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Borana-Kabati is a 100 acre Organic farm that is part of the 32,000 acre family owned and operated Borana Conservancy. The farm is nestled between Borana to the west and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to the east on the side of the Ngare Ndare River just North of the Equator. We are in the process of transitioning the land from a heavily cultivated herb farm into a more bio-diverse and ecologically balanced permaculture system. The target is to produce enough fruit and vegetables to feed the 300+ people employed by the ranch, lodges and the conservancy. Produce enough fodder to be able to finish our grass fed beef and see them through the long dry seasons. We are also in the process of designing and preparing to build a small eco-trainimg and permaculture school. At the moment we are looking for anyone with experience in natural building methods and establishment of dry land permacuture systems.




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