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Mohamed and محمد

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Main Description:

Hi, my name is Mohamed. I'm 27 years old. Together with some family members, I have a watermelon farm. We also grow dates and have some camels for tourism use.The type of help depends on the season. December to June would be watermelon irrigation, seeding, harvesting, transport, other months are more animal care and other maintenance work...??? This Farm and garden is situated in the southern part of Morocco near the Sahara desert. this beautiful property for the past 5 years. The work here involves mainly of caring for the palm trees so they can produce the date fruits. After the harvested fruit season, dates are picked from the trees to be eaten and also sold locally. Occasionally there are also some animals on the farm like sheep, goats donkeys and camels. These animals graze in our own area. A short visit to the nearby desert is possible at times enabling us to revive our energy by resting in tranquility And even a ride on the camel in the early morning can also do the trick! Back at the farm the facilities include toilets,Internet, kitchen and bedrooms. Please feel free to contact us with any queries and any more info you might need..we're here to help you and gladly host you And also those days when the heat Welcome to the swimming pool




Organic Food: tajine/tea/couscous.

Organic Principles: This is the first stage of creating an organic farm cooperative using permaculture techniques. An

General Information:

You have free house and food , your own bedroom room in traditionnal berbere house. We looking together how to make the farm better, and do it with pleasure without planning or other pressure. Feel Welcome Please send in the website whatsapp 00212677171751 Because I am always on the farm And answer At the same time And I knew you Some information from me and help This is

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