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Main Description:

Hi! Little Eden Organics sits on 2.5 acres of land. We started growing organic vegetables for direct sale to the end consumer in November 2014. We sell greenhouse tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers as well as kales, swiss chard, two varieties of cabbage, garden peas, coriander, parsley and courgettes grown in the open fields. We hope to increase the variety of our production and would love to host someone with skills in organic market gardening.

Children: None

Persons: 1

Area: 2.5 acres

Organic Food: Organic fruit and ve

Organic Principles:

General Information:

I caught the organic bug in Belgium where I lived for thirty years before moving back to Kenya in late 2014. I live on my small shamba in Ndaragwa with my two German Shephards, Simba and Chui - the security guys though nothing dodgy ever happens in my neck of the woods - and George K'Loony, his wife Annette and their kids who run the Eggselcior Hotel on my property (you absolutely want to try their breakfast eggs). I believe it is important to step lightly on this earth and leave it better than we found it so I borrow from the organic and permaculture ways of doing things. I am learning still; I had never grown so much as a blade of grass before I started Little Eden so it has been a steep and expensive learning curve but I am enjoying the ride immensely. I hope to build a couple of cobb cottages on the property where folks from far and wide can stay, enjoying Ndaragwa's village life, eating healthy and doing a bit of that which every visitor to Kenya must do: go on Safari! Little Eden is right next to the Aberdares national park and lots of other lovely sites to visit are just but a short ride away. Pending that moment though, I do have a visitor's room in my wood cabin and you are very welcome to stay. This is what recent visitor has to say:"With Betty Guchu, a very funny, kind and intelligent woman, was a great time to spend and to live on her little Eden Organic farm in her very cozy house. She integrated me in the society, we shared knowledge and valorous information about Organic farming. We cooked good food together, we worked together on her little but very alternative farm and she was always open for my ideas and willing to turn them into reality. I recommend to all woofers, that want to learn something about organic farming or they just want to share skills or to make some experience in the organic field, to visit Betty Guchu. You will be surprised for the beauty of the farm, the eco chicken village, her great herbs and flower garden but also her vegetable garden. You will have great time with Kamau, Paul and other nice people from the village, that will show you the village and the nice waterfalls from the village, and you will be able to see together with Betty the beautiful places around Nyahururu. Paul will teach you kikuyu, a great Gardner  Thank you Batty Guchu for the great time spending with me, sharing with me your great house, your time, the nice food, nice conversation around your great fireplace, teaching me kikuyu, Kiswahili and English and taking me with you in so many great places. Nashukuru Sana Mama Mboga  I miss you a lot Ana Lacatus"

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