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ONG and Serigne Babacar

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Main Description:

--- IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are currently NOT HOSTING volunteers!!! We are still open for exchange and hope to be able to host again soon.--- Description: We are a « Baye Fall » Sufi-Community, located in a village in the Sahel region, 120km east of Dakar. We cultivate organic vegetables during the dry season on about one and a half hectares, using drip irrigation, composting, mulching, intercropping, plant-based organic insecticide treatments and more. We are aspiring to a permacultural concept of a multi-functional Sahel-oasis, including fruit trees, medicinal plants, plants for natural dyes and oil plants for the production of soaps, etc. We consider our garden mainly as an experimentation, practical research and educational project, with the long-term goal of self-sufficiency and an additional source of income for the community. Livestock is also held in the community, such as cows, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, poultry, camels and peacocks. The organic cotton grown in the village is transformed in the local crafts-workshops into cushions and scarves.

Children: a lot:-)

Persons: 100


Organic Food: partly

Organic Principles: organic farming, intercropping, composting, local production of an alternative bio-combustible, ect.

General Information:

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