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David and Agnes
Currently we are growing 2 acres of organic crops, have 100 free-range chickens and 10 cows. I am writing on behalf of Precious Life Foundation, a community project that helps vulnerable women become self sufficient through mentorship and learning a trade. This includes agricultural farming which we do on an organic and permaculture basis. We have a biogas digester, a lodge that can sleep 12 volunteers and 2 new classrooms for the women of Precious Life. The goal that we are working towards is the acceptance and integration of permaculture and organic farming by the surrounding community in order to safeguard the environment and provide food security. Our growing initiatives also include door gardens,bio-intensive beds, organic composting and sack potatoes (a method that reduces inputs,saves plenty of water and provides larger outputs than conventional farming). We plan to extend to also include traditional herbs of the area. As this farm is a haven for young women that have often been abused, I personally believe that we can only accept female volunteers at the present moment. We work on a voluntary payment method of USD $0-$10 a day, pay as you see fit. Thank you
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