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Pauline and Simohamed
sidi kawki
Salam atout les citoyens du monde amoureux de la vie et animé par l'esprit de la nature et les énergies du vaste cosmos au quel nous appartenons, sans oublier notre attachement a notre cherre terre car nous lui appartenons en fin du compte,,,, bref on parlera de ça a pré ,,,,, revenons a nos mouettes,,,, nous somme installé a « Sidi kawki » un paradis pour les fanes de sport de glisse  « surfing - kitesurf – planches a voile- bodyboard – sandboard - windsurf» Sidi Kawki se situ a 25 Klm d'Essouira et il est connue pour sa nature ensorcelante , nous sommes entrain de faire des jardins écologique et des plantations de légumes et de plantes aromatisantes (bio) . Nous prenons on garde vaux animaux domestiques ci vous avez des engagements qui vous empêche d’être tout le temps avec eux ici nous sommes une famille et chaque personne ayant envie de partager des bon moments sera un membre de la famille. Nous partageons tout , et vous aurez un lit pour dormir gratuitement , il suffit d’échanger nos savoirs et connaissances dans le monde de la nature, l'art, l'agriculture, le jardinage, la sculpture, les graffiti, les sports d’extrême, la musique et la culture alternatif, vous êtes la bienvenue chez vous
JE PEUX RECEVOIR A LA DERNIERE MINUTE! Je m'appelle Brahim.Je suis artiste et mon atelier est dans ma maison de jardin. Desolé je parle peu l'anglais, je parle Français, Arabe et Tamazight (Berbère). Je suis également herboriste et je serais heureux de vous faire bénéficier de mes soins avec des plantes cueillies dans le désert. Nous sommes une famille 100% Amazight, qui conserve ses traditions, mais nous sommes ouverts aux idées nouvelles et vos suggestions seront toujours les bienvenues. Vous pourrez apprendre beaucoup de notre culture, notre histoire et notre style de vie. Je vous montrerai avec plaisir des endroits étonnants dans le désert (j'ai été caravanier avant de me sédentariser à Tagounite) et des sites archéologiques (je m'intéresse aux pierres trouvées dans le désert). Nous avons besoin d'aide pour notre jardin, pour des petits travaux de construction et de maintenance générale. Si vous souhaitez nous aider en donnant 4 heures de votre temps, vous êtes les bienvenus.Vos jours de congé seront à discuter. Nous formerons une bonne équipe! Comme la majeure partie des Berbères, nous avons notre jardin comme seule source de revenus, vous comprendrez que nous demandions une petite participation. On vous servira 3 délicieux repas, traditionnels et sains en échange de 65 DRH/jour soit 6,50€. Nous sommes une famille paisible et harmonieuse avec une passion pour la nature, la culture, les arts, la musique, la méditation et la liberté. Soyez les bienvenus chez nous! I CAN HOST AT LAST MINUTE My name is Brahim. I am an artist with an atelier in my summerhouse. Sorry, I speak only very little English, but I speak French, Arabic and Tamazight (Berber). I also am a herborist and I would be very happy to give you the benefit of health care with plants coming from the desert. We are an original Berber family who keeps up their traditions, but we are open for new ideas. Your suggestions are always welcome. You can learn a lot about our culture, history, and lifestyle. I can show you amazing places in the desert (I had my own caravan before I came to live in Tagounite) and archaeological sites (I have a lot of stones I found in the desert, it's an other of my passions). We need help with gardening, construction works, roadworks, and general maintenance. If you like to help us daily with four hours of your time, you're most welcome. You're time off days are negotiable. We will be a good team! Like most Berber farmers we only have our garden, but no regular income. We have to ask you for a small fee for tasty and healthy local food of MAD 65/6,50 EUR per day. We are a very harmonic and peaceful family with a passion for nature, culture, arts, music, meditation and freedom. You're most welcome to our family!
Souss Massa
We have an ecolodge and have a permaculture designed garden around it. We have already welcomed permaculture volunteers. We would like to welcome Wwoofers to help with our garden.
Hello everyone! My name is Imad. I am Moroccan and passionate about farming and agriculture. I own a great piece of land in the natural surrounding not far from Zagora. I have the dream to turn this piece of land to a wonderful project. I wish that many volunteers from all around the world can make this a special and unique place. I wish that one day there will be next to cats, dogs, chicken, sheep and a camel, a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. The volunteers should have a place for an authentic experience, a place to find life lasting friendships. It shall be an environment with a happy atmosphere where people can work together and learn from each other.
Hello, this project include fruit trees, vegetables, herbes and forages for the animals. It is on a 40ha farm near Marrakech, and we are looking for good people to come help and also learn. We do bio fertilisation liquid and solid, natural treatements and we use companionship heavily in our planning, we try to be well productive to demonstrate that it can be done the right way. We have nice living quarters for visitors :) must speak english or french, willing to stay a week minimum
Abdellah and Hanan

We have farm and we need two woofers .
Welcome to the new farm. After 27 years in Paris I have come back in Morocco to take over my parents Farm. 20 min from the beach and the city, it's typically a Berbere town where we produce Argan Oil and other traditionnal Fruits. It will be nice to have some people for to share and learn, then feel welcome.
Younes and Hamid
Hello everybody! My name is Younes. I was a nomad with my parents and siblings moving from pasture to pasture in the vast desert, until we settled in the village of Tagounite. The knowledge of the Saharawi has been passed down to me. Attached to this harsh and alluring land, I would love to make your journey a haunting and magic experience. Should you come to Zagora or tagounite and plan to enter the Sahara I live in Tagounite, and my brother and I are rebuilding my family home and converting it to a rural rhiad where people can experience desert I am looking for volunteers who can help with general building, maintenence, gardening etc. The buildings, at the moment are dirt floor with basic traditional washing, toileting and cooking facilities. We sleep on mattresses under the stars. and a harsh environment, but it is also very beautiful and an adventure to be here.
Mohamed and محمد
Hi, my name is Mohamed. I'm 27 years old. Together with some family members, I have a watermelon farm. We also grow dates and have some camels for tourism use.The type of help depends on the season. December to June would be watermelon irrigation, seeding, harvesting, transport, other months are more animal care and other maintenance work...??? This Farm and garden is situated in the southern part of Morocco near the Sahara desert. this beautiful property for the past 5 years. The work here involves mainly of caring for the palm trees so they can produce the date fruits. After the harvested fruit season, dates are picked from the trees to be eaten and also sold locally. Occasionally there are also some animals on the farm like sheep, goats donkeys and camels. These animals graze in our own area. A short visit to the nearby desert is possible at times enabling us to revive our energy by resting in tranquility And even a ride on the camel in the early morning can also do the trick! Back at the farm the facilities include toilets,Internet, kitchen and bedrooms. Please feel free to contact us with any queries and any more info you might need..we're here to help you and gladly host you And also those days when the heat Welcome to the swimming pool
Brahim and Ahmed
Hello everyone, i'm Brahim a Berber guy who born in desert, after spending my childhood in desert my family decided to move to Mhamid el ghozlane, is a small villag 90km from zagora in southern of morocco, the gate away to Sahara desert and it's the last village before the desert. My goal here is that I'm start to rebuild my family's camp and I would like to host any volunteers from around the world.I would like to plant some plants and why not turn all the area green. The camp located about 2 km from the village and very close to the sand dunes. It is very quiet and nice places and during your stay I'm sure you will enjoy it, the good weather, the amazing sunrise & sunset and specially the sky at night with dozens of shooting stars. Marhaban/welcome
Redouane and Redouane
Hello,I am Redouane from Zagoura.I have free land never planted.I would like plant it with local vegetables and plants.I would share our traditional agriculture with the volunteers. I can provide food and hosts.thank you very much
Bennani Smires
Hi every body, I have a farm where my family is producing grapes in an industrial way. I'm very sensitive about organic and sustainable method of living. I would love to transform the farm into an organic farm where we can produice all kind of vegetable and fruit.. I want to make this world a better place for our children and I can't wait start learning about organic farming.
Bonjour,Je propose 2 places de woofer dans ma ferme au maroc àAzemmour. Agriculture et élevage biologique, construction en terre et paille,apiculture ... Bienvenu !
Linsey and Salah
We are a newly formed eco project based 10 kilometres from Assilah on a hilltop surrounded by Eucalyptus trees. We aim to create a sustainable tourist eco village to promote eco construction, local crafts and traditions in conjunction with the local community. Volunteers will help construct a variety of eco buildings using natural, locally sourced and recycled materials. We are looking for a mix of skilled and non skilled volunteers to work alongside ourselves and local craftsmen to build cob and adobe structures from July to November 2015.
Hello .I am Salah from the beautiful scented village of Kelaa M'Gouna which is famous for growing rose flowers.In fact each year we hold a Festival of Roses here and all products like soap, perfume rose water etc are on display. Here I live in a traditional mud house with my family and we have a garden, some sheep and chickens which I need a little help with. In their spare time one can enjoy checking out the village of Kelaa M'Gouna or explore the Toudra gorge canyon nearby. Beautiful place! Hope to see you in Kelaa and please ask any further information you may need to know . Salah your host..
Ismail and Samil
- My name is Hamid, 41 years old, I've a farm located 35 km from the door of the desert Ouarzazate; 30 km of an asphalt road and 5 km of piste. - I own this farm since 2009 - I've two wells, - I plant much different kind of trees (Olives almond etc), I plant also many kinds of vegetables (carrots, potato etc) - I have two big rooms, kitchen, shower and toilet). - I need help for building, to make a little hostel, and also to build a shed and cowshed. - I need also help to plant and to harvest. I need you to work 5 days a week, Saturday and Sunday are free. People from all nationalities are welcome. If you need any more information please don't hesitate to contact me.
Hassan and Brahim
I have a big garden and i need volunteers to help us for the farm work. thank you so much bonjour je suis Hassan ami le touareg de tagounite j'ai une ferme à 2km du village s'il y a des volontaires pour m'aider à faire repartir cette ferme et la faire revivre vous êtes les bienvenus o
Ahmed and Madlen
Zagora Marrakech
This Farm and garden is situated in the southern part of Morocco near the Sahara desert. Together with my wife and son we've been managing this beautiful property for the past 5 years. The work here involves mainly of caring for the palm trees so they can produce the date fruits. After the harvested fruit season, dates are picked from the trees to be eaten and also sold locally. Occasionally there are also some animals on the farm like sheep, goats donkeys and camels. These animals graze in our own area. A short visit to the nearby desert is possible at times enabling us to revive our energy by resting in tranquility And even a ride on the camel in the early morning can also do the trick! Back at the farm the facilities include toilets,Internet, kitchen and bedrooms. Please feel free to contact us with any queries and any more info you might need..we're here to help you and gladly host you..
I have a biological olive orchard of 30 ha of old endemic local varieties and a new extension. I have also a rural inn in which I'm trying to improve. My experience in sustainability and in recycling for a better life. I have a big project of creating a phyto filtration system from used watersand, a natural camp site for young and adults. I need some volunteers that I can accommodate in a house and exchange experiences and my territory.
Mark and Ayelen
Essaouira Province
ABOUT US: I am a 48-year old Scot and my wife, 39, is from Argentina. I am a jack-of-all-trades and have been many things in life, from soldier to TV presenter. I met my love in Ibiza where she had settled temporarily. We were both big travelers before meeting one another and still are, although there's less time for such things now we have two very young children, Gaia and Isaac. THE PROJECT: For some years now we've been building a house in the project area, just 15kms north of Essaouira on the Atlantic Coast. Originally it was being built as a tourist business. Now it is reborn as an eco-lodge and permaculture centre. It lies between Azrou Issa and Al Fayda, two small fishing and farming communities. Life is hard here and with less and less rain, and fewer fish in the ocean, it's getting harder. Many families have already left the land and gone to live in the town. There are almost 30 small families left, farming approx 100 hectares between them and grazing their goats, sheep and cows in the huge forest behind. The land does not produce enough and the forest is being overgrazed. The eco-lodge will not be finished for several more years but now sits at the heart of a project we have started with the locals It's a long term mission to regenerate the farmland and the forest behind using permaculture, holistically managed grazing, aqua-ponics and any other good ideas. The aim is to build a sustainable and profitable future for them, and us, and in so doing, to learn what works and what doesn't work in such an arid landscape before taking this knowledge to other places. To this end I have also started a UK based charity, the Fertile Roots Foundation, which will support, fund (where necessary) and guide this project, and others after it, towards economic and social sustainability. WHAT’S HAPPENING WHEN: RIGHT NOW (DECEMBER 2015 - APRIL 2016) WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS WITH SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE IN EITHER LIME PLASTERING, PLUMBING OR FILM EDITING. Please note that we do not take anyone under the age of 30 unless they have real experience or a specific skill that we have need of. THE WORK: Volunteers may find themselves working with Ayelen or me, alone with other volunteers, on their own, with the locals who speak nothing but Arabic or it may be everybody together in a big permablitz. ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers will be accommodated either in a 4m bell tent in the unfinished eco-lodge, in a bedroom or in the original farmhouse. Cooking and eating and relaxing will be in the house. It’s all very basic at the moment. Water is scarce so we wash in a bucket and the toilet is dry compost. The well water is good to drink. We are not vegetarian but different diets are not a problem. Volunteers will be expected to cook for themselves and help out with other housework. We provide food, a mattress and a pillow. We do not provide sheets, blankets, towels or ANY work clothes (gloves, etc). It can be quite cold if the wind is from the east so bring warm clothes, strong shoes and a 2-3 season sleeping bag. THE AREA: The beach is 800m away. Moulay Bouzergtoun, a small village and one of the best windsurfing spots in the world, is 4km away. Essaouira, the nearest town is 15kms along the beach (3 hrs walk) or an easy 15-minute walk up the hill and 30 min hitch hike along the coast road. It has a beautiful old medina and fishing port. It’s all quite touristy now but there is lots to do and see, music festivals, kite surfing, surfing and windsurfing, horse riding, etc . We buy our food at the fantastic weekend farmers’ market at Had’draa. Marrakech is 200kms away.
Hi, I have a 40 hectares (around 100 acres) organic olive orchards located 1 hour away from Marrakech. I have planted around 10.000 olive trees as well as a few hundreds other varietals (citrus, apricots, plums, peaches) and endemic species as well. Most of the trees are 4 years old and I planning on having my first crop this year. There a 3 cows and a few hens. I have already hosted wwoofers on the ranch and have been a volunteers myself. I have a house with 3 rooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living room where people can sleep, rest and enjoy the sunset. In the summer, it gets very hot and dry but the winters are cold (typical semi-arid continental climate). I would like to host people who are willing to work, share, easy going and pretty adaptable. It is a remote and quiet area, the closet town is Kelaa Sraghna where you have a grocery store but that's pretty much it as far as entertainment. But it is genuine and the people living on the ranch are nice. I would need help for the 2013 harvest and other work (pruning the suckers, weeding, mulching, composting etc...). If you are interested, please send me an email with your motivations. Thanks in advance.
Julian and Catherine
///ENG/// We have a 6.2ha land, 2km from Chefchaouen. We grow olive trees, flowers, vegetable and will plant fruit trees and we also have beehives. Only organic treatment are applied, we compost and lombricompost (vermicompost) and use several methods to grow. The farm is a part of a whole ecologic project we are developing. We also want to receive people interested in eco-construction. We provide accommodations in town of Chefchaouen. Arabic, english, french and spanish spoken. ///FR/// Nous exploitons 6.2ha à 2 km de Chefchaouen. Nous avons des oliviers, des fleurs, des légumes et allons planter des fruitiers, nous avons aussi des ruches. Traitements écologiques uniquement, compost et lombricompost, plusieurs méthodes de culture utilisées. La ferme fait partie d'un projet écologique complet que nous développons. Nous souhaitons aussi accueillir des éco-constructeurs. Nous hébergeons les woofers en ville de Chefchaouen. Arabe, anglais, français et espagnol parlés.
ouad el lille / safsaf
I am a start-up individual organic farmer, traveler and artist ... interested on self-sufficiency and green energy. No light and no water connection. A few goats, some chickens. Around 40 hectares. Open to green ideas. My wish is that became a community organic farm. 9km by walk from the road, 15 km from M'diq (Tetouan coast)..Like a book of children!
Nous sommes une ferme d’animation installée sur près d’un hectare et demi, récemment créée et ayant pour vocation de promouvoir la biodiversité et d’éduquer le public à l’environnement. Notre production est exclusivement issue de l'agriculture biologique et nous exploitons certains espaces en agroécologie. Nous proposons aux woofers, passionnés par l'écologie, de participer à la vie de la ferme et de nous accompagner dans la sensibilisation des élèves, enfants et adultes à la richesse de la biodiversité marocaine et à la nécessité de la préserver. Nous fournissons aux woofers l'hébergement et la restauration sur place. Pour des raisons de commodité nous réservons cette offre, dans un premier temps, aux personnes parlant français.
Valley du Draa
We have a beautiful big garden in the famous Draa valley where we grow many things including fruit and vegetables and we have palm trees too. It is situated in a small village called Dizerghat. The land is typically very dry, practically desert! If you come here to work in the garden you will learn about how to grow things in very arid land. You can meet many people from around the world, mainly Europeans and people from Morocco but also other nationalities. There is a small house where there could be potentially up to ten people, it will depend on the time of year; there is a lot to do in summer. Planting; irrigation; picking; weeding etc. If interested you could help look after camels a bit and other things! We are just joining WOOFING for the first time so well see how it goes! You just have to call me and we speak about the opportunities! you are very welcome!
Chihane and catherine
This is a 3 hectare biological farm, They work to get their food and provide baskets of fresh and organic vegetales and fruits to their subscribers. They were on the bio dynamics so far, they are now on permaculture way. Nous travaillons sur une ferme de 3 hectares. Nous cultivons des légumes et quelques fruits biologiques que nous livrons directement au domicile de notre clientele. Notre ferme est en grand changement vers la permaculture. There is an animal shelter near the house( chiken, duck, sheep.) The kitchen garden is always getting bigger. there is a pine and eucalyptus forest going by a stream.We have one swales, we have the list of trees going in (about 40 different fruit trees, about 5000 to be planted. we'll be building a couple of mud brick houses Nous avons des animaux pres de la maison. Une centaine de poules, une quinzaine de canards et leurs cannetons, 9 brebis. Nous cultivons toutes sortes de légumes et de fruits de saisons, sans produits phyto-sanitaires. Nous prévoyons planter environs 5000 arbres et avons deja planter une centaine depuis debut 2013. Nous aimerions faire de l'éco-construction de maisons-chambres pour éco-tourriste ou pour wwoofer. For wwoofers, We provide food and we have 2 rooms. We are expecting creative, motivated, resourceful ans easy going persons! Let us know if you do have a particular knowlage We do not respond to all the application, sorry!! To many appliances! Thanks to all of you for your interest in Le potager bio! Nous offrons la nourriture ainsi que 2 chambres. Nous attendons avec impatience toutes personnes créatives, motivées, débrouillarde et facile a vivre! Faites nous connaitre vos Connaissances. - Animaux - Arbres fruitiers - Culture marraichere - Eco-construction .
Description iIm from morocco i live with my familly in big house in Agadir we have big house with garden in our countrysid AND YOU CAN CLEAN THE HOUSE Irrigation THE GARDEN...with water and electricite TV ...and internet connection but you need to have pc in this area of our house there are not shop and transport its far about 4 KM thats you need to have car or motocycl but really its very calm and very relax you can have fun there visite same place there is no alot peaple so we are not living there i live far to my countrysid about 23 KM in village betwen agadit-tiznit in big magazinç ( shop)of construction and depot of brique and big farm so if you want you can help me in our shop to and depot of aglo and farm but you need to go back home countrysid or if you want you can sleep in our farm with ather Workers really there are many thank to do in my work alot of thing shoping cleaning or to give Goods to customers ... Area Agadir Type of work Teaching, Help with Computers / internet, Helping with Tourists, Help in the house, Farming, General Maintenance, Cooking / shopping, Building, Gardening Work I have big housefamilly in countryside with big garden and tv big room really if you want to volunteer with us in our housgarden to clean gaden maintenance...teach languge French or English Really I AM LOOKING FOR volunteer TO HELP US in country sid or our work for place of stay you will stay in countrysid or our farm with worker for food you can have food with us in the shop breakfast lunsh... Languages spoken english franch ARABIC Accommodation SEE THE PICTEUR OF HOUSECOUNTRYSID... What else ... Really in need of a person who is very active and intelegent he want to volunteer with us ...alot of thaing to do...don't hesitate to ask any question

Notre ferme se trouve sur la route de Marrakech a 15 km d'Essaouira. Nous produisont de l'huile d'argane. Nous travaillons avec la methode artisanale. Ont peux partager avec auex notre savoir faire, concassage et pressage de l'huile d'argane,la preparation de nos repas traditionel et notre vie en generale. Ont peut loger et nourire deux persone.

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