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Noor and Ally

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Ferme d'Antan Ltee a newly setup family farm aiming to raise chicks , ducks , turkeys & cattle organically including cultivation of fodders & vegetables. Our aim is self-sufficiency in food & energy & if things work well we wish to extend our property and set up an Eco Village. As "start-up" everything need to be done and we are looking for technical help from wwoofers worldwide in following project : Permaculture Pond , Aquaponic , Organic Poultry Rearing , Renewable Energy , Waste Water Management that can help for the setting up of the farm. We are looking for advises , experiences & know-how .Language is not a barrier though we speak mainly French , Creole & English but also German , Italian , Croatian , Urdu & Hindi is not a problem.Our cuisine is like our people a mixed of Chinese , Indian , European & African. Accomodation at start will be at our place in the mean time the farm is fully set up to received guests adequately. Please do contact us and share your know-how with us ....




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