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Southern Region
We are holy heart center for abused women and children Malawi. It is a non profit organization working and registered in Malawi. We are working in two districts Chikwawa and Blantyre, now we have a project called Kitchen Garden in Chikwawa where we want to empower girl child in farming because when they finish school some of them will be in the field of agriculture.Its good for us to train them now. So we want volunteers to come and help us.
Sunday and Andrew
I have been travelling in Amercia and in the UK where I discovered about organic farming and permaculture. So, I realized that Malawi was missing something important. This is why I decided to come back and start together with my friend Andrew, an organic farm. We started this project June 2015. So there is a lot of work, and all kind of help is most welcome! My goal is not to grow only my own vegetables, but also to share with the community the techniques and knowledge of organic farming and permaculture, so they can have more variety of food. Our farm is 2km from the center of Monkey Bay, near beautiful lake Malawi. It is 1 hectare big, we have already planted some vegetables and maize. we plan on planting a fruit orchard and more vegetables. We have a water well on the property which is very convenient. The accomodation is in the village, we have built a room with 2 beds for the volunteers, and plan to build more, camping is also possible. The house is 4 minutes walk only from the lake. You will discover the real village life of Malawi and the great sense of welcoming from the people. During your free time you can enjoy the clear water of the lake to swim, snorkel,or go fishing, take a trip to Cape McLear to enjoy beautiful sunsets, go hiking on the hills around the lake, watch bird,hippos, crocodiles... As everyone as his own point of view and ideas, everybody is welcome to share them with us!!!
Eastern Region
New farm. Chickens, fish, goats and cattle. Construction of animal shelters, chicken houses and fish canals starting in October 2013. Farm owned by me. Married with 3 sons, but wife will not work on the farm. I am 52, worked in management and now becoming a farmer and therefore looking for wwoofers to bring knowledge and experience.