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Dorothea and El Hadji

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Hallo, we are a family farm in the south of Senegal, in Casamance. We are a German -Senegalese family with children from 12 to 22 and we speak English, French and German of course. We're building up a cattle farm for milk production and we would like to host people who like gardening, to work in our vegetable garden, and people who know how to work with animals, especially cattle and help us to produce animal food. So if you’re a professional in animal raising ore gardening and agriculture, you are welcome. If you are well motivated, you're welcome too. As well we could need people who'd like to teach our children. Or teach them to play instruments, like the guitar, violin or accordion. We live in a wonderful place just a 200m from the Atlantic Ocean. We need motivated and active people, who are open for a cultural exchange with another culture, tolerant people. knowing that we can learn from each other. So please, you're welcome!


Persons: 8-10

Area: Casamance

Organic Food: if possible

Organic Principles: yes

General Information:

You don't need a visa for Senegal.

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