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Alex and Tichafa

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Main Description:

Set on a 2ha farm managed using permaculture. We also have a project implementing permaculture in local schools, through which we contribute to improving food security in the area. For more info see our website. Also see here: http://permaculture.org.au/2010/03/08/work-of-strawberry-fields-eco-lodge-begins-snowball-effect-for-entire-region/




Organic Food:

Organic Principles: Permaculture

General Information:

We are based in Konso, a small ethnic-homeland in the southern Ethiopian Rift Valley. The Konso people employ a unique mixed agriculture based on dry wall terracing. Today Konso suffers increasingly from food insecurity due to climate change. The UNDP’s Rapid Assessment Report: Konso Special Wereda, SNNPR (1999) states that; “since the 1950s, drought induced famines have hit Konso and the immediate area almost once every ten years.” “Konso was devastated by the droughts in 1973/74 and 1983/84”. In 2008/9 Konso was again suffering food shortage due to drought. Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge (SFEL) [www.permalodge.org] is an ethical investment (registered under Ethiopian business license no: EIA-0L /2358/08), established in Konso, between Aug 2007 and Dec 2008. SFEL integrates an Eco-Lodge and organic restaurant, a model Permaculture farm and gardens, a Permaculture design training facility, and runs a program of trekking and community based cultural activities in Konso. SFEL’s project objectives are to promote alternative livelihoods for the Konso community through facilitating community inclusion in tourism activities, and to promote food security locally and more widely in Ethiopia, through offering training and consultancy services in Permaculture to local stake-holders.

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