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Joshua and Terry

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Main Description:

Mugunga Organic Farm is a one acre family farm doing both fruits and vegetable farming. It is located in Mfangano Island on Lake Victoria. The farm is affiliated to Organic Health Response farm which is in the same locality. Mugunga Organic Farm is managed as a family enterprise for both income and food. In the near future the farm will dig two ponds for organic fish farming. We are open to visitors who can stay with our family at the nearby family home for a minimum period of one week and a maximum period of three months. We seek to share what we do and to learn from the knowledge and experience of our visitors.

Children: 5


Area: 1.05 acre

Organic Food: Fruits, Vegetable,

Organic Principles: Mixed Crop farming, permaculture, value addition .

General Information:

My name is Joshua T Oraga. I am the day to day manager of Mugunga Organic Farm. I am married with five children who are in various stages of school and live with the family a few metres from the farm. I am also the country representative and coordinator of IDEA program in Kenya. (see www.idealeprosydignity.org for more information about IDEA program). Our family has in the past played host to individuals from Ghana and USA. We live in an exciting place on Lake Victoria, the world freshest lake and our WWWOOfers can spend their time boating, hiking the steep Mfangano mountain, visiting the small islands around the bigger island or traveling to Rhuma National Park which is on the mainland and renown for roan antelopes.

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