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Main Description:

FOOD GENERATOR is a family owned garden almost 200 metres from the Lake Victoria's shore of Mfangano Island.The garden is enriched with fertile alluvial deposit transported from upland hence the natural soil fertility support a variety of healthy edible food crops which we consume and the excess are cheaply sold to the community around.The farm characteristics has been a helpful study area for agricultural field research for many secondary schools learners from around the Island.As a family we teach volunteers on organic farming practices and we welcome lovers of environment to come so that we restore our environment and at the same time learn the mission together.For any concern, feel free to ask us and we will sincerely respond.WELCOME

Children: 3

Persons: 2

Area: rambs

Organic Food: cereals and veges

Organic Principles: permaculture

General Information:

we provide accommodation and other essentials.

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