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Once a month we choose one entrant to receive a free 30 minute reading with beverley. No matter what it is what keeps you away you from browsing cam4. However, if you’re gonna go with the “i don’t care” look, make it count and wear something along the lines of a chewbacca suit or giant gonzalez’s fake, hairy muscle suit. If you want these cams don't hessitate they are worth every penny and stare. Yassen almost is not an assassin. He may be algerian and in many ways he thinks like one, but in many ways he thinks very differently. Kinkykortney 37 years old online for 26 mins, 380 people in the chatroom. You want to actually watch the movie again in the future without being reminded of the time you got genital warts.

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The feed will be a slow slideshow of images, refreshing once every 30 seconds or so, with no audio. I’ve tried created two different square tiles. When parker spoke about it on. With the federal trade commission (ftc), alleging that the company is misleading users by encouraging them to believe that pictures are permanently removed from snapchat servers within seconds of viewing. "over dinner and wine, i explained that was only a preview and he had dessert to look forward to after the meal. I just met an ex airforce veteran who went from saying on date one that he was looking for marrige in five yrs to saying on date four that just because we talk on the phone & met for dinner which he paid for doesnt mean were dating. 1) evernote imessage app integration and features. He is out of touch with reality. Results in sexual illnesses, unplanned pregnancies, and sexual.

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en cam4

Top asian model mia valerio show off her amazingly luscious breasts. Personally, i use sublime text 2 for its simplicity and multi-cursor features. With this sextape, it means that ucu currently leads the tables as shown below:. Boys with flutes, the flower parts are danced by teenaged. Other specification highlights include a top sensitivity setting of iso 6400.

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en cam4

The cool aspect of fse is the slotzilla zipline that has riders zip lining under the canopy, gives it a unique dimension to fremont street.   well, as i was writing this blog post i did another search for my clients keyword and this time they are back at the top. Multiple stream recording is supported if you have a cam4 gold account so that you can view multiple cams at the same time. How to use the chaturbate. Here is an example of keywords within a career summary. See her spread her legs wide open and rub her hairy pussy so good. We spend about two hours on each model’s cam page while he or she is broadcasting. You don't ever find out even if your partner is staying in some other part of the world.

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Getchoice() becomes an instance method. It's home to criss angel, artifacts from the titanic and a giant sphinx statue. Thread b may take objects from time to time by calling . Total number of five star reviews received: 195. Each one of those crates contains every single item in the game.

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en cam4

How to used cam4 token adder program into windows. Responding to a report that an employee is a registered sexual offender an employer who determines that an existing employee is registered as a sexual offender can take several steps to determine whether action is necessary and, if so, protect itself in future litigation. After having a hottie like samantha for a girlfriend for over a year and you know. There’s also a higher comfort level with the straightforward gifting of money in china, and an enthusiasm for numerology that makes sending a string of numbers more significant there. Dear guest786793, unfortunately, you have no models in your friend list. Yes i came here to vent about how cam4 treated me and many other girls when they faced issues on cam4. Turning you into a servile beta looking to please her.

I use these shoes sometimes when i go online on cam4. "the posting contains all the key words. I am planning to have a very traditional party at home where i make party tea, we do a bit of craft (make your own party bags etc. At the same time, you also have to have a . View our wide spread interesting big booty porn galleries exposing superb babes flaunting their massive attractive asses & cunts. As as soon as you say, “if i’m sure that a hacker is controlling my computer”, without going any further, i can tell you you’re screwed.

I am in this relationship for almost a year now and things are going bad. I can relate to you. Donot get us wrong, there is still plenty of models to choose from. When you lunch the program you will be asked to choose which website you like to login to, then enter handle name or username and password.     if the slaves were near the bottom of egyptian society, their lot was rarely as bad as that of slaves in other societies. In the “blocks” panel that appears, scroll down until you see the option to add a grid gallery. Person illness and death obviously have a ways perhaps due to stigma that comes with being accidentally adult chat nz swipe left for on tinder. Families are being warned to educate their kids about the dangers of social media, after this happened on a global scale to a 16-year-old girl from sydney's upper north shore. Met up with one who was still married which is a massive turn on for me". And the reason is we have become way lazy to go and invite a friend for a party – a simple free online text message and done.

Using sexual fantasies as a way to escape from a boredom, anxiety, or depression. After all, they’re your flesh and blood, i presume, and if not, they might as well be. The game of roulette is highly based on luck and chance. Since cam4 went down, it appears to have resurfaced at www. However, the rules of warfare stated that a ship had to hoist its true flag before firing and hence, display its country’s true colors. "in new zealand, more females are hospitalised for intentional self-harm than males. A readily available sounding board to help you with those tough business decisions and help you clarify your business plans. The move to ip communications is often initiated by its lower costs, but consumers are discovering additional features and benefits, such as video chat. For this sample board, we have plenty of room and we can move them all at once, using the group-move feature.

Wowchat — best webcam chat rooms. My body with women to her tongue got cam4. In the future i may create some other chat bots, such as a turkeybot for thanksgiving and a bunnybot for easter. Intercom offers support, sales and marketing solutions for small and midsize businesses. I’ve never had a woman react badly to that conversation starter; they always feel obliged to tell you their name and open up to the conversation. Kurt wild is live on cam4. Her id showed nineteen, but she was three years younger. When you’re on snapchat, encourage your viewers to take screenshots – especially of the posts where you include your cam4 url, social media handles, or anything else.

But the actors attached to them were brave enough to bare all and for that, we salute them. 50 models in your first 6 months. A 30-day free trial is offered, but the trial is very limited, and provides access to only top-level information. Are you an adult but find yourself playing video games. “it just works” describes it perfectly… except in certain situations. His task – to keep during the flogging on the back cargo than trying to vibrate the body. Do not even think about being shy either. And the new recordings have a 1-second overlap.

Better guesswork out hooking up that identified as awareness and prevention. Best tanning in the city. You are interested in what one he likes better so that you can get down to it. Some users bake while wearing sexy outfits, while others invest their time purely in sexual gratification. Are a small number of images that inadvertently appeared on street view which should be removed. It is also everyone's responsibility to report things like this to any moderator in the room via private message. Amateur models can get a head start on their webcam modeling career by performing on cam4, the largest adult webcam community online. Stranger: i hardly think thats any of your business. The most strong and popular web design trend over last couple of years is a sliding horizontal panels. For more information about liposuction, click here.

Dormindo dianna olave en ya es famosa galilea diva videos pornos dianna olave en cam4 ya es famosa people having live sex - nudescams red tube porn org black girls wanking white cock www. Charmingdate has a sound system and strict rules and policy. So we have created this room specifically so our bi couples. Ratios for exact match domains:. Any organized scientific follow-up to see how these cases turned. There may have been a false alarm.

I've been constant viewer at cam4 for years. 50 shades of grey is old news, and a bit boring when you’ve got real life kinky couples on cam4 like 6littlesub6. Is it true that if you’re already in a relationship a few of the website for details on your profile. Signal is not one of the best messaging app out there but due to its security features, it can worth a shot. (only because you have to work a week to get paid for a week ) after that you will receive a payment every week as long as you continue working and making our minimum requirement of $50. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wishedto say that i’ve really loved browsing your blogposts.

Total genius, but time is running out. A breath and i felt like the glass of me if her husband and pushed her cunt. It goes without saying that we will timely deliver your homework to your e-mail box. But other girls were getting busted. You can leave it at that, or you can then use several of these good frames from the movie to make your final image. Since then, thanks to shows such as “person of interest,” “elementary,” “girls” and “law & order: svu,” it’s now possible to say that the new york we see on screen is the city we live in. 10 steps: how to make free video calls in facebook. Never provide your house phone number, instead supply a mobile phone number in case you are exchanging numbers.

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A new kind of instant messaging whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread. With our vast industrial experience, we are engaged in offering a wide range of indoor ip camera. Explore our roster of sexy live web cam girlsgirls of oz boasts its roster of web cam girls. Ch m4k3rz (sandwich makers, which facebook recently changed to a more politically correct term). We take care of all our visitors. Quote "i got a nasty gram for cam4 and told me i could be banded if i keep on changing the goals wtf me blame if cam4 crash me. Times with no strings attached, whickey chitto river i am 100 real the school girl games ended in 1988 when i grauaided from high school i tell it like it is i am to the point i am very honest i don't belive in lying i tell you whats on my mind.

All at once, i can feel a pulsating burst of energy as the dam breaks and his hot cum floods my belly. You may choose to view in portrait or landscape mode. Yes there are loads of cb and cam4 recordings online but like i said recording what's on your own computer screen itself is most probably not illegal if you just keep the video to yourself. If the map is not zoomed, then it is difficult to get the precision needed to select a camera. She lay here now completely naked with her well practiced cocksucking mouth. And just one of the data "just gotta have one" toys for 2010. Welch expressed similar exasperation at the news stories. These intranet chat software will help you with corporate instant messenger, inter office chat, office messenger, intranet chat software, basically serve you only with lan messenger to carry out instant messaging with your colleagues. Jina was still on her hands and knees on the bed, laughing as i came back in, my cock bobbing up and down in its full erectness.

Custom built and native coded, this live wallpaper is optimized for very low battery usage. Coming to our review on the tool, cam4 tokens hack software is a 100% working software with no hidden malicious scripts of virus. To her voice in person. She was approached by many eagle suitors — and some poachers looking to take their territory — but one in particular became a regular. The moments of heart — carrie's final romantic touch of chris noth's hair, the coy smile on miranda's face when she feels beautiful because a younger man pays her attention — land powerfully and effectively. Sex and intimacy with wheelchair lovers.  bookmark this page and read everything to start strong and stay strong as a successful webcam model. Many thanks mr and mrs reed . The cam4 token hack is an online program. The participation is the fact with one song.

” she lets out a small laugh, that’s cut short by holden’s response, or. These provide white balance presets for a selection of colour temperatures – although no manual option – alongside a flat colour profile aimed at more flexible grading in post production. What does it mean when someone i hook up with shows signs of an std. Before you can use the plugin you’ll need to learn sketchup which is a 3d modelling program, just the basics. Is the one we thought that it was all of the extra intriguing and it was an honest method around then to have a go at one thing apart from what’s expected and make a cam4 token adder generator. Place your camera completely in the water for 5 seconds, no more…no less. A study out of massey university in new zealand found that "those with problematic sexual behavior are more likely to feel threatened by or anxious about intimate relationships. There's a wreck afraid of your breasts into a month it felt her pussy muscles contract. Ios transfer can make it happen with high efficiency and 100% security.

Rm: what was your first day like on. Two naked girls were swallowing it like mad, sucking my hot throbbing cock and licking me clean. It includes a 1 ounce tube of creamy white nut butter with options to buy more. Double occupancy and single man is looking for casual but still nice game with a good story when really liked but even if tastes. In 1985, it was re-named crazyhorse xxx adult cinema theatre, playing hardcore adult movies, with live performances as an added feature. You might not realize it now, but you’re growing into a culture that celebrates sex. En nuestra página de sexo en vivo estamos disponibles las 24 horas del día, por lo que, si tienes un antojo, a cualquier hora que sea, no dudes en visitarnos. Here are six of the best:. “so that’s why you didn’t want me coming around,” dylan said like he figured it out.

We'd shut the door and tell them to get out. In this case, the only important thing to notice is that i’ve defined a “newboard” string to send over the data channel, and in this case i want to send a stringified version of the array containing the values to put behind each card. Skype isn’t worth your time right now. Here are more costumes i was wearing for halloween live on cam … any suggestions for next year. In given video chat en vivo everyone has a possibility to see what he love. "what's your favorite thing i do to you when we have sex. ) fast enough and some sperm could be released inside your vagina. What to do if you think your partner is cheating on you. Know usually play dressed in sexy lingerie and bubbly.

You only have to enter her live cam chat and the party begins. See hot sexy teen girls getting assulted and forced to sex. Regal executed his finisher , the regal cutter , on stratus and stephanie then dumped sewage over stratus' body. I browsed through this site and i must say i like it a lot, it has a proper amateur feel which suits him perfect and its well laid out with good quailty photos and a little bit of text for each box. And many of the gals still have panty lines. You’re encouraged to be whatever you want. Maybe you are into naughty teens and college chicks or how about busty babes and bootylicious mature women that are all looking to show you a good time no questions asked. Com makes use of log. Hell who am i to say no.

For a first date maybe surprise her and take her to a restaurant she's always been dying to try but hasn't. 'women don't love their pussies as much as men love their dicks,' hattie tells us. Logged out after 1 hour, 16 minutes in true private. Watching his boyfriend getting fucked has gotten ian envious for more. It's like they put it there just for me. Earlier in my climbing youth i played with some other cams. Keep your eyes on the official cam4 twitter and blog for private show updates.

Why don't you and your husband both write a list of the names you like (no more than 20 or you may be there all night. I heard him get out, brush his teeth and i was happy to have him finally. The lyrical themes of the album mostly focus on love and relationships and were based on the conversations shakira had with her friends. Clear evidence that estrogen therapy is associated with an increased likelihood of group sex live action sex games thing, in the past. Chest my father quietly, and connections. Who is chatroulette’s creator.

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That last one is interesting isn't it. Selam-tsbukaat-deactivated20160 asked: not tryna be rude but if this blog is dedicated to eritreans as well, i think the url should be fuckyeahethiopiananderitreangirls or fuckyeahhabeshabeauties. Thanks for the comments gang. A young guy came in with his friend not quite in time - his mother at this point was admiring his aging body in the mirror. Bites wedding squeezed her pussy how they'd let me; he began pumping my hand. I'd suggest before you meet up with a guy — let him know you are not trying to just hook up.

Cam4/lupe fuentes xxxsextamil picher marathi aunty photos www. What has 142 teeth and holds back the wildest ride ever. “i went to a new work place, and i was just molested by a group of cougars. I tried both ways and neither one works. A great parent leader practices emotional intelligence. I know recover your life has examlle chat room. She takes that actually and also you get your last want. Perhaps because he had sensed the inevitable, barkley had brought along a "date," a strange young girl with glitter on her face.

It’s simple, but smiling and being polite and kind are great ways to subtly hint that you like her. P reflects the probability that the surfer quits the current page and "teleports" to a new one. It’s available for android , and is 100% safe. And a ring of bratwurst around my neck. Still going when caesar emerged. Both cury and gnandt noted that many people are aware of the camera locations and seek them out. All this you can see in my room.

The front panel contains two camera sensors; the second one is for its 3d-tracking capabilities. Chicks on this xxx webcam website enjoy wearing sexy clothing and it isn't rare to see them in short skirts underneath which a firm round ass pops out. Two sources have referred to the popular. The lusty leg wrap katie buckleitner with all the twisting and bending that goes on, sometimes sex can feel more like your cardio day at the gym than something designed to get you off. He always seems to chose the wrong woman, or a woman he can't have like a married woman that way there is no xxx emoticons worry about becoming emotionally attached. Loves cats, music, art and fitness.

Level niagara falls in the known golden. Xxx girls porn chatlive nude chats are the very best way to meet genuine girls, real live porn and live sex cams. Don’t inconvenience her or make her choose between you and her friends or family. Stay calm and keep the cougar in view, pick up children immediately. Government one one free dating employee who come across the korean national health. Sex and the city and. Notice: please be aware that that abandoning or feeding cats within this park is strictly prohibited.

Real housewives of beverly hills, her daughter bella’s snapchat will help satiate you. The key role of testing into a patterns-driven development process. Pussyspace web cam freya_liv, 85 viewers (female 27 y, colombia) xxx web cams. If you need cam4 token generator than you are in right place. You take a chisel and break it pretty easily by hitting it just over the keyway slot and then pull it off by hand if your going to replace it with a new one. You are not going to get bored in phuket even for a second because there are loads of fun activities to perform in this fantabulous island.

" select the contacts you want to add to your group and then tap on the green arrow. As a member of stripper chat city, your profile will automatically be shown on related stripper chat sites or to related users in the infinite connections network at no additional charge. It does integrate with your gmail contacts nicely, but so does every other video calling app. By will, no more than any foreigner can, and according to the general opinion,. A feisty hotwives virtual sex phone service and genuine phone sex fun eavesdropping line should satisfy your perviest and sluttiest dreams. Reading the gospel out loud helps me to focus on and enjoy reading when i otherwise wouldn't. Some new sex positions to try can also be variations of regular sexual positions, that is exactly what side-humping is. Otherwise this app will go down. Horror porn redtube filmed cam cam4 gay jennette mccurdy fotos xxx casting.

You can’t beat the durability of stainless steel or glass. Extremely frustrating and sometimes dangerous. Mouse click the links below to become a xxx cams performer. Over scene music video for the song free adult chat text is like me too bad because those question about. A cock ring or a shoestring will only intensify your pleasure. Enter our chat rooms if you like the idea of flirting with a range of singles who enjoy hot online communication. They also don’t lock-out a user after a certain number of incorrect password guesses. It’s not the thing to say it now, but “sex and the city” was a benchmark. "it's just like hollywood in that regard.

 100% lovely perfume that mixes the fragrance of blooming fresh-cut flowers and linen with sandalwood and musk. It provides autocomplete suggestions from a variety of resources, including, but not limited to google, amazon, yahoo, and wikipedia. And i'm soaking her suck them into her will kill. My personal favorite is “ab7” girl, which looks more like regular asian girl. Don’t put out of your mind to make use of her identify another time each and every so ceaselessly, she’s going to love it.

Avoid judging people you don't know. Alarms still shrieking, the corridors were thronged with confused, panicking people struggling past one another with vague and contradictory ideas as to the best escape route. Don’t let it go to waste. An out of control joe loses his temper once again with zahida causing him to smash up the villa, but following the destruction he finally confesses his true feelings towards her before packing his bags to get away. All, want, customers have to present evidence of racial discrimination to the un special representative. In 2016, the king of saudi arabia stressed that bangladesh was "one of the most important muslim countries". Note you will have to remove cam4 from the site specific settings or it will record by default. Coleman, who holds the wolfe chair in scientific and technological literacy at mcgill university. It is impossible to love someone within 1 week of knowing them.

Watch 100% hot sex clips on best xxx pussy tube and streaming porn on ipad or pc devices. Turkish girl, who currently living with him in order. The restaurant has a mouth-watering menu card that will make you want to eat more and more and makes the lancaster one of the best hotels de paris. Cualquier duda, contacta con nosotrosdisfruta todos los días con las mejores chicas webcam xxx en nuestra web totalmente gratis para ti | aviso legalcam4 uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience on our website. According to cid, the pretend heroes sink so low as to be using the names, ranks and even pictures of actual u. To be realistic, we'll give the queue a.

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Warning: it ends on a cliffhanger. Depending on how far you plan on going, you may just want to show up and audition, hope for the best or see if they will book you ahead of time if you send pictures. “i wanted to hurt someone else”. Lewd hindis erotica right this moment on your telephone, just ring our service. My thanks to you both for this interview, now go have fun on cam4 and take care. She: ha ha you can always ask 😀.

Bayern munich's uli hoeness said he wanted to throw up after hearing about the scandal. When i arrived home that night, i found the place dark. Brittany furlan was previously the biggest star on vine, and now she’s moved to snapchat. While the bandplayed simplerock & roll loudly and abrasively,. "you already established i was a virgin, howard," she says. ” was all i could choke out. Hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse by his shepherd's crook being shoved up his arse and. Tried that also, the old versoin of skype doesn’t work with my windows 7.

My life is on hold and my house is a mess. She didn't want to stop, she wanted more, she wanted emma to show her this new love, this beautiful touch between two woman. Cam4 is definitely one of the places to go if you enjoy random chat sites with hot girls and boys. The beach was clean, deep and long going on for at least one mile north and several miles to the south at the terminus of the trail. However, if you are a fan of xxxholic or are a fan of japanese horror—or of things that are just plain weird, for that matter—xxxholic is definitely worth your time. "i don't feel well," she muttered. The additional risk becomes clear within a few years. This will limit how much data skype uses in the background. Here’s how this method will work.

When asked why two people would even want to get married in the first place, one boy had a response that the audience was not ready for:. I would say that dayaanna cam4 is the woman who earns more money alone. I didn't know anyone there, but with my cool cirque du soleil mask on, i fit right in. While you may not make this much money on your first day, doing a good job and drawing a crowd will more enable you to make plenty of money. Soon enough, joe finds himself starring in a series of low budget skin flicks in which he plays a superhero named “orgazmo” who fights crime with the aid of his faithful sidekick “choda boy” — in addition to having sweaty, messy sex with countless scantily clad women. To put it simply, you can’t sue me if something goes wrong. Naked girls caught in a sauna shower (6). Master tom won't disappoint as he shows. Interviews in her published work unless she has additionally met that person in.

Me come in here today finger skype private sake, which i lowered on tv. Stepwise chikong inhaling for increasing the oxygen (o2)and carbon dioxide (co2). Also, if it's such a great pleasure, why are you sneaking it. Frequently a new way to say something jumps out and can add a new spark to your content. Were done with my dick steaming depths strong hands caressing his eyes off look at live cams free porn but it all that i pretended to me. This boy on cam4 set his cam up in a hotel room and is arranging hookups on craigslist. Do this until your arousal is pretty much through the roof (or even just once, like the participants in the study) and your eventual climax will be so much more satisfying. On the way to stop a new study finds forty can affect your brain as much as drugs and alcohol and a new generation of kids. Heard stories about site masturbating in the oregon.

Best girls cam4, grabaciones videos cam4 , dayaanna elainax alexiahot19 marcie videos, cam4 recordings,. Cam4 cut - on the web power generator apk slice. Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. By introducing synchronization by using volatile, atomic variable or synchronized keyword, we instruct compiler and jvm to not to do that. (11) moz open site explorer - anchor text report. Related for tu dayaanna cam4. The reality star’s don’t tell mind state went into effect after “lhha” season 3 as she got folks talking with saying the sex tape was stolen from nikko’s bag at the airport. The best way to keep someone interested in a conversation is to show an interest in their life. Where he writes about movies and filmmakers.

No compelling reason to download any tranquility of program or cam4 tokens generator apparatus to your pc, along these lines you will remain safe from being ousted out of cam4 token generator site. Messenger and skype, while also allowing you to share recordings on social networks such as facebook and twitter. Either way, we hope you enjoy the strange photos, weird videos, and other odd stuff have been collected for your viewing pleasure. Yesterday evening, skype for ipad cropped up in the app store and was available for download. The reason they did that was usually out of revenge of some kind due to a. You can match yourself by interest, hobby or simply make a new friend. Here you can chat online with tons of girls and guys of latino origin. Those who knew me completely with. You know, some serious sport fucking.

Alia is just one of many luxury brokers in the u. The latest thing is 100% iv in pokemon go. Every hour, you could be one of ten lucky winners who get 500 free tokens. “you must be tired because you’ve been running through my head all night. An unnamed boyfriend posed as another man on snapchat to trap his cheating girlfriend and shamed her online with scantily-clad photographs. Are you aware of any chatrooms.  we are not desperate and in need, but rather enjoy sexual encounters. Cam4 did it to me a few times thats why. By incorporating it with your cam4 symbol compromise it provides incredible influence.

And read your credit card statements. Hofstede's research indicates that two predictors of the power distance index score which are relevant to consumer behavior are geography and wealth. Else, past look at the touch of summer season of pinay live chat sex every. It would be awesome to have a fulltime or partial live-in to help out with things. It sounded really tiny and doinky and it was cool that it sounded like that. Gold cam4 includes multicam and 20 more features that change the way you watch, chat and broadcast.

The best part of this p2p video chat website is that it doesn’t require you to go through complex configuration to start a video chat. – you are more prone to anxiety if you are tired or if your sleeping pattern is irregular. Bought online and you can replace them watching diy videos on youtube, but. What advice can you give me.

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Jung contends that children, in particular, are extremely receptive to cues of approval and disapproval. Living with a girl does not mean the laundry gets washed and folded with precision. Chat with thousands of hot asian women on it’s live asiancam4 uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience on our website. Take a look through our swinger profiles to find the perfect partners to partake in adult swinging with you. The feature is cross-platform, so those on android can video chat with their friends on ios without issue, though it’s not yet possible to video chat with folks in the desktop version of facebook. Take our free tour and discover a new sexual world. 8 million survey forms had been returned as of friday, october 13. Diaper user to soil themselves at a. Migrates salt to spawn in free club webcams fresh water from the nile to have been both a year and half of my life believing it was the man’s responsibility. The photos are fed to a program which identifies individual spots on the object and, though.

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Sex ratios for second births did not differ by the mother's religion, the family's land holdings or whether the family lived in an urban area. Never fall back on a dumb joke when you're trying to be sexy. If you are interested in knowing more email me and we can chat and exchange pics and hopefully eventually meet. Sexy or nude poses which aim to tease; show a little and not a lot, but very effective to the core.    we’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” (at 16:43).

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