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Hi ! My name is Christina, I'm 27 and I'm from Madagascar. Until now, I used to work in the development sector in various NGOs abroad and in my country but recently I've decided to create my own social company in my hometown, Nosy be Hell Ville, a small island in the North of Madagascar. Because I'm a climate change activist involved in many associations, a youth inclusion advocate and most of all a youth trainer, I've chosen to start a restaurant with a unique concept in the country, it is the first restaurant and camping in in Madagascar which : - proposes slow food and slow food cooking class with fair, organic and healthy products from our own vegetable garden - gives training and promotes organic farming. - provide the first upcycling center in the city - gives weekly Do it yourslelf /upcycling workshops - has its own library on sustanaible developement - organizes regular cultural and artistic activities for youth of Nosy be (known unfortunately as a sexual tourism destination in Africa, i'd like to change the image of my island and give more activities to youth there to develop themself and to empower them) - gives jobs and training to marginalized youth (we create furnitures and various objetcs from recycleds materials) - gives leadership training for young girls around sustanaible development - has its own Green school located in a remoted area of the island - works with most of the shools of the islands in order to provide environmental education Because I didn't want to depend on grants, I've chosen to be a social entrepreneur with impacts in my community. Fortunately, many believe in my project and have joined me as local volunteers You could join too and discover this wonderful island. We are a young team dedicated to youth and any experiences/capacities would be more than welcome.Many activities are possible, we are not limited and welcome any new ideas and activities :- To help/train marginalzed youth in organic farming - To give class and organise activities in our Green School - To achieve some green challenges with us (ex: create ourself a solar panel with cans, create a wind water pump, etc.) - To organise some Do it yourself/Upcycling workshops ...




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