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Main Description:

We have a homestead made up of vegetables, rabbits, ducks, c located at Teshie Nungua Estate in Accra, Ghana. We grow and raise both plants and animals organically. We use most of our product to suport NGO's who are doing good work in Ghana. We also have an on going project which is about setting up homestead for religious organizations and needy homes to suport missionaries and the entire membership and to make needy homes self-sufficiency. We are a very simple and loving family looking forward to recieve volunteers who can help with new and improve technical skills and technologies in organic farming as we emback on our project. We are AmitiƩ Homestead and we welcome everyone interested in organic farming from all walks of life to join us as we appreciate nature and it's natural gifts.

Children: none

Persons: 4

Area: Half an acre

Organic Food:

Organic Principles: Principle of Health

General Information:

We stay on the same half acre land in a 3bedroom apartment and that is where we hope to host everyone that comes to our homestead. We believe nature in its own way appreciate us so we also want to appreciate nature by mimicking her in everything we do. we use droppings from our animals and unwanted weed to fertilize our soil after composting them.Excluding rabbit dropping which we add directly to the soil because it dose'nt burn like the rest. Our volunteers will be given the opportunity to teach nearby schools on organic farming and its own benefits. At their free time, they can take a tour to nearby places like the La Palm Beach resort, Kwame Nkrumah Mesuim, Asomdwe Park,Aburi Botanical Gardens,Papaye Gardens,Boti Falls and many other beautiful places all just some few minutes drive away from where we stay. You can also read more about us at www.amitieventures.com

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