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Younes and Hamid
Hello everybody! My name is Younes. I was a nomad with my parents and siblings moving from pasture to pasture in the vast desert, until we settled in the village of Tagounite. The knowledge of the Saharawi has been passed down to me. Attached to this harsh and alluring land, I would love to make your journey a haunting and magic experience. Should you come to Zagora or tagounite and plan to enter the Sahara I live in Tagounite, and my brother and I are rebuilding my family home and converting it to a rural rhiad where people can experience desert I am looking for volunteers who can help with general building, maintenence, gardening etc. The buildings, at the moment are dirt floor with basic traditional washing, toileting and cooking facilities. We sleep on mattresses under the stars. and a harsh environment, but it is also very beautiful and an adventure to be here.