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Main Description:

We are Maasai community in Kenyan, the most marginalized community in Kenya which has been affected by cultural ties from the past.We are nomadic pastrolist and our life revolves around our large herds of cattle which we belief that all cattle belong to us (the maasai.We have started un organization to help orphans and to stop early marriage also educated Maasai in our community about farming, unfortunate by giving them hope and a future in life.We have reputation as fierce warriors and a community with a colorful lifestyle. Apart from charity work, Our volunteers will be able to tour the fast Maasai land with so many natural resources, wild animals and they will also be able to interact with the people and learn more about our culture including the Maasai worriers, attend meat camps and so many other interesting activities. Another work of the Volunteer in Our project please is that utilizing the rich cultural heritage, Also they will be involved in teaching the community on entrepreneurship, home based care for the sick, orphans and vulnerable children. They will also help cooking among other duties as they may want to engage into them. Volunteers can donate to any of our projects at their own will and interest We will provide special meals for our volunteers as well as Maasai traditional meals, healing herbs, wild fruits and so much more.The Organization will create events that benefit the entire community and especially the most in need and orphans.We need Volunteers which will help motivate the community in achieving their goals as well to provide the necessary knowledge. We also have Maasai music we promise that our volunteers will be happy and promise our visitor that it will be unforgettable moment and adventure for them they will go back to there countries and come again to Maasai land, in our organization, We also help in tours. We also have enough security hop our hosting will be the best of all.For the good surface we kindly ask you to pay 3$ par day us you stay with us. Welcome all we love you so so much.



Area: Mosiro

Organic Food: Meat ,healing herbs

Organic Principles: Cattel /farm

General Information:

We are nomadic pastoralists and our life revolves around our large herds of cattle which we belief that all cattle belong to us (the Maasai)we also have vast lands which are idle and would love to make use of our animal waste in organic farming so as to provide food to the community at large. We believe together we can achieve the best and empower our people. Regards.

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