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David and Millicent Owino

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Main Description:

We are a community based organization that started with my wife Millicent and myself Dave .we were born ,raised and currently living in Rusinga Island in Mbita District in West Kenya in the banks of Lake Victoria.These was purposely done to help improve nutrition and food security at house level we started by growing Vegetables ,planting fruit trees and trees .After a very impressive feedback from the initiative we decided to share some with the neighbors,friends and that is when the organization was born ,Now we are 6 people together seeking food security and sustainable agricultural methods in the Island .Besides we have Dave,s parents assisting in the farm activities that is planting and taking care of the plants ,Our direct inspiration is our kids (Steve 13,Stanley 9, and Fridah 3) whom we stay with.we noticed better nutrition issues was a challenge hence affecting the whole island .Since we are both teachers in community health and adult education we have been educating the community on better and sustainable health methods ,mainly people living with HIV/AIDS these we do in schools ,churches ,chiefs meetings these is done through talks ,discussion ,debates and motivations.with Yummy Project (from an acronym RICO- Rusinga Island Community organization )(Yummy Spanish ) .We want to involve the communities through schools ,churches and provincial administration to plant food in their in their gardens ,these will will provide them with enough to eat and surplus taken to the markets for more income.we intend to do these through improved techniques in planting,weeding,mulching,crop rotation system and better irrigation systems,these are done with no pesticides and chemical fertilizers.we currently have Bananas ,Kales Pawpaws,Moringa,Mangoes,ananas and others.we we want to motivate them to start going back to those days of good healthy food in their homes while using better ways ,new ecological and environmentally friendly techniques .Taking these to the homes through kids ,priests and chief talks.we thought its a good way of starting. So do you want to join us in these process ?Having people from around the world sharing there experiences of their own self and communities really inspires .organic farming around the world is not only new trend but something that will need to live with right now .Security in what we eat every day plus developing local economy is something that will change the future of the island .we invite woofers to also have a very interesting cultural experience with an opportunity to socialize and learn from the community rich cultural heritage .we welcome all.......KARIBU SANA

Children: 3


Area: Rusinga Island

Organic Food: Vegetables,Paw,paws,

Organic Principles: Vegatable growing,Local chicken,Fruit trees growing

General Information:

We will be willing to host in our house and provide a bedroom , we have 3 children .During the stay you will help in planting ,watering,mulching,and harvesting of fruits in the farm ,we will also provide him with an opportunity to meet the community socialize and interact the wwoofers will also have opportunity to swim ,bike,walk around and enjoy assorted African delicacies from our kitchen .we also organize trips to rich Game parks if need be: welcome all

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