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Fatoumata and Omar

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Fatou and Omar Kone Island of Sipo, Siné Saloum Senegal We are a Senegalese family, and live on the island of Sipo, located at the level of Toubacouta (20 km from Sokone) in Siné Saloum. For 22 years we have been cultivating a land of 3 hectares, land that Omar had cleared many years ago. This region is rich in natural resources (fish from delta waters, mangroves and oysters, fruit trees, etc.), which are not used in such a way that villagers can get out of poverty. We think it is possible to do better. For years we have grown mango, cashew nuts, peanuts, vegetables for our own needs, and a little honey. During the dry season (from September to May), we practice vegetable crops: salads, carrots, tomatoes, onions, beets, radishes, cabbages and leeks. The collection of cashew nuts is done from February to May. The winter crops during the rainy season (June to September) are peanuts, beans, bissap (hibiscus), peppers and chilies. We also make honey, and we must regularly renew hives. We would therefore have carpentry work for a person capable of making beehives. We would be happy to develop these cultures and exchange with wwoofers who would be interested in discovering and sharing another life, another culture: that of peasants in the Saloum delta. Those who would like to spend a few weeks with us can contact our friends Céline and Gilles, who hold bed and breakfast (Keur Niaye) in Toubacouta, opposite Sipo. They have a daily internet connection, while ours is weekly.




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