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We want to create a demonstration center a model of peace to reinstall the communities dream of nature and hospitality for the community. To escape extreme poverty by returning to permculture basics and share abundance in mix culture without war among themselves. We want to build a seminar hall to offer follow up work shops to the poor,youths,children and women especially . Having access to clean water ,renewable energy . We are a community based organization staying as a family




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The SHARE (Sustainable Housing and Agriculture Reaching Everyone) Peace Project is a permaculture education center and farm located in Matisi village in Kitale, Kenya. Our mission is to educate and empower rural Africans to escape extreme poverty and improve quality-of-life by providing them with permaculture-based knowledge, training and skills. We work with people of the 42 tribes of Kenya - especially women, youth and children - in permaculture sustainability, design and development. The organization also offers additional services to the community, free-of-charge, which include value-added product-making workshops, cultural exchange activities, drug abuse prevention and women's rights/equal opportunity programs. The SHARE Peace Project was founded by Yongo Otieno Wycliffe, a native of the Luo Tribe of Lake Victoria region of Kenya. Throughout his life, Yongo was actively involved in farm projects in his community. His passion for planting seeds in the Earth as well as in the hearts and minds of others caught the attention of a friend visiting from the United States. His friend was so impressed by Yongo's passion and potential that he introduced him to permaculture and sent him to the Permaculture Institute of Kenya where he completed training in Permaculture Design. Yongo's hard work and leadership has inspired the growth of the SHARE Peace Project within the past year, which now has a board of ten members and the involvement of many volunteers within the community. Also, this project is gaining an online following by fellow permaculturalists on social media, where Yongo shares his vision, permaculture education tips and photos of SHARE Peace Project with the world. Currently, SHARE Peace Project is completing on the construction of a new guest house and will begin work on a seminar hall. Other priorities are to expand the farm by planting additional crops and fruit trees, as well as to provide education and services to the community in starting and maintaining farms to create lasting sustainable changes and abundance producing industry to the region.

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