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Michael and Reagan

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Main Description:

Evergreen Plains Farm is an Organic Permaculture Farm in Kenya. We were established in January 2014 and after a lot of hardwork we are already seeing the massive improvements in the local environment. Our new farm has fruits, vegetables, honey, dairy goats & cows, wood products, free range chickens, herbs, oils & much more. We look forward to sharing more of our adventure into living sustainably, and hope you can come and visit us in Kenya. Evergreen Plains farm is a family run demonstration farm, founded by Mike Hawthorne, Reagan Shombe, Jemimah Nyakongo and Clinton Owuor. Evergreen Plains Farm is committed to demonstrating and teaching Permaculture Farming. We collaborate with local farmers, organizations, and volunteers to create and share knowledge about designing and building farm sites that sustain themselves and the farmers. Our ultimate goal is to develop our farm until it meets all the needs of its inhabitants, including food, shelter, fuel, entertainment, and disseminate the knowledge we have gained through our programs.




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From the moment you arrive and see the farm animals peacefully grazing in the paddocks and the sunflowers blooming in the fields, you will know that Evergreen Plains Farm is a very special place. The skills, knowledge and experience of our team is our greatest asset. With outstanding professionalism, dedication, passion and a friendly smile, they go above and beyond every day to create the very special Evergreen Plains Farm experience. Our philosophy is that the team who plays together stays together. We work hard, have lots of fun, respect one another's skills and experience and feel privileged to work in such a magnificent place. Growing up in rural Kenya lead them to study Permaculture, Community Health, Natural Medicine, Community Development and Business among many others disciplines and during this time they learned how fragile the world's ecosystems are. They understood not only the importance of caring for ecosystems but also the imperative for inspiring and engaging others in conservation. Together they founded Evergreen Plains Farm, a family run demonstration farm which reconnects and re-engages people with the natural world, increasing understanding through sustainable organic farming, restoring eco systems and caring for native Flora and Fauna. Through Evergreen Plains Farm they invite us all to be a part of this special place.

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