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Chanuka Youth

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Main Description:

Chanuka Youth Development Program was founded in the year 2010 through a process of handicap international (HI) gaining beneficiary-led sustainability of its long implemented HIV and AIDS programme targeting youths and persons with disability.In collaboration with HI,CYDP implemented a HIV project whose ultimate goal was to promote access to and utilization of integrated HIV&RH services targeting young people in the reproductive age bracket including persons with disability . This was a USAID funded project through AED (2005-2007) and the aphia plus rift valley consortium(2008-2012)Currently ,CYDP Is managing a static VCT site and outreach prevention activities targeting youths &working together with share peace-permaculture project(organic community based organization) these intervention are geared towards reducing new HIV infection in the general population especially youths, CYDP also contributing its efforts towards confronting sexual violence against children.CYDP utilizes strategies not limited to peer to peer education,participatory education(magnetic theatre) ,HTC service provison,prevention with positive and community strategy for continuum of care as its main programmatic approaches.This has awarded CYDP a period of gained capacity and evidence based achievements in improving access to comprehensive HIV&AIDS prevention and treatment services all the above is done by a dynamic team of CYDP staffs&share peace-permaculture project who range from social workers,health workers to psychologists supported by admnistration team that does the administration and logistics operations,the management capacity is centered in the existing members of the board who come from diverse disciplines (lawyer,health workers,youth experts,development experts,among others ) CYDP implements projects in partnership with local community based structures ,networks with share-peace permaculture project(organic farming)and collaborates with the government of Kenya at country level,through relevant line ministries namely ministry of health,ministry of education,ministry of youth ,gender,sports,culture and tourism.besides,CYDP has had MOUs with IPAS,DOTS and currently an operating MOU with handicap international.For programmatic reasons,CYDP networks with share peace -permaculture project a community based organization dealing with organic farming ,population service-kenya(psk)women peace links among others.




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