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Ismail and Samil

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Main Description:



Area: mhamid

Organic Food:

Organic Principles: Permaculture designed farm, no artificial chemicals used.

General Information:

Hello has all the world and any percent them when cent sign on it knows we love someday or the shady world this views keel that offers not I m called ismail or southern Morocco or dessert I work in tourism as organizer has a cessation I organizes dais travel in distributed dessert a 1 day up to 15 day camel and on my great dream know shovel for everyone j ais a farm or mud dessert I tavelle on this Jet CA pro do 45 klm away from my village its also and litis gave up and then 35 or tow dessert CA man silent well the bio surette agriculture and I a great part of this farm for plants medicine ball know my dream to make a large medicine ball garden and thank you know want could do help for information on the medicine ball plant or the year fire bio agruculture

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