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Green Gold Ghana is an agricultural based social enterprise focused on using Moringa as a sustainable cash crop for food security, community development and poverty alleviation. We have over 3000 hectors of Land in the ‘Zongo Macheri’ community which is being developed into a model Moringa plantation with inter-cropping, animal/fish farming and Beekeeping. Our goal is to create an integrated sustainable farm which will serve as a model for small holder farms in rural communities across Ghana.
Eastern Region
Tilly’s Farm is a family owned livestock farm at Mlolo Trom near Somanya in the Lower Manye Krobo District of the Eastern Region of Ghana, that is engaged in the rearing of pigs to provide the local market with premium quality lean pork. Volunteers oversee daily pig feeding, conduct animal well-being checks, assist with fencing/pen repairs, and participate in routine pig husbandry work including breeding, farrowing, feeding, etc.
Adrian and Ralf
Hi all! We're Madoe Organics, a tropical botanicals company with two organic tree farms in the Eastern Region forests of Oda. We live in town but go out to the farms to plant more trees and harvest. Our work days require measuring acreage, making tree lines, weeding, making nurseries, and harvesting our trees! We work with moringa, papaya, and akuamma (a rare medicinal used as a pain killer). At home we have our product transformation and processing into dried leaves and seeds, powders, capsules, soaps, and oil. We are a team at the house with our Ghanaian manager, Edwin, and his family, our secretary, Jemima, Ralf, the founder, and Adrian, our farms manager. Sometimes work involves going out on sourcing hikes into villages off the beaten path to find wild botanicals with help from local guides who take us on trails through cocoa plantations, streams, and tropical rain forests. We have two extra rooms for volunteers. We mostly have contract workers at the farms who receive three times the Fair Trade wage. Joining work with us can take the form of learning through time spent with the teams on the farm sites, sourcing wild botanicals, and at home with our transformations. We are looking for volunteers interested in tropical tree farming, herbal medicines, and transformation of products. You have flexibility with your interests and you're invited to stay as long as you would like.
Kodjo Mensah
Central region
I have an organic tomato and pepper garden at home. And also 5 chicken.
Greater Accra
We have a homestead made up of vegetables, rabbits, ducks, c located at Teshie Nungua Estate in Accra, Ghana. We grow and raise both plants and animals organically. We use most of our product to suport NGO's who are doing good work in Ghana. We also have an on going project which is about setting up homestead for religious organizations and needy homes to suport missionaries and the entire membership and to make needy homes self-sufficiency. We are a very simple and loving family looking forward to recieve volunteers who can help with new and improve technical skills and technologies in organic farming as we emback on our project. We are Amitié Homestead and we welcome everyone interested in organic farming from all walks of life to join us as we appreciate nature and it's natural gifts.
Peter and Nathaniel
Upper East
Our local organization is known as "Sirigu Ecological Initiative for Sustainable Development - SEISUD" and it is operating in the Upper East Region of Ghana. We are in to organic farming and we have farmer groups that we teach them how to make compost and use on their farms. We also have established an Organic Farming Institute two years ago. We have an organic vegetable garden where we grow a lots of local and exotic vegetable crops. We also raise a lot of poultry like guinea fowls and also foreign birds adapted in our environment. We want to have volunteers to help sustain the project.
Eric and Stacey
Western Region
The Trinity Yard School is looking for a WWOOFER who desires to learn, help and work on its small on-site farm to produce food for the students and staff. Some experience a plus but absolutely not required as the volunteer will assist the Agricultural Director and together they will educate and re-skill the staff and students in environmentally sustainable farming methods, renewable energy gathering, and waste recycling in order to decrease the exploitation and degradation of natural resources. We practice permaculture on campus and through out the community, we integrate proven traditional farming techniques as well as some more experimental crop production (plant guilds,sheet mulching, mushrooms etc.)in the gardens. We are seeking a highly motivated individual interested in gaining invaluable and unique practical experience. The successful applicant must be flexible, able to take initiative, and open to the multitude of challenges involved in working for a young, evolving NGO in remote rural Ghana. Must be fluent in English. French is also spoken by the co-directors. Length of Position July 2014 – June 2015 Applications for shorter periods, 3 months minimum of availability also will be considered. Volunteer Arrangement We ask for 5 hours of work daily, five days per week. Weekends will be free, but, on weekends when the volunteer remains at the yard, it is expected he or she will water once per day, as necessary. Trinity Yard School is located approximately 3 kilometers from Cape Three Points—a remote fishing/farming village on the Southern tip of Ghana overlooking the Gulf of Guinea. Volunteers live in male and female dorms located a short walk from the school and farm. All basic necessities are provided, including meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) on-site by the TYS kitchen staff. The yard, which is located on beachfront property, offers volunteers daily access to beach volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, and a variety of surf spots. How to Apply To apply, please send resume and cover letter with length of availability to trinityyardinfo@gmail.com with the subject line “TYS WWOOFING" For more information about the school please visit the website or check us out on Facebook.
Northern Region
Rural women and Children Development Organization is non-governmental organization base in the Northern region .The main areas is food security and agribusiness in the areas of organic vegetables production and crops production since 2002 up today . The working staff of the are five, motors-bikes, human resource.The organization host many volunteers in the rural communities to help in the areas of farming and other developmental activities. The organization learn that the support WWOOF give support to communities such as knowledge,practical skills training and farming logistics and many other things.