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Claire and Justin

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We are WWOOFers ourselves who finally have the opportunity to host at our farm. Our time spent WWOOfing here in Zambia as well as a year in Latin America were many of the experiences which have shaped our world view and consciousness. We have recently started work on our home and small farm in Northern Zambia. Currently we are building a home out of mostly locally available materials (mud and grass), and taming (but not too much!) the area surrounding it. Our property is right on Lukupa river. Once construction of the house is complete, we have ambitions for organic gardening and experimentation with compost and green manure. Bananas, Millet, and Sorghum abound. Chickens, turkeys, and more. Most importantly, we invite people who are interested in helping us and are also interesting in interacting with the neighbors in the rural Zambian village which hosts us. Culture and sustainability are our priorities and we would love to learn from and share with you! Currently, until we get the garden going (after this coming rainy season) we ask that WWOOFers be willing to stay for at least two weeks, and have an open mind about possibly contributing towards the costs or purchasing of food.




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