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i am evance tamba of mfangano island. i am an organic farmer with a garden in the shore of lake Victoria in Mfangano Island.i do my farm in different crops that include vegetables and fruits.in my garden i also do fish farming in the pond.i mostly caltivat edible crops like fruits,bananas stem,greens,cere-als and roots tubers. In the island there is a tropical climate and unique geographical scenery that you can also enjoy at.i am with my children's all of the time in the farm being that i am a widower. i also give room to our volunteers to visit other areas [to see animals and caves]they also swim in L.Victoria play football,ran for physical fitness,attend community fanctions around. I can stay with anyone from(1) one day to (3)three and even more depending on the amount of work that you do.The available diets in the island includes fish vitamins,fruits proteins,carbohydrates e.t.c. i speak luo,suba, kiswahili and English languages. welcome in my garden we share in the fild of organic together.

Children: 2


Area: mfangano

Organic Food: all are availeble

Organic Principles: large scale farming

General Information:

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