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We have a beautiful big garden in the famous Draa valley where we grow many things including fruit and vegetables and we have palm trees too. It is situated in a small village called Dizerghat. The land is typically very dry, practically desert! If you come here to work in the garden you will learn about how to grow things in very arid land. You can meet many people from around the world, mainly Europeans and people from Morocco but also other nationalities. There is a small house where there could be potentially up to ten people, it will depend on the time of year; there is a lot to do in summer. Planting; irrigation; picking; weeding etc. If interested you could help look after camels a bit and other things! We are just joining WOOFING for the first time so well see how it goes! You just have to call me and we speak about the opportunities! you are very welcome!




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Unfortunately we do not have internet but you could come back to our hotel in Zagora to use it for free though it would be better if you have your own laptop. You can get most things you need in nearest town but there are not buses to Zagora but we have a motorbike and car or you could use a bicycle; just be prepared because it can get very hot, this is almost Sahara! you would have your own bedroom and 3 meals a day, tasty Moroccan style =) I am happy to host you and I want more people to experience this life and share it because I enjoy spend time with new people; I'm working in tourism for ten years now and I like learn new languages, my English is improving and I speak a little bit Spanish; I speak French, Arabic, Berber etc!

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