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Just Natural and Patrick
Just Natural CBO Kitale Kenya is an association that promotes organic farming. We grow a huge variety of different vegetables in our organic demonstration garden of 3 acres. We also produce cheese. The name of our association is » Just Natural CBO Kitale, Kenya ». The aim of this association is to promote organic agriculture in order to contribute to biodiversity, help farmers to be selfsufficient and sensibilize the local population about the values of healthy food. Just Natural is situated in Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County, in North-Western Kenya, close to the Ougandan border, at 2000 m of altitude. Temperatures are between 11° and 30°C, the soil is fertile. Our demonstration garden of one and a half acres is situated in the Parc of the National Agricultural Exposition, that takes place once a year in October and attracks thousands of visitors. On our plot we cultivate a great variety of vegetables, some local, some foreign. We produce our own seeds and seedlings that we share with other farmers. Part of our activity is to organize workshops, where we teach organic farming methods, but we also show videos and interact with school classes. Organic agriculture is not well known in Kenya, there are no local markets for organic vegetables. The long term aim of the association is to open a fair price organic shop and restaurant on the plot. But so far Just Natural does'nt benefit from any subsidities or financial help. All of its members are volonteers. In order to develop more actvities and become selfsustainable, the association would need to dig a well and acquire some more agricultural equipment. But we also need practical help and love to exchange with people from foreign countries.If you come to help us to develop this ambitious project, you will learn a lot about organic agriculture in the tropics, you will appreciate the friendship of the local population and get used to the african way of live. You will be lodged and eat like the locals.We would like you to stay at least for 1 month and on mutuel agreement much longer We speak english, swahili, french and german.
Rusinga Hills
Our Volunteer programs are a great opportunity for you to travel to Kenya and experience true Kenyan culture, while also greatly improving the lives of children who desperately need your help. Our volunteer programs usually comprise of 2-5 volunteers per visit from a variety of nations and backgrounds. Visit our Facebook page for more updates. We accept volunteers throughout the year. We greately needs volunteers who can work in our farm. We cultivate crops such as local vegetables and fruits along the Lake shore within Rusinga Island. Apart from that anyone can be a volunteer - teachers, sports activists, Fundraisers, engineers, photographers, web designers, doctors, students, carpenters, travelers, mothers, fathers, etc. We welcome anyone who is motivated. Our group is comprised of both men and women, old and young, and we all work together in order to benefit the local children in the community and hopefully ultimately benefit the greater world. Many of the children that we support are orphans and vulnerable children, and we attempt to provide them basic education, food, and any resources that they need in order to survive and prosper. At our volunteer programs, volunteers normally engage in a variety of activities including (but not limited to) farming, community work (helping the elderly in their homes), class teaching (grade 1-8), sports playing, feeding the young children within the school, garden preparation, construction work, teaching music, caring for the donkey, goats, and cows, etc. All work that you do helps our group to continue to be functioning as best as possible in order to help the children. Volunteers work for about 5-6 hours a day during the week. Volunteers live with the host family (homestay). Unfortunate we don't have running water and electricity though we have treated water as well as solar powered electricity. Volunteers are given a chance to experience a very authentic African lifestyle in all aspects. It is a great chance for you to be a part of a different culture and to learn about how others live their lives. For more details, get intouch with us
I have a garden that contains variety of projects: poultry,cropping ,
Kazungu and Sadik
A newly established ranch. We keep beef cows, sheep and goats, crop farming, bee keeping, tree planting and poultry farming. We have great opportunity for expansion. We embrace organic farming for environmental sustainability. We gearing towards expansion of our water resources by construction of water dams and rain harvesting. Embracing natural energy resources like bio gas.
Benson and Annet
Rift valley
My name is Benson Wairagu and I live with my wife and my three children in mafuta farm, Eldoret, Kenya. I am also leasing in kipchoina,Kitale,Kenya. I am into this for experience to host and be hosted to learn and teach so am open to new ideas.I grow maize as a cash crop and others like beans,potatoes and vegetables for consumption and also keep zero grazing dairy cattle,goat and chicken. My wife and I are very easy people to stay with very warm and welcoming and we would also like to visit other farmers and learn more. Thank you you are welcome to our humble home and would be delighted to host and be hosted.
i am evance tamba of mfangano island. i am an organic farmer with a garden in the shore of lake Victoria in Mfangano Island.i do my farm in different crops that include vegetables and fruits.in my garden i also do fish farming in the pond.i mostly caltivat edible crops like fruits,bananas stem,greens,cere-als and roots tubers. In the island there is a tropical climate and unique geographical scenery that you can also enjoy at.i am with my children's all of the time in the farm being that i am a widower. i also give room to our volunteers to visit other areas [to see animals and caves]they also swim in L.Victoria play football,ran for physical fitness,attend community fanctions around. I can stay with anyone from(1) one day to (3)three and even more depending on the amount of work that you do.The available diets in the island includes fish vitamins,fruits proteins,carbohydrates e.t.c. i speak luo,suba, kiswahili and English languages. welcome in my garden we share in the fild of organic together.
David and Millicent Owino
Homabay County
We are a community based organization that started with my wife Millicent and myself Dave .we were born ,raised and currently living in Rusinga Island in Mbita District in West Kenya in the banks of Lake Victoria.These was purposely done to help improve nutrition and food security at house level we started by growing Vegetables ,planting fruit trees and trees .After a very impressive feedback from the initiative we decided to share some with the neighbors,friends and that is when the organization was born ,Now we are 6 people together seeking food security and sustainable agricultural methods in the Island .Besides we have Dave,s parents assisting in the farm activities that is planting and taking care of the plants ,Our direct inspiration is our kids (Steve 13,Stanley 9, and Fridah 3) whom we stay with.we noticed better nutrition issues was a challenge hence affecting the whole island .Since we are both teachers in community health and adult education we have been educating the community on better and sustainable health methods ,mainly people living with HIV/AIDS these we do in schools ,churches ,chiefs meetings these is done through talks ,discussion ,debates and motivations.with Yummy Project (from an acronym RICO- Rusinga Island Community organization )(Yummy Spanish ) .We want to involve the communities through schools ,churches and provincial administration to plant food in their in their gardens ,these will will provide them with enough to eat and surplus taken to the markets for more income.we intend to do these through improved techniques in planting,weeding,mulching,crop rotation system and better irrigation systems,these are done with no pesticides and chemical fertilizers.we currently have Bananas ,Kales Pawpaws,Moringa,Mangoes,ananas and others.we we want to motivate them to start going back to those days of good healthy food in their homes while using better ways ,new ecological and environmentally friendly techniques .Taking these to the homes through kids ,priests and chief talks.we thought its a good way of starting. So do you want to join us in these process ?Having people from around the world sharing there experiences of their own self and communities really inspires .organic farming around the world is not only new trend but something that will need to live with right now .Security in what we eat every day plus developing local economy is something that will change the future of the island .we invite woofers to also have a very interesting cultural experience with an opportunity to socialize and learn from the community rich cultural heritage .we welcome all.......KARIBU SANA
Susan and BobPaul
Baringo county
We are a couple owning a 5 acre farm land. The farm 3 years old- young. We do cropping & orchard. We hope to start a an apiary, short term cropping and semi- zero grazing. I am looking for volunteers in Water harvesting and management and dairy and apiary.
Paul Odiwuor
My name is Paul Odiwuor Ogola and as a permaculture teacher and designer, my mission is to bring permaculture knowledge & technology to my community. We are small farmers facing climate changes, low investment, and relative, isolation we are situated in the south western part of kawiya village located in the northern part of korayo sub location, Kochia central location,Rangwe district in Homabay county -Kenya.The village is 10sq km with a population of 1800 people, one public school ,three privates schools and 15 churches,the primary occupations in the village are sustenance farming, carpentry,blacksmith,tailoring and small business ,which are under lake Victoria ecosystem environmental, with a vision to educate and empowered the rural community to escape extreme poverty,we envision a community where young and adult people who are willing to work gets trained and take a little risk can support themselves and their families in farming through sharing the information and new farming technology/innovation on Permaculture and Organic farming to facilitate an open source approach to decentralized Permaculture education. We are focusing to support practice and policies that will sustain young & adult ,independent and prosperous farmers now and in the future through Re-connecting with the Earth care and people care through gardening ,knowledge and experiences that lead to more holistic sustainable life and escape from extreme poverty!!
Bilha and Lydia
Cropping.Planting maize and beans,Potatoes,Cassava,Sugarcane and Bananas applying hand irrigation and organic manure.We also plant nappier grass for selling to be able to support Bella Children Centre \ School of which I am the founder.We cultivate,plant,prepare manure,weed and harvest.Planting of trees from nurseries.The land is on a slope so there is a lot of soil erosion that needs to be stopped and land made more fertile for better harvest.We need green houses for hot cultural crops and pipes for irrigation. I am a family Lady.
Keri and Osunga & Richard
Remba, a kind of slum island is situated in Lake Victoria under Mfangano Ward, Homabay County in Kenya. It has a population of about six thousand people depending majorly on fishing activities for food and income, by using hundreds of fishing gears (boats) hence too much pressure on the lake. Other than fishing, no any farming method ever practiced in this place, leaving the residents vulnerable to diet associated diseases among other socio economic gaps. It is on this regard that we (John, Osunga and Richard) thought of starting an Organic Farm to provide the community with the missing alternativs on food security. We therefore, open our doors for WWOOFers who at will can share with us Skills, Labour and any other support to help us improve on crop production and make the firm self sustained. We are continuously having greens and sereals plus fruits on seasons. Activities on our farm includes digging, seeding, irrigation, weeding, mulching, harvesting and fencing using gill nets. Volunteers can stay with us for a period of one week to three months or more. We speak English, Kiswahili, Luo and Olusuba languages. Feel free to contact us for any enquiry. WELCOME.
Hi! Little Eden Organics sits on 2.5 acres of land. We started growing organic vegetables for direct sale to the end consumer in November 2014. We sell greenhouse tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers as well as kales, swiss chard, two varieties of cabbage, garden peas, coriander, parsley and courgettes grown in the open fields. We hope to increase the variety of our production and would love to host someone with skills in organic market gardening.
Mixed crop farming and small scale dairy cattle
I am asmall scalle farmer growing bananas and one dairy cattle. My daily activities is feeding my cow, collecting manure. More information of organic farming that will help me and my community to have food security I live with my family. I speak english/ kiswahili.
Chanuka Youth
Chanuka Youth Development Program was founded in the year 2010 through a process of handicap international (HI) gaining beneficiary-led sustainability of its long implemented HIV and AIDS programme targeting youths and persons with disability.In collaboration with HI,CYDP implemented a HIV project whose ultimate goal was to promote access to and utilization of integrated HIV&RH services targeting young people in the reproductive age bracket including persons with disability . This was a USAID funded project through AED (2005-2007) and the aphia plus rift valley consortium(2008-2012)Currently ,CYDP Is managing a static VCT site and outreach prevention activities targeting youths &working together with share peace-permaculture project(organic community based organization) these intervention are geared towards reducing new HIV infection in the general population especially youths, CYDP also contributing its efforts towards confronting sexual violence against children.CYDP utilizes strategies not limited to peer to peer education,participatory education(magnetic theatre) ,HTC service provison,prevention with positive and community strategy for continuum of care as its main programmatic approaches.This has awarded CYDP a period of gained capacity and evidence based achievements in improving access to comprehensive HIV&AIDS prevention and treatment services all the above is done by a dynamic team of CYDP staffs&share peace-permaculture project who range from social workers,health workers to psychologists supported by admnistration team that does the administration and logistics operations,the management capacity is centered in the existing members of the board who come from diverse disciplines (lawyer,health workers,youth experts,development experts,among others ) CYDP implements projects in partnership with local community based structures ,networks with share-peace permaculture project(organic farming)and collaborates with the government of Kenya at country level,through relevant line ministries namely ministry of health,ministry of education,ministry of youth ,gender,sports,culture and tourism.besides,CYDP has had MOUs with IPAS,DOTS and currently an operating MOU with handicap international.For programmatic reasons,CYDP networks with share peace -permaculture project a community based organization dealing with organic farming ,population service-kenya(psk)women peace links among others.
Omondi and Brian
Homa bay county
WWOOF host. About 40 Hecters land. With plantations of indigenous trees , vegetable, fruit farming, bee keeping need help in poultry and animal husbandry establishment. Main objective is environmental conservation
Hi am individual and I want to be assisted on using organic fertilizers in my farm and also am looking for market of my thailand chilli bird eye. I need assistance of how to plant food herbs like rosemary, mint, basil parsley etc.
Ndabibi Environmental Conservation Center is a Kenyan NGO that uses practical models of Environmental Conservation. Our mission – to foster improved living standards, poverty reduction, and environmental respect in disadvantaged communities by teaching sustainability and conservation through practical grassroots projects – reflects that of NECC. We are a family, husband and wife with three kids, one of which is a young adult. We apply different organic methods to cultivate a variety of crops, seeds, and trees, Avocados, Maze, Cabbage, Tomato, etc. We also have some Sheep, Cattle, Chickens, and Rabbits, we also have Beehives. The farm is self sustained as well, from energy and water resources, by composting, bio-gas, solar-cells, and rain water savings. All this on a 5 Acre land, we do have many beds to host even groups.
Daniel Odoyo and Evans Owire
Daniel is an organic farmer with a garden in the shores of Lake Victoria in Mfangano Island. I farm in different crops including vegetables and fruits. Currently I have introduced fish farming in my farm. I am a widower and during school resting days we work with my children, on the other hand during school times I work alone. Volunteers are invited to come help in weeding, digging trenches, planting, clearing bushes and feeding fish.We can stay with anyone from 1 day to 3 months and even more depending on the amount of work that you do. We speak luo, suba, kiswahili and english languages. The available diets in the island including fish,proteins, cabohydrates, fruits vitamins etc.
I am developing a 5 acre permaculture demonstration site in rural Nanyuki to show the community ethical farming methods which can improve their wellbeing and enhance the environment. We are looking for WOOFers with knowledge in permaculture, holistic land management, eco building and earth care. The ongoing projects at the moment include: Water harvesting through dam and swale construction, tree planting, composting, building with earth, and food
Nyanza province
A apart from our organic farm we are trying to train young farmers in our community to be self reliant in our food supply. We have also started a program with the community young farmers and we give starter kits (assorted seeds and drip line) to motivate them after the training. There is a great need to train young farmers here and that is why we are calling upon volunteers who may be willing to come and volunteer with us over here. We also call upon volunteers with the passion for children. We are looking forward to start an ECD school ( Center) with feeding program after my girl friends graduation to help the orphans and less privileged children who are not able to go to school due to lack of school fees so that they be able to learn and feed. Kindly if you are there and the Lord is leading you to Africa especially Kenya, Then kindly consider our us. We are very open for new thoughts and our doors are open for visitors who can come stay for a week, a month(s) or a year.
Francis and George Obiero
BIO Organic garden is found on the Island of Mfangano of Lake Victoria along the shore.In the farm we dig,plant, weed, water and care for the various crops ranging from veges,cereals both root and stem tubers.While at maturity we do harvesting, so in the farm we make our hands dirty.I welcome both skilled and new get organic experience to my farm so that we learn together as we share.We are a family and we shall feel glad to host volunteer visitor with both accommodation and food while not forgetting with the recreational and exploration as a basic factor for whoever would love to learn much of socio-economic practices of the community.Feel free to inquire from us and we shall be sincere to inform you.
Dickens and Charles
Ogutu Organic Farm was commenced in the year 2012.It is located in Wakinga village,Mfangano Island.It is 1.5hectares.It majors basically on gardening.We grow and accommodates varieties of crops namely;cassavas,maize,carrots,guavas,yams,pumpkins,water melons,potatoes,pawpaws and bananas.We also rear manageable goats,cows,sheep,chickens and pigs.The project is owned by the family who provide workforce in the farm.However,some of the challenges experienced are lack of garden expertise and workforce.I personally i love farming because i learn it in High School and therefore wants to put the skills and knowledge gained in school into practice so as to determine the amount of input and output achieved for the success of the vulnerable group in our community as humanitarian who is concerned with the well-being of people in the community fraternity.I speak English,Swahili,Dholuo and OLusuba.A balanced diet enriched with fruits.Accommodation is also available;
WAGEGO ORGANIC FARM was established in the year 2010.It is a family property,2 hectares in size.It is located in Wamai Village,Mfangano island, along the shores of Lake Victoria.The Island has attractive physical features and brilliant landscape. The garden entirely uses organic gardening practices and methods to improve its productivity. The farm hosts a variety of crops such as cassavas, sweet potatoes, bananas, pumpkins, maize, beans, avocados,paw paw, tomatoes, kale's, herbal,aloe vera, lemon grass, yams and cashew nuts.We also rear animals such as goats, cows, and chickens. The activities carried out in the farm include mulching,weeding,seeding,transplanting,planting,irrigation,pruning ,making compost manure among others. Outdoor activities include reaching out to the vulnerable in the community through social groups, traditional dancing and singing. Volunteers will also learn,enjoy and experience new cultures by visiting cultural and historic sites such as The Abasuba Community Peace Museum,traditional rock art,ancient caves,swimming,hiking,bird watching,and boat expeditions around the island during their stay. From the onset, the project has been financially and socially supporting vulnerable orphans to access quality education, and widows living with HIV / AIDS in the Abasuba community. This has been partially achieved through the income generated by selling farm produce so as to improve the livelihood of the targeted group. It is on this regard that the farm urgently seeks organic gardening experience exchange to provide expertise and manpower from volunteers to realize its dream of social - economic empowerment of the vulnerable in the community. We also provide hospitable food and accommodation services in a serene environment to volunteers during farm stay.Volunteers are free to determine the preferred length of stay in the farm depending on their schedule. Kindly feel free to contact us for a memorable organic gardening exchange experience and change lives.
Alphonce and Erick Odhiambo
I have an organic farm in Rusinga Island and I welcome volunteers to come and help me in the caring for my crops. There is also time to enjoy the suitable sociocultural practices. Your stay is determined by how you plan with your service in my farm.
Theresa and Joshua
Nyanza, Homa Bay County.
Tesh organic farm deals in cropping of Vegetables, Bananas, Onions, tomatoes. I also keep poultry in this farm. Tesh farm is a family farm and need help in fencing, weeding and digging. This farm is an individual farm i.e we are working together with my husband and children, I have a space which includes accomodation for any volunteer in the farm, food. A volunteer can stay for as long as she/he wants. We speak luo language but my family speak clear english language. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl aged 12 and 1.
Ogege Organic Farm was started in the Year 2011. It is located in Wakinga Village, Mfangano Island which has a local HIV/AIDS prevalence estimated over 30% and high unemployment levels among the youths. The farm is approximately 1.5 Hectares. It accommodates all varieties of crops such as vegetables, beans, cassava, potatoes, yams, water melons, pawpaw, and pumpkins among others due to its high productivity. The main objective of the farm is to raise the living standards of the youths as well as physically challenged persons in the rural community through provision of financial and social support. This has been achieved partially by giving financial assistance to orphans who are unable to proceed with their studies from the little income the project generates after selling the produce. It is only through access to quality education that the farm can eradicate the alarming poverty levels in the rural community that is concentrated with the HIV/AIDS epidemic killing thousands and leaving helpless children in the remote community. However, the project is currently experiencing challenges such as technical expertise and manpower so as to run smoothly and achieve its mission. It is on this view that the farm seeks willing volunteers who can help upgrade the living standards of the vulnerable orphans in the rural community. The farm also provides free food and accommodation services to our volunteers during farm stay.
FOOD GENERATOR is a family owned garden almost 200 metres from the Lake Victoria's shore of Mfangano Island.The garden is enriched with fertile alluvial deposit transported from upland hence the natural soil fertility support a variety of healthy edible food crops which we consume and the excess are cheaply sold to the community around.The farm characteristics has been a helpful study area for agricultural field research for many secondary schools learners from around the Island.As a family we teach volunteers on organic farming practices and we welcome lovers of environment to come so that we restore our environment and at the same time learn the mission together.For any concern, feel free to ask us and we will sincerely respond.WELCOME
peter and john
We have organic garden where we grow organic foods. Also we train communities using the same gardens where they get more knowledge on organic farming and their benefits.
Peter and Margaret
Nabulu means growth in Maasai language and is the name of this Maasai family owned ecological farm and Bed and Breakfast. Nabulu is also the homesite for the nonprofit organization called Naramat, a community based organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Maasai living in that community. Naramat has been active on issues like female genital mutilation in the Maasai community as well as ecological farming for prosperity and food security in the Maasai community. Nabulu farm and Bed and Breakfast is a 7 acre property with dairy cows and two vegetable gardens. Milk, kale, sugarcane, bananas as well as other local greens are grown on the farm. There are two large rainwater harvesting tanks that provide the majority of water for drinking and household needs. Wwoofers stay in a shared bedroom with one of the daughters in a western style home. There is a bed. There are pit toilets and a shower. The family is modern maasai and more than happy to share stories and knowledge of their culture as well as expose you to the local Maasai community through the local church and their friends. Interns wake up with the family at 6:30 and can learn to make Kenyan chai and to cook on a wood fired stove or manoever a donkey to fetch water as well as sweeping and other household tasks like getting firewood and landscape maintenance. Help with meal preparation and clean up is expected. After lunch, interns can take a shower and have a rest until 5:30 when they can help with dinner prep. Once a week the natural mud structures need to be smeared with mud and is a great task for interns to learn about the local natural building techniques. There is a mother and father, daughter, grandchild and dairy cow worker on the property most of the time. Sometimes the other children come home and make a fun experience on the farm. Developping their land ecologically and sustainably has made this farm a beautiful example of locally grown ecotourism. The farm is located on the edge of Maasailand in the rural village of Meguara. Wwoofers enjoy the serene and beautiful setting that guests enjoy as well as typical Kenyan and Maasai meals prepared on a traditional wood fired stove. The majority of meat, fish, milk, greens and avocadoes are grown on the property. With its very own fish ponds, dairy cows, and vegetable gardens, Nabulu is becoming one of Maasailand’s most ecologically developed indigenous farms.
Rift Valley
Agatha Amani House is a grass roots initiative and women's shelter in Kenya, East Africa for victims of sexual and domestic violence and is the first of its kind in the country. Many defenseless women are beaten or sexually abused, separated from their children and literally kicked out on the streets. It has only been in very recent years that gender desks have been established at police stations around the country. But even with that first step towards helping these women and their children, the reality is that it will take years for women and girls to realize their rights and safety under the law. Therefore we are committed to providing help for our sisters in Kenya who desperately need our help. And we are asking you to join with us in this critical initiative. Services include but are not limited to safe shelter, counseling, advocacy, education and transitional assistance through placement, vocational guidance and training. The shelter is located in the beautiful scenic Rift Valley near lake Naivasha (the only fresh water lake in the Rift Valley) and not too far from the Maasai's. Community visits will be great experiences! We are looking for short term and long term volunteers with both basic or advanced skills. Skills such as project coordination and management, farming skills(both animal and plants), handyman-ship, cooking/culinary skills,Nutrition, House keeping, health and hygiene, education including teaching English, marketing,computers, social media, blogging, social work, counseling, community outreach and mobilization, advocacy, fundraising and having fun. We are a new shelter that is now open, operating, has residents and a working farm. The farm uses Biogas, solar power, rainwater collection,drip irrigation, cows, goats,chicken, rabbits, verticle gardening and compositing. We need help with the transition to and implementation of permaculture and organic farming which we have somewhat started. We even have plans for hydroponics and aquaculture. All this programs and activities will assist the residents and the house towards becoming self-sustaining. This is a great opportunity for a person to learn and make a difference while receiving a great cultural experience.Plus a safari can be an added treat for those that can afford it. Come help us serve and grow. We are now ready to establish our farm as an organic and hydroponic farm. We are also looking for a single person or couple seeking a long term stay in Kenya where you can contribute your passion for growing food through a community-based nonprofit. Someone with some knowledge of organic farming, hydroponics or permaculture design principles. FB https://web.facebook.com/AgathaAmaniHouseInitiatives?fref=ts
I find it with great pleasure to be hosting volunteers from overseas into my farm in Mfangano Island of lake Victoria of Kenya.Ever getting hands dirty in planting,transplanting,caring for the crops and harvesting has not been a problem to dear volunteer visitors.We share diversified experiences which has enabled us to get more perfect both in handling farm animals and crops.Through the good social atmosphere we have had ,indeed we have highly gained knowledge in preparing foreign foodstuff from our volunteers who have interest in preparing food and they have also learned a lot in preparing our local food like chapati,bread among others and some other house chore duties.We have good time to interact with nature e.g magnificent land scapes,bird and Chicky monkey watch,boat riding,hiking,listening to interpreted cultural history,beach resort rest and visiting ancient rock arts of our community in the caves among others.We welcome all who would love to come and lend hand in our farm as we provide good accommodation and we share our proper meals together on the table as a family.Our place has electricity and Wifi.N:B We have identified 15 orphans of which 7 are boys and 8 are girls who lost both parents and we would love to cooperate with dear one who would feel to donate or support any of the young orphans to get educated.They live with poor relatives who care less about their social welfare like proper education and health.For dear ones who are touched to support it is only $30 per year as school fee for a child or with anything like school uniform,study material..you can contact us at Humanitarianherat@gmail.com.Thanks Welcome to our farm
Joshua and Terry
Homa Bay
Mugunga Organic Farm is a one acre family farm doing both fruits and vegetable farming. It is located in Mfangano Island on Lake Victoria. The farm is affiliated to Organic Health Response farm which is in the same locality. Mugunga Organic Farm is managed as a family enterprise for both income and food. In the near future the farm will dig two ponds for organic fish farming. We are open to visitors who can stay with our family at the nearby family home for a minimum period of one week and a maximum period of three months. We seek to share what we do and to learn from the knowledge and experience of our visitors.
Volunteers to link up with local communities,exchange ideas on better farming methods and systems
David and Gabriel
Homabay of Nyanza province
I am a humanist organic farmer focused in promoting humanitarian and environmental awareness to the people of the community who have actually not realized the daily arising health dynamics.We have an empowering center for the WOMEN OF LAKE VICTORIA, WHERE there talents are restored and put to productivity and they are also taught how to live a positive life despite the socio-economic segregations thatbefalls them in the community.We ALSO EMPOWER children from elementary schools to secondary schools by providing for them guidance and councelling,formal learning facilities amongst others which also cuts across the two groups . I rear manageable number of cattle and also an excellent cultivator of edible crop varieties like fruits,greens,cereals,bananas stem and root tubers in my farm which is in touch with the fresh water of L. Victoria.I love the tropical climate of the Island since it is very favorable to agriculture.I am also very concerned with the environment conservation both water,land and air, since life is greatly attached to environment status.So who ever feels would have an idea to improve our environment kindly give yourself for what it takes and nothing can defeat our effort.I highly welcome WWOOFers to come so that we can share organic experience as you also enjoy the tropical Climate, unique geographical scenery and cross cultural values of our people.Your experience and idea is very vital to my WWOOF project. Welcome to Mfangano Island full of love and peace.Am an Individual living with my mum and three other siblings in our home.It is blessing for us to host WWOOF Volunteers.I speak English,Swahili,Luo and Suba.I will provide WWOOFers with good accommodation and I would love to at least have WWOOFers for 3 and more days.Diet will constitute mostly organic products.Feel most welcome to secure Island.I established this farm to help support innocent Orphans whose parents were swept by devastating HIV/AIDS, who have remained living a very discouraging and vulnerable life since they lack basic human needs like education, food,health care and clothing.On the same there are also several widows both aged and many of whom are affected and infected by the pandemic sieges,they are very poor and as a result I have extended my hand to bless them with the products but now the number is too large than resources.I therefore need to expand the project if I can get water pump ,pipes and a water storage tank.For any well sympathetic individual your support towards empowering these vulnerable persons will be highly appreciated and is a reward to you.Your WWOOFing support is highly appreciated by us.I have enjoyed and loved hosting dear volunteers so much since I have learnt a lot.Welcome.
Kante and Fredrick
AM JOINING AS A WWOOF HOST. I have a farm. I grow various crops both edible and non-edible. I need to establish a green house and because it is next to the lake. I had a plan of establishing a fish pond that would help the community and town. I am an individual not married but in love with organic farming.
Michael and Reagan
Evergreen Plains Farm is an Organic Permaculture Farm in Kenya. We were established in January 2014 and after a lot of hardwork we are already seeing the massive improvements in the local environment. Our new farm has fruits, vegetables, honey, dairy goats & cows, wood products, free range chickens, herbs, oils & much more. We look forward to sharing more of our adventure into living sustainably, and hope you can come and visit us in Kenya. Evergreen Plains farm is a family run demonstration farm, founded by Mike Hawthorne, Reagan Shombe, Jemimah Nyakongo and Clinton Owuor. Evergreen Plains Farm is committed to demonstrating and teaching Permaculture Farming. We collaborate with local farmers, organizations, and volunteers to create and share knowledge about designing and building farm sites that sustain themselves and the farmers. Our ultimate goal is to develop our farm until it meets all the needs of its inhabitants, including food, shelter, fuel, entertainment, and disseminate the knowledge we have gained through our programs.
We want to create a demonstration center a model of peace to reinstall the communities dream of nature and hospitality for the community. To escape extreme poverty by returning to permculture basics and share abundance in mix culture without war among themselves. We want to build a seminar hall to offer follow up work shops to the poor,youths,children and women especially . Having access to clean water ,renewable energy . We are a community based organization staying as a family
kenya or nyanza
we are big family runing permaculture and organic farm,we have Darry cow,goat,rabbits chickens and also we run school for orphan,we need help from wooffers. For more go to our website.
Borana-Kabati is a 100 acre Organic farm that is part of the 32,000 acre family owned and operated Borana Conservancy. The farm is nestled between Borana to the west and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to the east on the side of the Ngare Ndare River just North of the Equator. We are in the process of transitioning the land from a heavily cultivated herb farm into a more bio-diverse and ecologically balanced permaculture system. The target is to produce enough fruit and vegetables to feed the 300+ people employed by the ranch, lodges and the conservancy. Produce enough fodder to be able to finish our grass fed beef and see them through the long dry seasons. We are also in the process of designing and preparing to build a small eco-trainimg and permaculture school. At the moment we are looking for anyone with experience in natural building methods and establishment of dry land permacuture systems.
George and Meshack Odero Andiwo
Siaya county
In the farm community learn organic farming which our aim is to produce food while establishing an ecological balance to prevent soil fertility or pest problem. We also recognize the direct connection between our health and how the food we eat is produced. community also learn kitchen gardening as source of food security. What we grow in the farm are grafting mangoes, grafting orange,tc banana,cassava,paw paws,kales,tomatoes,beans. we uses vermiculture(worm farming),compost manure as our source of nutrients. We banned the use pesticide and insecticide because mode of action of these chemical are not specific to one species, they often kill or harm organisms other than pest.we advocate use of homemade organism pesticides eg neem product,pepper spray. we also have ecd school called SP Geddes ran by the same group. way forward: we are looking for development partners who are doing similar project to partner with as to alleviate this community from poverty,those who can provide training, financial support ang farm equipment.
Organic garden with bio-gas, solar, wind, borehole; free range pigs, cows, poultry, camels, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, wildlife. Big activity is making recycled glass, with workshop & gallery, but help is needed on the farm with animals & the garden, experimenting with different seeds, maintenance, etc. It is also a tourist facility with unique art guesthouses. Opposite Nairobi National Park. I am an individual with a large collective of staff.
Romain and Thomas
Kilifi County
Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers is a message of optimism, an experimental model of environmentally and socially conscious living nestled between the Giriama village of Fumbene and the beautiful emerald waters of Kilifi Creek. We would like to welcome woofers (2 maximum at a time maximum) on our 3 acre property where we host several Permaculture Design Courses per year (https://www.facebook.com/permaculturekenya). All year around we have volunteers helping out, progressively implementing more permaculture principles, one at a time! Below are a few links that you might find relevant. Website: http://kilifibackpackers.com/ Email: distantrelativeskilifi@gmail.com Tripadvisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g608436-d3386804-Reviews-Distant_Relatives_Ecolodge_Backpackers-Kilifi_Coast_Province.html Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Kilifi.Backpackers Twitter: https://twitter.com/KilifiEcoLodge Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/77318228
I am having a garden, in which are grown bananas, vegetables, paw paw, sweet potatoes and cassava. There is also a lemon tree, a guava tree and upcoming mango seedlings
Rusinga Island
I work in organic property called garden and an individual and we ran a nursery school.
We are Maasai community in Kenyan, the most marginalized community in Kenya which has been affected by cultural ties from the past.We are nomadic pastrolist and our life revolves around our large herds of cattle which we belief that all cattle belong to us (the maasai.We have started un organization to help orphans and to stop early marriage also educated Maasai in our community about farming, unfortunate by giving them hope and a future in life.We have reputation as fierce warriors and a community with a colorful lifestyle. Apart from charity work, Our volunteers will be able to tour the fast Maasai land with so many natural resources, wild animals and they will also be able to interact with the people and learn more about our culture including the Maasai worriers, attend meat camps and so many other interesting activities. Another work of the Volunteer in Our project please is that utilizing the rich cultural heritage, Also they will be involved in teaching the community on entrepreneurship, home based care for the sick, orphans and vulnerable children. They will also help cooking among other duties as they may want to engage into them. Volunteers can donate to any of our projects at their own will and interest We will provide special meals for our volunteers as well as Maasai traditional meals, healing herbs, wild fruits and so much more.The Organization will create events that benefit the entire community and especially the most in need and orphans.We need Volunteers which will help motivate the community in achieving their goals as well to provide the necessary knowledge. We also have Maasai music we promise that our volunteers will be happy and promise our visitor that it will be unforgettable moment and adventure for them they will go back to there countries and come again to Maasai land, in our organization, We also help in tours. We also have enough security hop our hosting will be the best of all.For the good surface we kindly ask you to pay 3$ par day us you stay with us. Welcome all we love you so so much.

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