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Main Description:

Ogege Organic Farm was started in the Year 2011. It is located in Wakinga Village, Mfangano Island which has a local HIV/AIDS prevalence estimated over 30% and high unemployment levels among the youths. The farm is approximately 1.5 Hectares. It accommodates all varieties of crops such as vegetables, beans, cassava, potatoes, yams, water melons, pawpaw, and pumpkins among others due to its high productivity. The main objective of the farm is to raise the living standards of the youths as well as physically challenged persons in the rural community through provision of financial and social support. This has been achieved partially by giving financial assistance to orphans who are unable to proceed with their studies from the little income the project generates after selling the produce. It is only through access to quality education that the farm can eradicate the alarming poverty levels in the rural community that is concentrated with the HIV/AIDS epidemic killing thousands and leaving helpless children in the remote community. However, the project is currently experiencing challenges such as technical expertise and manpower so as to run smoothly and achieve its mission. It is on this view that the farm seeks willing volunteers who can help upgrade the living standards of the vulnerable orphans in the rural community. The farm also provides free food and accommodation services to our volunteers during farm stay.

Children: 4

Persons: 2

Area: 1.5 ha

Organic Food: Available

Organic Principles: No artificial chemical use

General Information:

Mfangano Island is the biggest Kenyan inland waters Island with altitude ranging upto over 1000 meters above sea level. It is accessed by Ferry,speed boats,sailing boats,plane and timbered engine boats from the main land.The nature is endowed by several beautiful influencing human thoughts and activities.Mfangano people are multi-cultural practitioners and are very hospitable.Mfangano is one of the unique islands with several socioeconomic challenges enabling her to accommodate several developmental projects, both environmental and human care.Feel welcome to share with people of Mfangano,The Suba Community

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