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Max and Heidi

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Welcome to our family of likeminded! We run 15.5 acre re-claimed desert land where we grow mostly Moringa (Stenopetala & Oleifera) but we also have neem, olives, date palm and few other fruit trees. We keep fish, goats, sheep and chicken. Our farm is located approx 1 hour drive from Giza, Greater Cairo, Egypt. The accommodation is extremely basic. We used solar power until lately, but are connected to the grid now. There is also running water, but limited. Local food is made by the resident workers, it is vegetarian and occasionally there is meat or chicken. Volunteers must be able to cook for their own, if they find the local food not up to their taste. There is a fridge but no hot water. We dry and crush the moringa at the farm. The grinding process for leaf powder is still located in town. We use drip irrigation, which needs intensive verification. Our fertilizer is self made compost and we use organic pesticides. Our next steps are to improve and optimize our processes and establish a curriculum for a training of farmers to pass on the knowledge. Please join us if you already are experienced in organic farming so we can exchange experiences. Work is hard, but we enjoy our results and would like to share. Thank you.



Area: desert

Organic Food:

Organic Principles: permaculture (starters): watersaving, renewable energies, recycling,

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