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Main Description:

Ndabibi Environmental Conservation Center is a Kenyan NGO that uses practical models of Environmental Conservation. Our mission – to foster improved living standards, poverty reduction, and environmental respect in disadvantaged communities by teaching sustainability and conservation through practical grassroots projects – reflects that of NECC. We are a family, husband and wife with three kids, one of which is a young adult. We apply different organic methods to cultivate a variety of crops, seeds, and trees, Avocados, Maze, Cabbage, Tomato, etc. We also have some Sheep, Cattle, Chickens, and Rabbits, we also have Beehives. The farm is self sustained as well, from energy and water resources, by composting, bio-gas, solar-cells, and rain water savings. All this on a 5 Acre land, we do have many beds to host even groups.

Children: 2

Persons: 3


Organic Food:

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General Information:

We have many activities like weeding, honey processing, rabbit breeding, feeding chickens, cows, goats and sheep.

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