare and Tyrell Flattery
Ghanzi District
Green Joule Farm is a 20 acre property set in the unspoilt, natural desert / grass lands of western Botswana. Only a very small portion of the land has been turned to cultivation the balance still a selection of indigenous trees, bush, grasses etc. wild animals and birds abound. The property borders a large private game farm on one side and un-developed agricultural small holdings on the other side. The farm is run by a family - currently mother and son with minimal employed staff. We grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. We follow the permaculture method creating tons of natural compost has enabled us to turn the Kalahari Desert sand into a small oasis. The farm is 100% solar driven - from the borehole pump, domestic hot water, domestic electrical supply, to the solar cooker (to soften the fowl's grain). We also raise chickens, ducks and geese for eggs/meat/sale. Recent projects include an aquaculture based small scale bream/tilapia fish tanks and growing an extensive an extensive range of medicinal and edible herbs. Volunteers would be required to work on all aspects of the farm's activities! Volunteers under 22 years generally too inexperienced. Minimum stay 2 weeks. Prefer longer term - UP TO 3 months. Minor building works and maintenance projects also on going.