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Dickens and Charles

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Main Description:

Ogutu Organic Farm was commenced in the year 2012.It is located in Wakinga village,Mfangano Island.It is 1.5hectares.It majors basically on gardening.We grow and accommodates varieties of crops namely;cassavas,maize,carrots,guavas,yams,pumpkins,water melons,potatoes,pawpaws and bananas.We also rear manageable goats,cows,sheep,chickens and pigs.The project is owned by the family who provide workforce in the farm.However,some of the challenges experienced are lack of garden expertise and workforce.I personally i love farming because i learn it in High School and therefore wants to put the skills and knowledge gained in school into practice so as to determine the amount of input and output achieved for the success of the vulnerable group in our community as humanitarian who is concerned with the well-being of people in the community fraternity.I speak English,Swahili,Dholuo and OLusuba.A balanced diet enriched with fruits.Accommodation is also available;

Children: Three

Persons: Five

Area: Wakinga

Organic Food: Ugali,

Organic Principles: digging,weeding,irrigation and harvesting

General Information:

Am Dickens Ouma,aged 27 years and single.Am the sixth born out of seven.The primary sole reason for the inception of the project is to cater for a local HIV/AIDS Prevalence estimated over 35% and high unemployment levels among the youths.The farm,through its activities also empowers widows,orphans and the vulnerable to explore and discover their potentiality in organic farming for self reliance and sustainability.Since am a humanitarian am heartfelt with these orphans whose some of their parents died of HIV/AIDS and so many of them are abandoned and neglected thus none provides them with basic needs.I therefore saw it wise to incorporate these sidelined group in our community in constructive and tangible activity which can aid them to meet their daily basic wants and to boost their living standard.Due to demands and dynamic changes in the current world,there is a great need to champion for this neglected group so that they can also be heard and cared for since necessity is the mother of invention.The Core Value-Is to raise the living standard of the orphans,widows,physically challenged persons in the rural community through provision of financial and social support.This has been achieved partially by giving financial assistance to orphans who are unable to proceed with their studies from the little income the project generates after selling the produce.Currently the project is ongoing in a beautiful island with attractive natural landscape.natural scenery and favorable climatic conditions which is in touch with fresh water from Lake Victoria.Volunteers are free to determine the preferred length of stay in the farm depending on their schedule.Volunteers are highly welcomed as we share gardening skills,knowledge,experiences,cultural values and social life.

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