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Main Description:

I am a farmer doing Dynamic Bio-organic farming on row crops, macadamia nuts, cattle, Jatropha and cassava. I multiply soil micro-organisms for use together with organic material incorporated in the soil to form Humus and make some compost for crops that do not grow on Humus. Where manure is available, that too gets incorporated 600mm to prevent weeds taking over.

Children: 0

Persons: 10

Area: 5 ha

Organic Food: maize, vegetables,

Organic Principles: Dynamic Bio-organic cropping

General Information:

Incorporating Bio matter and Micro-organisms into the soil produce humus. Leaving organic material on the soil surface produce compost. So addition of manure or compost in the top soil encourage weed growth. By producing humus in the top soil discourage weed growth and therefore reduce labor costs. Ripping in compost or manure to the depth of 600mm prevent weeds from growing. Weeds do not grow on a natural fertile soil that contains Humus. So, in practice i do bio-organic farming in the top soil and organic farming in the sub-soil. For crops that do not grow with humus i still make compost.

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