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Habiba Organic Farm is bringing new ideas and innovative collaboration to Egypt’s Sinai communities by combining positive forces in agriculture, education, and tourism. Already in Nuweiba, South Sinai, Habiba has introduced pioneering sustainable farming techniques and organized cooperatives of farmers in the area looking for new opportunities. All the while, Habiba has cultivated cross-cultural interactions that have helped redefine South Sinai as a hub for Agri-tourism. The challenge today is scaling those successes to the wider Sinai community. Founded in 2007 by Maged El Said, Habiba Organic Farm was from the start a social experiment. The first of its kind farm – affiliated with the nearby Habiba Beach lodge - was to serve multiple goals: act as a hub for tourists and volunteers from around the world looking to get hands-on experience in the sustainable food movement, serve as a showcase for the amazing potential of organic farming even in tough desert conditions, and to function as a community hub to bring the coastal Egyptian tourist communities closer to the local Bedouin citizens of Nuweiba. The Habiba experiment has been a resounding success. Highlights of the project include:  Bringing hundreds of volunteers from all over the world to work in the farm and participate in expanding sustainable agriculture in the Nuweiba community. Habiba has served as an important portal for cultural interactions between Westerners and Bedouins in a community where tourism has built walls of separation instead of opportunities for collaboration.  Expanding agricultural opportunities for dozens of local families. Habiba’s intention has always been to spread the potential for sustainable agriculture to a community seeking new economic possibilities, Agribusiness Though farming had never been a staple of modern Nuweiba history, the success of Habiba has inspired many families in Nuweiba and beyond, throughout all parts of South Sinai, to start farms and bring a sustainable income in times of need. Habiba has served as a learning center for people interested in learning all aspects of sustainable agriculture and to share labor, seeds, and other resources.  The foundation of the Sinai Palm Date Foundation. Maged El Said has a vision to plant thousands of productive Medjool date palm trees across Nuweiba and the rest of Sinai. Currently, the trial has been successful with delicious dates being grown and sold in local farmers markets in the region – proving to people that date farming can become a valuable resource to the community.  A hub for scientific research. Habiba has forged partnerships with NGOs, universities, and scientific organizations in Sinai and across Egypt with the goal of promoting better collaboration in desert farming. A successful partnership with Egypt’s Desert Research Center has brought important tools to the local community such as free seed distribution efforts, technical workshops on details of sustainable farming available to all members of the Sinai community, as well as active university involvement in managing new experiments to continue the growth of better agricultural techniques in the Sinai




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