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Nabulu means growth in Maasai language and is the name of this Maasai family owned ecological farm and Bed and Breakfast. Nabulu is also the homesite for the nonprofit organization called Naramat, a community based organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Maasai living in that community. Naramat has been active on issues like female genital mutilation in the Maasai community as well as ecological farming for prosperity and food security in the Maasai community. Nabulu farm and Bed and Breakfast is a 7 acre property with dairy cows and two vegetable gardens. Milk, kale, sugarcane, bananas as well as other local greens are grown on the farm. There are two large rainwater harvesting tanks that provide the majority of water for drinking and household needs. Wwoofers stay in a shared bedroom with one of the daughters in a western style home. There is a bed. There are pit toilets and a shower. The family is modern maasai and more than happy to share stories and knowledge of their culture as well as expose you to the local Maasai community through the local church and their friends. Interns wake up with the family at 6:30 and can learn to make Kenyan chai and to cook on a wood fired stove or manoever a donkey to fetch water as well as sweeping and other household tasks like getting firewood and landscape maintenance. Help with meal preparation and clean up is expected. After lunch, interns can take a shower and have a rest until 5:30 when they can help with dinner prep. Once a week the natural mud structures need to be smeared with mud and is a great task for interns to learn about the local natural building techniques. There is a mother and father, daughter, grandchild and dairy cow worker on the property most of the time. Sometimes the other children come home and make a fun experience on the farm. Developping their land ecologically and sustainably has made this farm a beautiful example of locally grown ecotourism. The farm is located on the edge of Maasailand in the rural village of Meguara. Wwoofers enjoy the serene and beautiful setting that guests enjoy as well as typical Kenyan and Maasai meals prepared on a traditional wood fired stove. The majority of meat, fish, milk, greens and avocadoes are grown on the property. With its very own fish ponds, dairy cows, and vegetable gardens, Nabulu is becoming one of Maasailand’s most ecologically developed indigenous farms.




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