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Axel and Laro

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My Guinean friend Laro and I have started a fruit plantation in BOFFA on his familys land of 8 hectar! It is where his father, who died 13 years ago, used to grow food for the family of 11 children (9 alive). Noone has touched the land, apart from the people burning down the bush to steal the charbon, since his father worked here with his sons and daughters. The soil is rich and dark! Started in may 2014, we are giving our all to recreate this land into paradise, which was meant to be on earth! Our intention is to nourish the land and plant a multitude of tropical fruit trees and plants. So far we got a hold on Coconut palms, jackfruit, mango, guava, carambol and cashew. We have planted 4 dfferent kinds of bananas, a lot of maniok, some sweet potato and papaya is on the way! When august comes, the rainiest month in the region, orange trees will be planted too! A traditional BAGE has been set in place. Our shelter when the sun is hot, when it is pouring down and during night time! We are spending almost all our time on the land working, dancing or listening to the frogs and toads birds and crickets surrouding us. We have also built a water storage tank round in shape. It will collect rain water during the rainy months and will make it possible to water the trees during the dry season; it can store 30000 liters of water! Turtles will be kept too clean the water LETS RECREATE PARADISE!!! Welcome to help us here in Guinea!




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