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West cost
Trying to be self-sufficient (very far from it, though) or at least eat everyday from my garden practicing permaculture on our round house and organic garden, 3.5 minutes from the kilometric deserted beaches of West Africa on one side and the jungle on the other. Need a person with experience preferable, but not exclusive, to help from June to September to take the weeds out (not that much experience for that, hum? But we try together to get something growing) and from September to June to help to develop the garden. We built 'compost beds' with lot of success. Depending on the moment we can offer a separate house or a place to put your tent (water proof for the rainy season, but you will be under a straw open round house during those months) in exchange of 3 hours of work 6 days a week (food to be arranged. We may contribute and cook and eat together or we may decide is better each one cooks separately). I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and some local Wolof. I was born in Argentina with a USA passport and a Senegaless and Gsmbian residencs cards, I share the house with a gorgeous baby in process of adoption and my Senegalese husbanf
Alagie and Gilbert
Kombo South Region
We here at Sandele Eco Retreat are working towards community developments, initiating small pilot projects, like permaculture on both practical and social levels. Some of the projects we currently have are compost making, vegetable gardens, fruit gardens, rocket stoves, plant pot making (using biodegradable materials), bees, crafts centre, solar dehydrator, wind turbines, solar electricity, turtle conservation, growing green schools all while respecting indigenous culture. We hold both PDC and EDE courses yearly and also have other small sessions throughout the year. We have been hosting volunteers for 10 years now and really look at creating a space for an educational centre here in The Gambia.
Simon and Laurent
West Coast
We are an organization who are working on permaculture. We have a nursery of bamboo and other forest trees. We are developing Moringa oleifera for a nutritional project. We also manage collectiv cleaning to the village and organise unorganic waste /recycling, organizing a women's organic vegetable garden. Welcome to Bamboo college Nursery

We have the aim to build unity among the youth through farming and other activities. We have about 100+ members who contribute every year towards the development of the group. I am in the UK right now pursuing a course on engineering, but the rest of the organising committee is coordinating the activities and all necessary things for the day to day services of the group. At this time it is not very busy because we have not enough things to do because of no rain there. We only have local garden beds which we operate like cabages, onions & other vegetables. We use local wells 3m deep because the water table is not too deep in our country. We need to have irrigations systems & wells. Contact me via email.