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Adrian and Ralf

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Main Description:

Hi all! We're Madoe Organics, a tropical botanicals company with two organic tree farms in the Eastern Region forests of Oda. We live in town but go out to the farms to plant more trees and harvest. Our work days require measuring acreage, making tree lines, weeding, making nurseries, and harvesting our trees! We work with moringa, papaya, and akuamma (a rare medicinal used as a pain killer). At home we have our product transformation and processing into dried leaves and seeds, powders, capsules, soaps, and oil. We are a team at the house with our Ghanaian manager, Edwin, and his family, our secretary, Jemima, Ralf, the founder, and Adrian, our farms manager. Sometimes work involves going out on sourcing hikes into villages off the beaten path to find wild botanicals with help from local guides who take us on trails through cocoa plantations, streams, and tropical rain forests. We have two extra rooms for volunteers. We mostly have contract workers at the farms who receive three times the Fair Trade wage. Joining work with us can take the form of learning through time spent with the teams on the farm sites, sourcing wild botanicals, and at home with our transformations. We are looking for volunteers interested in tropical tree farming, herbal medicines, and transformation of products. You have flexibility with your interests and you're invited to stay as long as you would like.

Children: 1

Persons: 11

Area: 15 acres

Organic Food: Herbal Supplements

Organic Principles: Organic certified. Organic fertilizing, weeding, processing

General Information:

During a volunteer's time with us, we can schedule a national park visit or other depending on interests. Besides short term volunteers, we're also looking for additions to our management team as we are a growing operation. Current managers are from an international background and we welcome people of all nationalities to join our medicinal herbal company. Backgrounds in tropical forestry and community development are esteemed.

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