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Main Description:

The site of our farm is located inland, on the East Center of the Island, 35km to East coast, 35km to the Capital City of Port Louis and 45km to the Airport. After having worked in the Tourism Industry (Hotels and restaurants) for 35 years, we have decided to learn and experience Permaculture on our 17 Hectares land. Our 17 years old daughter is also living with us and goes to College in the nearby city of Moka. Mauritius is a Tropical Island. The Area where is located the Farm is rather humid and rain can be daily from January to September and weather is generally dry from September to January. Temperature is usually nice compare to the coast area and nights are very cool from May to October (14 to 20°C). We have started our plantations 1 year ago, mainly Pineapple, Bananas, Fruit trees and Vegetable. We wish to start now a large Spice Garden with the objective to produce Organic Essential oils on a small scale. We also have the project to create a small Retreat Center to welcome local and residents as well as people from abroad for Yoga, Meditation and Detox retreats, but also PDC (Permaculture Design Course) in a near future. We need additional hands and thoughts to help us design this Future and we are therefore looking for Wwoofers to bring us their energy and ideas and to share their and our experience. Wwofers will mainly help in the Fields and the Vegetable Garden, but also to create our Spice Garden. We are Vegetarians and also avoid usually all animal products (dairy, eggs). At this stage, the Wwoffers will live with us in our house where we have a room with private bathroom. We may in the future provide an independent small bungalow or tent. Wwoffers can bring their own tent if they prefer. We look forward to welcome Wwoofers in our Farm!

Children: 1

Persons: 3

Area: 15 acres

Organic Food:

Organic Principles: Permaculture

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