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Wako and Wondimu
Southwest of Showa/ Oromiya Regional Stata P.O.BOX
Our first ecological development project in Waliso and 2nd and 3rd surrounding areas. I am working on an organic farm in my eco lodge and I have plans to start a botanical garden at 2nd site 3rd as well Accomodation: You would be staying in typical tukul house (mud hut)or camping in the Waliso and 2nd and 3rd in the community or camping. We have a hot spring close to our ares, birds and wildlife. Great area for hiking.
Alex and Tichafa

Set on a 2ha farm managed using permaculture. We also have a project implementing permaculture in local schools, through which we contribute to improving food security in the area. For more info see our website. Also see here: http://permaculture.org.au/2010/03/08/work-of-strawberry-fields-eco-lodge-begins-snowball-effect-for-entire-region/