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Main Description:

I find it with great pleasure to be hosting volunteers from overseas into my farm in Mfangano Island of lake Victoria of Kenya.Ever getting hands dirty in planting,transplanting,caring for the crops and harvesting has not been a problem to dear volunteer visitors.We share diversified experiences which has enabled us to get more perfect both in handling farm animals and crops.Through the good social atmosphere we have had ,indeed we have highly gained knowledge in preparing foreign foodstuff from our volunteers who have interest in preparing food and they have also learned a lot in preparing our local food like chapati,bread among others and some other house chore duties.We have good time to interact with nature e.g magnificent land scapes,bird and Chicky monkey watch,boat riding,hiking,listening to interpreted cultural history,beach resort rest and visiting ancient rock arts of our community in the caves among others.We welcome all who would love to come and lend hand in our farm as we provide good accommodation and we share our proper meals together on the table as a family.Our place has electricity and Wifi.N:B We have identified 15 orphans of which 7 are boys and 8 are girls who lost both parents and we would love to cooperate with dear one who would feel to donate or support any of the young orphans to get educated.They live with poor relatives who care less about their social welfare like proper education and health.For dear ones who are touched to support it is only $30 per year as school fee for a child or with anything like school uniform,study material..you can contact us at Humanitarianherat@gmail.com.Thanks Welcome to our farm

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Area: Mfangano

Organic Food: very abundant

Organic Principles: permaculture

General Information:

Mfangano Island is the biggest Kenyan inland waters Island with altitude ranging upto over 1000 metres above sea lelel.She is accessed by Ferry,speed boats,sailing boats,plane and timbered engine boats from the main land.The nature is endowed by several beautiful sceneries influencing human thoughts and activities.Mfangano people are cross cultural practitioners and are very friendly.Mfangano is one of the unique islands with several socioeconomic challenges enabling her to accommodate several developmental projects, Both environmental and human care.Feel welcome to share with people of Mfangano.The Suba Community

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