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David and Gabriel

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Main Description:

I am a humanist organic farmer focused in promoting humanitarian and environmental awareness to the people of the community who have actually not realized the daily arising health dynamics.We have an empowering center for the WOMEN OF LAKE VICTORIA, WHERE there talents are restored and put to productivity and they are also taught how to live a positive life despite the socio-economic segregations thatbefalls them in the community.We ALSO EMPOWER children from elementary schools to secondary schools by providing for them guidance and councelling,formal learning facilities amongst others which also cuts across the two groups . I rear manageable number of cattle and also an excellent cultivator of edible crop varieties like fruits,greens,cereals,bananas stem and root tubers in my farm which is in touch with the fresh water of L. Victoria.I love the tropical climate of the Island since it is very favorable to agriculture.I am also very concerned with the environment conservation both water,land and air, since life is greatly attached to environment status.So who ever feels would have an idea to improve our environment kindly give yourself for what it takes and nothing can defeat our effort.I highly welcome WWOOFers to come so that we can share organic experience as you also enjoy the tropical Climate, unique geographical scenery and cross cultural values of our people.Your experience and idea is very vital to my WWOOF project. Welcome to Mfangano Island full of love and peace.Am an Individual living with my mum and three other siblings in our home.It is blessing for us to host WWOOF Volunteers.I speak English,Swahili,Luo and Suba.I will provide WWOOFers with good accommodation and I would love to at least have WWOOFers for 3 and more days.Diet will constitute mostly organic products.Feel most welcome to secure Island.I established this farm to help support innocent Orphans whose parents were swept by devastating HIV/AIDS, who have remained living a very discouraging and vulnerable life since they lack basic human needs like education, food,health care and clothing.On the same there are also several widows both aged and many of whom are affected and infected by the pandemic sieges,they are very poor and as a result I have extended my hand to bless them with the products but now the number is too large than resources.I therefore need to expand the project if I can get water pump ,pipes and a water storage tank.For any well sympathetic individual your support towards empowering these vulnerable persons will be highly appreciated and is a reward to you.Your WWOOFing support is highly appreciated by us.I have enjoyed and loved hosting dear volunteers so much since I have learnt a lot.Welcome.

Children: 0

Persons: 4

Area: mfangano island

Organic Food: fruits,cerals,greens

Organic Principles: Permaculture and natutal farming practices on land

General Information:

I am the first born in a family of 4 siblings.I am equipped with knowledge in agriculture since I learned much of it in High School and also my family members loves organic agriculture.Am very happy that WWOOF is propagating and championing for organic farming which I do love and practice.I would love WWOOFers to just come so that we can share manual experience and work together where and when necessary for a reasonable time that ones capacity and ability can reach.Together as WWOOFers we can initiate a running project in any of the challenging fields of need as mentioned in the description 1 that can develop the community and be an empowerment item to the community so that WWOOF can be highly adoptable and recommended organization.Concerning travelling to mfangano, I will guide you once you have contacted me.

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