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Agatha Amani House is a grass roots initiative and women's shelter in Kenya, East Africa for victims of sexual and domestic violence and is the first of its kind in the country. Many defenseless women are beaten or sexually abused, separated from their children and literally kicked out on the streets. It has only been in very recent years that gender desks have been established at police stations around the country. But even with that first step towards helping these women and their children, the reality is that it will take years for women and girls to realize their rights and safety under the law. Therefore we are committed to providing help for our sisters in Kenya who desperately need our help. And we are asking you to join with us in this critical initiative. Services include but are not limited to safe shelter, counseling, advocacy, education and transitional assistance through placement, vocational guidance and training. The shelter is located in the beautiful scenic Rift Valley near lake Naivasha (the only fresh water lake in the Rift Valley) and not too far from the Maasai's. Community visits will be great experiences! We are looking for short term and long term volunteers with both basic or advanced skills. Skills such as project coordination and management, farming skills(both animal and plants), handyman-ship, cooking/culinary skills,Nutrition, House keeping, health and hygiene, education including teaching English, marketing,computers, social media, blogging, social work, counseling, community outreach and mobilization, advocacy, fundraising and having fun. We are a new shelter that is now open, operating, has residents and a working farm. The farm uses Biogas, solar power, rainwater collection,drip irrigation, cows, goats,chicken, rabbits, verticle gardening and compositing. We need help with the transition to and implementation of permaculture and organic farming which we have somewhat started. We even have plans for hydroponics and aquaculture. All this programs and activities will assist the residents and the house towards becoming self-sustaining. This is a great opportunity for a person to learn and make a difference while receiving a great cultural experience.Plus a safari can be an added treat for those that can afford it. Come help us serve and grow. We are now ready to establish our farm as an organic and hydroponic farm. We are also looking for a single person or couple seeking a long term stay in Kenya where you can contribute your passion for growing food through a community-based nonprofit. Someone with some knowledge of organic farming, hydroponics or permaculture design principles. FB https://web.facebook.com/AgathaAmaniHouseInitiatives?fref=ts




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Planning visiting Kenya? As you may know, it is a beautiful county with beautiful people and lots of sun. Naivasha is also a popular destination spot. We are Agatha Amani House and we are also in the process of initiating a new organization introducing mental health and life coaching, Empowering Minds International (http://www.empoweringmindsinternational.org/) and would really use some help. We also partner with nearby schools and have started programs through K2K (http://www.kansas2kenya.com/video/). We would really love your help. Men would have to stay at our personal home since it would be odd staying at a woman's shelter,but we are needing all sorts of help. It is beautiful and the experience of working with this organizations would be very rewarding. Thanks, Nyakio.

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