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Is WWOOF for you?

Are you interested in sustainable and organic methods of living?
Are you enthusiatic and motivated when it comes to learning about and working on projects that are environmentally friendly/sustainable.....?
Do you have a property where volunteers can come and stay and help with various sustainable and organic projects?

Then WWOOFing may be just the thing for you - please complete the form below.
Once you are a member you will be given access to the member network.
WWOOF is about giving as well as receiving. If you are simply looking for a free meal or helper then WWOOF may not be for you.

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Do you wish to join as a Host or Volunteer?

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If you are joining as a WWOOF Host:
Say what type of organic property you have (garden, orchard, cattle, dairy, cropping, self-sufficiency, etc). A description of the activities on your property and what projects you need help with. Say if you are a family, a couple or individal.
If you are joining as a Volunteer:
Say what kinds of experiences you are looking for and what strengths or skills you may have. Say what WWOOFing experiences you have had and what you have learnt.

I agree with the aims and rules of WWOOF and accept that WWOOF's function is limited to supplying the current property list and that WWOOF can not accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage. I understand that WWOOF can not provide help with visas and I am responsible for my own insurance.