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The project is called Sao Antonio Coconut School or SACS for short. It is a project being executed by a small private conservation organisation in partnership with a local NGO. It is located on a 350ha plantation about a kilometre away from the beach in Nova Sofala, Sofala, Mozambique. On site we have: Nurseries - indigenous trees, medicinal plants, vegetables and other consumables, palm tree seedlings, nitrogen fixing trees. Oil Factories - One raw oil factory situated in the mission, and one virgin coconut oil factory currently under construction. Carpentry and Saw-mill - A constantly growing crafts, carpentry and wood production area including with plenty of work-space as well as heavy and light machinery. Agriculture - Over 3 hectares of agroforestry in areas around the project centre, not to mention programs to expand agroforestry throughout the plantation along with the replantation of palm tree seedlings. We are always looking for hard-working and enthusiastic volunteers to help us drive along all of our activities on the plantation. This usually includes construction work, landscaping, nursery management, production of furniture and building materials and installation of a never ending amount of facilities. Accommodation on site is very simple but comfortable, we have a general camp area where we all stay in tents, it has an outdoor drop loo and an area where you can take a bucket shower. All meals will be provided as will a tent and sleeping gear. For more information and details please be in contact.




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