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Theresa and Joshua

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Main Description:

Tesh organic farm deals in cropping of Vegetables, Bananas, Onions, tomatoes. I also keep poultry in this farm. Tesh farm is a family farm and need help in fencing, weeding and digging. This farm is an individual farm i.e we are working together with my husband and children, I have a space which includes accomodation for any volunteer in the farm, food. A volunteer can stay for as long as she/he wants. We speak luo language but my family speak clear english language. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl aged 12 and 1.

Children: 2

Persons: 2


Organic Food: vegetables

Organic Principles: growing all vegetables without the use of chemicals

General Information:

Tesh arganic farm is situated along the lake show(lake victoria kenya) the only fresh water lake in Kenya, most of the time we do irrigation during dry season because water is readily available. Theresa, Joshua and my 2 kids work in the farm most of the time, we keep a dog and a cat we like watching movies during free time and travel around the island. Mfangano is an island sarounded with water(fresh).My house is situated just by the lake side, fresh air from lake victoria comes straight to my compound.

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